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  • Mark DiVecchio
    (Photo at http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/SanPietroAvellana/photos/view/7d92?b=1 ) ... Text of Introduction by Mark DiVecchio ... About eight years ago, my
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      (Photo at
      http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/SanPietroAvellana/photos/view/7d92?b=1 )
      Text of Introduction by Mark DiVecchio
      About eight years ago, my mother gave me a few dozen old photos. She
      knew a few of the people in the photos, but most names were lost in
      time. Suddenly I had a new quest – to find out about these people and
      about their lives.

      Moving ahead a couple of years, I learned about a long forgotten great
      granduncle who lived in Dawson. His name was Teridano, or Terry,
      diTella. Teridano was from my mother's home town of San Pietro
      Avellana, Italy. I learned that many people from that town lived in
      Dawson. You might recognize some of the family names which include
      Frazzini, Carlini, diLorenzo, Ricci, Fraini, diLudovico, Palumbo,
      Capone, Gatti, Iannacchione and della Croce.

      So who was this man, Teridano diTella? What about his family? What
      kind of life did he lead in Dawson?

      My search for information about him lead to Italy; to his grandson, my
      2nd cousin, Giuliano Colajanni. Today, Giuliano is here, the first
      person in Teridano's family to ever visit Dawson.

      Giuliano is a retired Chemical Engineer who lives in Rome but has a
      house as well in San Pietro Avellana. He is a volunteer with a group
      called "Pro-Loco" which promotes cultural activities in the area of
      Molise around San Pietro Avellana.

      Today, Giuliano will present a commemorative bell to the Dawson
      Association. This bell was made in Italy at the foundry which makes
      bells for the Vatican. The bell commemorates the history of the Molise
      region of Italy, the location of San Pietro Avellana. In Italy, bells
      have a particular significance. They are rung to announce good news
      and bad news. They are rung to announce the births of children and the
      deaths of countrymen. It is customary to ring town bells on the deaths
      of townspeople no matter where in the world the person died.

      With the help of the Dawson Association, Giuliano learned that his
      grandfather, Teridano diTella is buried at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery
      in Raton, and that the grandfather of the mayor of San Pietro
      Avellana, Antonio diLudovico, is buried here at the Dawson Cemetery.

      Giuliano will present the bell from the people of San Pietro Avellana
      to the people of Dawson. He will read a proclamation from the mayor of
      San Pietro Avellana. First he will read it in Italian and then in

      Text of Proclamation from the Mayor of San Pietro Avellana, read by
      Giuliano Colajanni

      A long time ago, from the small village of San Pietro Avellana, sited
      in the Molise region of Italy, several groups of immigrants, coming
      from different backgrounds and family misfortune and looking for a
      brand new future, reached the United States of America, establishing
      themselves in different States and, of course, different cities.

      They had in common a very strong attachment to their original
      homeland, but, at the same time, they started living, respecting the
      rules, laws and customs of the new hosting country.

      The old traditions of the Sampietrese's culture were preserved and
      were handed down to their children, and, thanks to this stock of
      knowledge, they became a good example to follow as respectable citizens.

      The sacrifice of those immigrants who left their native village
      searching for a better future has taken away from our land many
      talented people. Nevertheless, at the times when the community of San
      Pietro was in serious difficulties, they helped with contributions and
      moral support to overtake these critical moments.

      In remembrance of all the many lives lost in the mines of Dawson and
      Raton, the City Administrator of the village of San Pietro Avellana,
      gives a Commemorative Bell, representing three scenes of our past
      history, made by the Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli from the town of
      Agnone (Isernia).

      Dott. Antonio diLudovico

      San Pietro Avellana, 17 August 2008
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