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1183OMGosh I am so far behind...

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  • Shirley Sinclaire
    Dec 16, 2013
      Just getting to this folder and see I am so far behind in messages, I am having to go through them now, however, I ran across this and thought it would be interesting to many.  I have found a few members myself, try it.

      Now to read all the notes I missed and to possibly answer some...
      Shirley Colianni Sinclaire

      World War I: Online Database of the Italian victims

      Filed under Culture, Genealogy


      Do you have ancestors or distant relatives who died during WWI ? There is someone missing in your genealogy tree who died between 1915 and 1918?
      It’s long time ago but a lot of Italians lost their lives during the first world war.
      Maybe our grandparents told us about a brother or an uncle who never came back to the village from the war.
      Now it’s possible to search online the big database of Italians who died during the war: there are more than 600.000.
      In history books we can easily read the name of the generals of the Italian army but we will never know the names of the soldiers.
      On the internet site www.cadutigrandeguerra.it you can search for people by entering a surname (or a part of it).
      This is a useful tool to know more about our Italian families.
      And it’s a good way to remember forever the name of people who gave
      their life to our Italian homeland.
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