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1180Re: [SanPietroAvellana] Fw: Carlino, Giuseppa - Birth - Translation

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  • Carmen DiGiacomo
    Oct 22, 2013
          Dan, after viewing the information you have recently posted I have come to the conclusion that we may be related. Based on information provided by Mark DiVecchio I learned that I have Carlino's and diCroce's in my family tree dating from 2 generations back to 5 generations.
      My grandfather was Carmine Emiddio DiGiacomo and my grandmother was Cristina Colarosa.
      Carmen DiGiacomo
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      Subject: [SanPietroAvellana] Fw: Carlino, Giuseppa - Birth - Translation


      Translation for Giuseppa Carlino Birth Certificate

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      Subject: Carlino, Giuseppa - Birth - Translation


      (Left side of Act)

      Act of Birth Number 20

      The year 1862 the 20th day of March at the hour of 21 (9 p.m.) before me Federigo Checchia, Mayor and an officer of the Civil State of the Comune of San Pietro Avellana, District of Isernia, Province of Molise, appeared Felicissima Colaianni, daughter of the late Nicolantonio, age 63, a midwife living in this Comune who presented a female baby which we have visually recognized, and she declared that same was born of Angela Della Croce, age 35, living here, and of Giovannantonio Carlino, age 41, a coachman living here, on the 19th of the stated month at the hour of nine in the house of the married parties at Strada Fontana Grande. 

      The same has further declared the newborn was given the name of Giuseppa.

      The presentation and declaration aforesaid was made in the presence of Lorenzo DiGiacomo, (no age given), a tailor living here, and Benedetto Carlino, (no age given), a farmer living here, witnesses present at this act and she, the declarant produced.

      This act was read to the declarant and the witnesses and then signed by us and the witnesses, the declarant claimed not to know how to write.


      Lorenzo DiGiacomo
      Benedetto Carlino
      Federigo Checchia, the Mayor
      Errico Perilli, Secretary

      (Right side of Act)

      The parish priest of San Pietro and Paolo has returned the 21st day of March of the current year the report that we sent on the 20th of the current month of the year stated, at the bottom of which was indicated that the Sacrament of Baptism was administered to Giuseppa Carlino on the 20th of March and which the respondent received.

      Signature of the official of the civil state.


      Perilli, Secretary

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