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1146Re: Catasto of 1743, Kingdom of Naples

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  • Ben
    Jun 21, 2013
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      --- In SanPietroAvellana@yahoogroups.com, "Ben" <capracotta_cookedgoat@...> wrote:
      > A catasto is a tax collection record listing head of household, family members, property, taxes paid. Several towns and villages in the old Kingdom of Naples have made these very informative records available to the public in scans or even transcriptions. It's reported that the Catasto of 1743 for Capracotta will soon be made available online. What about the same records for SPA?

      On a recheck of my sources, let me correct myself. It seems that the publication of the "catasti"and other records is not so much an official release by individual towns as it the work of individual genealogists and interest groups.

      There are even older records, e.g. the first "Liber Focorum of Regni Neapolis" of 1443. The University of Bari published the Latin and Italian transcriptions of this and other records from the area in which SPA is located. Hit "Find a library.": http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/000489999.

      Stoney Brook University has a copy of very early records of the nowadays province of Isernia and beyond, "Mezzogiorno e demografia nel XV secolo" by F. Cozzetto, http://sbufind.library.stonybrook.edu/vufind/Record/STB000039487.

      Were surnames in use in the 1400s, before the Council of Trent mandated them?
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