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Events, Jan-Feb 2005 - Disaster Aid Needed - Three Roots - Preliminaries

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  • Jim Shawvan
    Buddhist news and events for San Diego, Jan-Feb 2005 -- associated with the San Diego Buddhist Community web site, http://www.sandiegobuddhism.homestead.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2005
      Buddhist news and events for San Diego, Jan-Feb 2005 --
      associated with the San Diego Buddhist Community web site,


      (Thanks to Vicki Grubbs' Buddhist News for this one.)

      At the Sarvodaya web site people can pay with a credit card or
      send a check to the LA address. http://www.sarvodaya.org/

      Sarvodaya is especially well positioned to assist in disaster relief
      because of their presence and self reliant grass-roots development
      work in thousands of Sri Lankan villages over the past 40 years.
      Although many fine organizations are collecting funds, few have the
      on-the-ground capabilities of Sarvodaya in villages. The International
      NGOs like the Red Cross, Oxfam and others are flying in planeloads of
      supplies and are talking of working with their "local partners"
      including Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka.

      You may have seen a CNN report on Dec 29th, that singled out the
      efforts of Sarvodaya, Dr.Sanjay Gupta, reporting from Sri Lanka,
      identified Sarvodaya as a group that could "...deliver the right
      supplies to the right places" because "it has the most boots on the
      ground." He was making the point that the needs of the people differ
      from province to province, village to village, and only a local group
      with the reach of Sarvodaya can properly redistribute supplies from
      the international agencies.

      Sarvodaya, which means "everybody wakes up", was founded by Dr. A. T.
      Ariyaratne, often called the "Gandhi of Sri Lanka" for his work based
      on non-violent Buddhist principles. The group's work is based on
      inclusivity, and they engage people of all faiths and ethnicities.
      Sarvodaya worked with both sides of the civil war, ran refugee camps
      and restoration and rehabilitation projects.

      Joanna Macy writes, "Within an hour after the disaster struck, Dr.
      Ariyaratne and his colleagues met to galvanize massive relief actions,
      to engage the Movement's many thousands of village volunteers, and
      applying their experience setting up and sustaining refugee camps in
      Sri Lanka's long civil war. Sarvodayans are now at work, round the
      clock... Sarvodaya itself is mainly a volunteer organization,
      strapped for cash, and now it needs money from us to do the massive
      job which it uniquely can do".

      To: BPF Chapters and Contacts, Staff, Board, and friends

      Dear friends, By this time, you have probably heard of the huge loss
      of life caused by yesterday's earthquake and tsunamis in Asia. Many of
      those affected are in Sri Lanka (a predominantly Buddhist country),
      where our friends from Sarvodaya are doing their best to respond. Dr.
      Ariyartne has sent the Buddhist Peace Fellowship the following
      message, with information about the kinds of assistance that is needed
      and where to send donations. Please spread the word to your chapters
      and sanghas -- you might want to take up a collection of either money
      or supplies (see the list below) and send to the address below.
      in peace, Maia

      Date: December 26, 2004 7:38:25 PM PST
      Subject: RE: assistance after earthquake

      No more tears to shed. We are weeping over this disaster. Over 10,000
      dead and one million homeless. Thousands of Sarvodaya Volunteers are
      working round the clock in all parts of the island. We need your help.

      Our special account number is as follows for those who want to donate

      Lanka Jathiaka Sarvodaya Shramadana Inc.
      Account # 159000 8015
      Commercial bank of Ceylon Limited
      Swift Code > CCEYLKLX

      We are in desperate need of First Aid, Medical Supplies, Blankets, Dry
      food items, Clothes

      Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne
      Sarvodaya HQ
      #98, Rawatawatta Road,
      Sri Lanka

      +94112 655 255
      +94112 655 110

      May there be peace on earth.


      Free Tenzin Delek Rinpoche -- This highly respected religious leader
      in Eastern Tibet could be executed at any time for crimes he did not
      commit. He has been targeted by Chinese authorities because of his
      work for the social welfare of people in his community. See
      - Note the following VICTORIES already won by SFT --

      January 27, Thursday evening, Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the
      Buddha Within, will be giving a Dharma talk and doing a book signing
      of Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be, at Soulscape Bookstore,
      765 South Coast Highway, Encinitas. For information, call 760-753-2345.
      January 28, Friday, 7:00pm, Lama Surya Das speaks on "Measures of
      Enlightened Leadership Today: Generosity, Discipline, Patience,
      Diligence, Concentration and Wisdom" at MOA Life Science Institute,
      opposite Bodhi Tree Bookstore, 8564 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA
      90069. Preregistration recommended. Suggested donation is $10 for
      Friday evening, or $95 for both the Friday and Saturday events.
      January 29, Saturday, 10am-5pm, Lama Surya Das leads a one-day
      retreat, "The Bodhisattva Code: The Innermost Nature of the Six
      Transcendental Virtues of the Tibetan Wisdom Tradition" at the
      Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Forbes Hall (entrance on
      Arizona), 1260 - 18th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404. For retreat flyer
      and preregistration, see http://www.dzogchen.org/retreats

      February 10-18, Thursday through Friday (9 days)
      METTA (lovingkindness)- VIPASSANA RETREAT
      at Pine Manor, Lake Elsinore, CA, with Bhante U Vimalaramsi.
      This is a rare chance for cultivating insight and inner happiness
      with a master teacher who guides his students from the original Sutta
      discourses of the Buddha, the Pali Canon. Bhante is an American who
      grew up in Southern California and has been a monk for over 16 years.
      He is an author, healer, and international meditation teacher. He
      began his meditation practice over 32 years ago in Vipassana or
      insight meditation. This took him to Asia in 1986 where he practiced
      with many senior teachers in the early Buddhist traditions. He
      traveled and practiced in Burma, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka, and
      Malaysia. Later he practiced the lovingkindness meditation as a way
      to quickly open and soften the mind to work with the obstacles to
      mental clarity. At the largest Buddhist monastery in Kuala Lumpur,
      the capital of Malaysia, he was giving talks to 500 people each week
      on the Buddha's teaching, conducting retreats on lovingkindness
      practice, and guiding monks in their meditation practice. He later
      returned to the US in 1998 and currently has a monastery in Missouri
      for meditation and Sutta study. His students have had enormous
      success with his guidance. He uses the relaxing and opening
      techniques in the Suttas that assist everyone in reaching deep stages
      of meditation. He is a gentle teacher with a deep understanding of
      the practice and the subtle aspects of opening and quieting the mind
      for happiness and freedom. For more retreat and biographical
      information, please see http://www.dhammasukha.org
      The practice will be opening the heart and concentrating on
      lovingkindness with mindfulness and awareness. This will be sustained
      throughout each day, sitting and walking with a short work period.
      There will be two main meals of breakfast and lunch, with tea and a
      snack, if needed, in the evening. As the meditation deepens the
      appetite frequently diminishes. Bhante will interview each student
      daily and give an evening talk from the Suttas, which are the
      discourses of the Buddha. For more information please contact Mark or
      Antra Berger at antraandmark@... or at 619-225-0817.
      The retreat will be small with up to 15 people, so there will be a lot
      of time for individual attention to your meditation practice. Cost
      for room and board is $600. The teaching is given without charge. A
      dana/donation is requested for the teacher.

      International Campaign for Tibet -- visit

      For additional information on Buddhism in San Diego,
      see http://www.sandiegobuddhism.homestead.com


      The Three Wholesome and the Three Unwholesome Roots
      -- from the Online Buddhist Dictionary



      First Train in All the Preliminary Practices
      by Geshe Rabten & Geshe Dhargyey

      or http://tinyurl.com/6rzty


      I received the following e-mail, and am posting it
      without verification. Please check out the web site
      and take whatever steps you need in order to decide
      for yourselves if you want to help. --
      "We're emailing various list owners because my wife
      and I run a boarding school for child victims of human
      trafficking on our land in Northern Thailand. We are
      currently self funded, and want to expand our
      operations to 100 kids by May, so we're seeking pubic
      support. Our website is at:
      "BUT - Neither one of us are experienced with this
      type of thing. I could not fundraise to save my life,
      even though I really understand the need. The hoops
      that have to be jumped through to gain non profit
      status are really daunting, as well.
      "We don't even know how to drive much traffic to our
      website. Nobody is doing any salaried work, except
      the teachers we pay as consultants out of our own
      pocket, and certainly don't want to spend money buying
      email lists that we should be using for other things.
      "What I'm wondering is if there are people there who
      have experience with this sort of thing, or who would
      be willing to help us learn about the procedural
      aspects of all of this, as well as any other help or
      advice that could be offered.
      "If you could paraphrase or forward this to your list,
      that would be great.
      "If you want to contact me, email is fine. Also, we
      use msn messenger for cemenuk at hotmail.com and yahoo
      messenger for cemenuk at yahoo.com
      Best Regards, Jonathan and Palida"


      May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes
      of happiness.
      May they all be free from suffering and the causes of
      May they never be separated from the happiness which
      is free from sorrow.
      May they rest in equanimity, free from attachment and

      San Diego Buddhist Community web site
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