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7 New eBooks - add variety to your reading this week!

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  • Dorine
    What s New in eBook at Samhain! http://www.samhainpublishing.com/ Publication Date: July 30, 2013 BUY: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/index.php Black
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      What's New in eBook at Samhain!
      Publication Date: July 30, 2013

      BUY: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/index.php

      Black Knight, White QueenBlack Knight, White Queen by Jackie Ashenden
      Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!
      Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-61921-744-7
      Price: $4.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.15

      One night in Bangkok changes all the rules.

      Professional chess player Aleksandr Shastin never lets emotions rule his life, or his game. Not even the unexpected death of his mentor shakes his icy control--at least that's what he thinks. Until he meets a woman in a Bangkok rooftop bar, a woman whose raw sexuality and emotional honesty find every invisible crack...and pries them wide open.
      Graphic artist Izzy Cornwall fled to Thailand to escape suffocating grief and guilt after her sister's suicide. As she locks gazes with Aleks, their instant attraction sets her on fire. And the way he looks at her makes her feel what she hasn't felt in months: that she actually exists.

      In the heat of a Bangkok rainstorm, their chemistry steams up what was supposed to be one night of pain-numbing passion. Neither expected that a single encounter would change all the rules, making Aleks the novice, and Izzy the grandmaster. But if Izzy wants his heart, she'll have to show him that in order to win, sometimes you have to lose.

      Product Warnings
      Contains one hot, controlling Russian chess master, a heroine who's more than capable of taking him on in a game of strip chess, and a checkmate to make Kasparov proud.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      A Time of DyingA Time of Dying by Hailey Edwards
      Genre: Fantasy
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-660-0, Series: Araneae Nation
      Price: $5.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      They just might survive...if they don't kill each other first.

      Araneae Nation, Book 3

      Once the future Segestriidae maven, Kaidi lived a privileged life. Now she spends her nights haunting cities ravaged by the plague. Spade in hand, she stalks rows of freshly dug graves for corpses...and then she takes their heads.

      Her new life is caked in blood and spattered with gore, but it's hers. At least until--to her fury--she's caught napping.

      A plague survivor by the skin of his teeth, Murdoch risks his neck to solve the mysteries left in its wake. Bodies have gone missing. Guards have left their posts and never returned home.

      When he rouses a female dozing among the dead, he's unprepared for the violence of her response. Or his. Beneath the grime, she's lovely. Too bad the blood under her fingernails belongs to his clansmen.

      He has no choice but to follow this alluring creature deeper into her world of winged beasts and flesh-eating monsters. She holds the knowledge he craves, but the price is high--and they may both pay for it with their lives.

      Product Warnings
      This book contains one heroine in desperate need of a bath and one hero willing to wash away her sins. Expect threats, swears and general cursing. Love is a slippery slope, and these two are sliding.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      ExhaleExhale by Dakota Harrison
      Genre: Contemporary, Multicultural
      Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-61921-651-8
      Price: $4.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.15

      She is the one dream that never had a chance to come true...until now.

      Takeshi is finishing up a brutal double shift in the ER when a familiar--and bloody--face erases all thought of heading home. The broken body of the woman fighting for her life belongs to Gabby, his best friend's mother. A woman he has rarely seen since he turned nineteen and foolishly declared his love for her.

      She's not dying today. Not on his watch. And not with a promise left unfulfilled.

      Gabby has never forgotten the taste of the kiss Taka gave her under the mistletoe all those years ago. Or the silly promise that surely by now he's forgotten. She's wrong. Taka remembers. And she melts as he uses every trick in his highly trained surgeon's hands to heal her--and rekindle the heat between them.

      But there's a secret lurking in Gabby's past. And when it follows her all the way to Seattle, it threatens to drag the one man she loves into the nightmare she thought she'd left behind.

      Product Warnings
      Contains a reluctant cougar heroine with a planeload of emotional baggage, a hot Asian surgeon who knows how to kiss it and make it better, and smoking-hot love scenes that'll give you a new appreciation for the tenacity of younger men.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      BurdenBurden by Annmarie McKenna
      Genre: Men In Uniform, Gay Contemporary
      Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-829-1
      Price: $3.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

      There's more than one way to guard a body.

      In the year since his car flew off a cliff, Detective Brennan McGuire has struggled to relearn the simplest tasks--like speaking without a stutter--and even more with trying to fill the gaping holes in his memory.

      But when his daily visit to a local coffee shop turns into a melee of flying bullets, Brennan's instincts take control.

      So much for Keegan Monroe's first day off after a long undercover assignment. One minute he's relaxing over coffee, the next his cheek is kissing concrete. Question is, is the gorgeous man on top of him his savior, or the one who took a potshot at his head?

      As Keegan shepherds the too-quiet, too-skinny Brennan through the investigation, attraction flares into nights of white-hot passion. But with each scorching encounter, more and more of Brennan's memories shake loose...and it becomes clear someone doesn't want him putting those pieces together.

      With Keegan's oath to protect and serve putting him squarely in the crosshairs of a murderer, now the question is, who is protecting whom?

      Product Warnings
      This book contains a good amount of stuttering, forgetting, remembering, danger, hot man love (cop style), and hordes of cuddly kittens.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      Scent of SalvationScent of Salvation by Annie Nicholas
      Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Vampires
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-748-5, Series: Chronicles of Eorthe
      Price: $5.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      Love blooms across species, culture, and time.

      Chronicles of Eorthe, Book 1

      Stranded in another dimension, on a primitive version of Earth, Dr. Susan Barlow needs to find a way to survive. There's no electricity, no cities, and to her shock, no humans. Instead, she faces a population of werewolves, vampires and incubi. The people are vicious but she must find her place among them. And live.

      An illness is killing Sorin's pack. As alpha it's his responsibility to save them, but it's a battle this warrior doesn't know how to fight. Then a blue light in the sky brings a creature he's never seen. She calls herself human, but to him she smells like hope.

      Sorin offers Susan a safe haven in return for a cure, but she's not that kind of a doctor. She's a doctor of physics, not a physician. Yet as they search for a cure to save a dying people, they find something special--each other.

      But even with Sorin's protection, Susan can't help but wonder how long she can survive in a world without humans...

      Product Warnings
      Feral shifters, power-hungry vampires, and a sole human female suffering culture shock.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      The UnwantedThe Unwanted by Shiloh Walker
      Genre: Romantic Suspense
      Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-61921-382-1. Series: FBI Psychics
      Price: $4.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.15

      She doesn't want him. He doesn't need her. Like hell...

      An FBI Psychics Story

      Destin Mortin's psychic gift comes with an ugly twist--she excels at tracking down violent rapists. But it's rough on relationships. Once, her partner Caleb was her everything: filter, shield, rescuer, lover. The only man who didn't think her a freak. Then he walked away.

      Destin turned her back on the FBI to work for a private agency, but now a particularly horrendous case has come up, and her boss wants her paired with only the best.

      For Caleb Durand, leaving Destin was an act of self-preservation. Every time she flung herself headlong into dangerous situations, every time he nursed her through soul-crushing visions, he'd died a little more inside.

      Now they are forced to work together one last time. Tragedy has changed them both, but Caleb knows if he lowers his shields for an instant, he won't have an icicle's chance in hell of resisting the temptation to lose himself in her wild power.

      But to catch the rapist, it's exactly what he'll have to do.

      Product Warnings
      Contains tortured souls who have lost love and pined for their missing half, a woman who can see evil, and a hot FBI agent.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      The Old OneThe Old One by Jonathan Janz
      Genre: Horror
      Length: Short Story, ISBN: 978-1-61921-722-5, Series: Savage Species
      Price: $1.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $1.05

      Peaceful Valley is about to become a slaughterhouse!

      For the first time ever, Samhain Publishing will serialize a terrifying original novel, Savage Species, in five installments, with new installments coming every two weeks.

      The construction of the Peaceful Valley Nature Preserve, a sprawling, isolated state park, has stirred an evil that has lain dormant for nearly a century, and all the men, women and children unlucky enough to be attending the grand opening are about to encounter the most horrific creatures to ever walk the earth.

      Savage Species Part V: The Old One

      The survivors attempt a desperate escape from their subterranean prison, but the Night Flyers and the Children are savage and relentless hunters. Sam, Charly, Jesse and the rest of the group will need to marshal all their courage, cunning and ferocity to save as many lives as they can. But the Old One, a monstrous creature that for millennia has reveled in sadism and the spilling of innocent blood, won't be satisfied until every last man, woman and child is dead.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
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