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10 New eBooks at great prices including one FREE!

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  • Dorine
    What s New in eBook at Samhain! http://www.samhainpublishing.com/ Publication Date: July 2, 2013 BUY: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/index.php
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      What's New in eBook at Samhain!
      Publication Date: July 2, 2013

      BUY: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/index.php

      DragonbladeDragonblade by Mychael Black
      Genre: Gay Alternate Worlds
      Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-613-6, Series: Secrets of Socendor
      Price: $3.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

      Winning this battle requires a faith stronger than steel...

      Secrets of Socendor, Book 2

      Legends tell of a dragon-forged weapon so powerful, it possesses the ability to traverse time itself. Knowing the havoc it could wreak, the dragons sealed it deep beneath the mountains.

      No one was meant to find it, let alone wield it.

      General Kalen Ysindroc, leader of the human king's armies and the long-lost son of Socendor's most feared wizard-king of old, is in a race against time. His half brother, Braen, is searching for the sword as a means to return their father from the grave. Kalen must not let that happen. Joined by his elven lover, wizard Micheil Thierauf, he sets out on a journey beneath the mountains to stop Braen from doing the unthinkable.

      As secrets come to light that test Kalen's faith in every way possible, including his trust in the man he's loved nearly all his life, the right path is as clouded as the murky, dragon-blood-tainted waters of the Ebon Sea. And Kalen is forced to make a decision that could very well be his last.

      Product Warnings
      This book contains treason and treachery, magic and steel, clawed behemoths, and secrets no man should ever keep from his lover.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      The Dragon HealerThe Dragon Healer by Bianca D'Arc
      Genre: Fantasy, Red Hots!!!, Menage & More
      Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-528-3, Series: Dragon Knights
      Price: $3.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

      What's better than a knight sweeping you off your feet? Two knights.

      Dragon Knights, Book 8

      Silla is a healer riding circuit on the border, helping those in need. When she hears the pained cries of a dragon in distress, she comes to his aid, using most of her precious supplies to help the badly injured creature.

      The dragon's knight, Brodie, is fascinated by the woman--the miracle worker--who has come to help his friend. She is both beautiful and kind hearted and he quickly realizes she is his destined mate. And if she is Brodie's mate, she is Geoff's as well, for Brodie's dragon was mated to Geoff's dragon many years ago.

      Geoff doesn't believe in the tales of love at first sight among knights, but he knows that when either he or Brodie finds a wife, they will share her. Hearing about the dragon's injury, Geoff and his dragon race to help, only to find the dragon on the mend and Brodie in bed with the most stunning woman Geoff has ever seen.

      Love at first sight turns out to be real and it strikes them all as they come together and realize that no matter what the obstacles, they are meant to be together. Silla is the missing link that will join their lives and make them a true Lair family.

      Product Warnings
      Knights like to get frisky and these two are no exception. Beware the passion, playfulness, a bit of bondage and a whole lot of three-way loving with a tiny bit of exhibitionism thrown in for good measure.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      Tempted by Her BossTempted by Her Boss by Karen Erickson
      Genre: Contemporary
      Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-61921-341-8, Series: The Renaldis
      Price: $4.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.15

      Business? Meet pleasure...

      The Renaldis, Book 1

      Paige Stewart has committed the ultimate nanny sin--she's fallen in love with her boss. She adores Matteo Renaldi's sweet, precocious son. Who wouldn't? But it's torture going about her day-to-day tasks, catching fleeting glimpses of the boy's enigmatic father. Chastising herself for fantasizing she's in the Renaldi master bed...

      It's ridiculous, pointless. After all, soon little Matty won't need her anymore and she'll move on.

      Matteo has no interest in dating. He's consumed by work, his son...and his son's nanny. She's everything he's not: young, carefree, trusting, maybe a little naïve. She deserves better than an embittered widower. Yet when she accidentally falls into his arms, he can't resist drawing her in for a kiss that quickly spirals out of control.

      As they travel to his family's home in Italy and slowly fall in love, the whispers start. And when one particularly ugly story blows up in their faces, their reputations might escape unscathed, but their hearts may not...

      Product Warnings
      The sexy, grumpy Italian hero is finally won over by his son's sweetly beautiful nanny--though it was quite the challenge for her to catch him. Watch for lots of high drama, passionate love and malicious rumors before these two can find their HEA.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      The WickedThe Wicked by Thea Harrison
      Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifters
      Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-966-3, Series: A Novella of the Elder Races
      Price: $3.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

      The adventure of a lifetime might just end in turmoil, but when it includes meeting your future mate, who gives a hoot?

      A Novella of the Elder Races

      For a librarian with a focus on rare magic books, Olivia's new job is a dream come true. She has been hired as part of a team to help manage the safe transportation of the collection of books owned by the Vampyre sorceress Carling Severan. The fact that the library is located on a mysterious island in an Other land only heightens the adventure.

      Head of security for the expedition, Sebastian Hale is tired of his rootless life of adventure and finds himself attracted to the calm, beautiful librarian. But he is living a personal nightmare. He has been hit with a curse that is slowly taking away his sight, and he doesn't know if he will survive the results.

      But the powerful feelings growing between them, along with Sebastian's inner turmoil, take a backseat when they learn there is a traitor lurking among their expedition team. With Elder Races politics and a priceless library on the line, they'll have to rely on each other to survive the experience.

      Product Warnings
      When a librarian who likes to nest meets an owl Wyr who has always lived for adventure, their romance won't just be fly-by-night...

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Taken by the DukeTaken by the Duke by Jess Michaels
      Genre: Red Hots!!!, Regency
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-340-1, Series: The Pleasure Wars
      Price: $5.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      An eye for an eye, a sin for a sin...

      The Pleasure Wars, Book 1

      Amid all the lies and scandals that fuel Society's gossip mill, one truth has stood out: House Rothcastle and House Windbury have always hated each other.
      Lady Ava Windbury prays the feud will someday end, to no avail. One dreadful night, her brother accidentally causes the death of Christian Rothcastle's sister, a tragedy that leaves both men maimed.

      Consumed by grief, Christian makes a grim decision. He will kidnap Lady Ava so that her family will feel the pain of loss as keenly as he feels the loss of his own sister. But once he has Ava in his clutches, desire takes unexpected hold. Even more surprising, she willingly surrenders to his every sexual whim--after haggling over the terms of giving up her virginity.

      Too late, he realizes she is using her body for peace, not war. But just as their affair of revenges turns into an affair of the heart, the past rears its ugly head to take matters into its own hands...

      Product Warnings
      This book contains scenes of erotic seduction, sexual revenge and the healing power of love.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      Dark ZoneDark Zone by Jonathan Janz
      Genre: Horror
      Length: Short Story, ISBN: 978-1-61921-720-1, Series: Savage Species
      Price: $1.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $1.05

      Peaceful Valley is about to become a slaughterhouse!

      For the first time ever, Samhain Publishing will serialize a terrifying original novel, Savage Species, in five installments, with new installments coming every two weeks.

      The construction of the Peaceful Valley Nature Preserve, a sprawling, isolated state park, has stirred an evil that has lain dormant for nearly a century, and all the men, women and children unlucky enough to be attending the grand opening are about to encounter the most horrific creatures to ever walk the earth.

      Savage Species Part III: Dark Zone

      Charly, Sam, Jesse and the others must do battle with the Children in the labyrinthine subterranean world that the creatures call home. But the situation grows bleaker when many of the survivors are captured and borne deeper into the lightless caverns...where a new and even more horrific species awaits.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      The Girl from the Blood CovenThe Girl from the Blood Coven by Brian Moreland
      Genre: Horror, Free Reads
      Length: Free Read, ISBN: 978-1-61921-866-6
      Price: FREE

      Who--or what--killed them all?

      In this short story prelude to The Witching House, the year is 1972. Sheriff Travis Keagan is enjoying a beer at the local roadhouse when a blood-soaked girl enters the bar. Terrified and trembling, Abigail Blackwood claims her entire family was massacred at the nearby hippy commune in the woods. But when Sheriff Keagan and his deputies investigate the Blevins House, they discover there's more to Abigail's story than she's told them. Much more.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Killer's DiaryKiller's Diary by Brian Pinkerton
      Genre: Horror
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-303-6
      Price: $5.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      The more she reads, the less she wants to know.

      A murderer is stalking the Windy City, carving out the eyes of his victims as grisly souvenirs. When shy Ellen Gordon finds a diary left behind in a coffee shop, she can't keep from reading it. And when she meets the author in person, he's just as charming as his writing. Only when she reads further does she find clues to the identity of Chicago's terrifying serial killer. Could it be the author himself? Ellen will have to uncover the truth about her new boyfriend quickly if she doesn't want to become the killer's next victim.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      The SkatesThe Skates by Mark Rigney
      Genre: Horror
      Length: Short Story, ISBN: 978-1-61921-488-0, Series: A Renner & Quist Adventure
      Price: $2.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $1.75

      A tragedy from the past that will not die.

      Reverend Renner's quiet, well-ordered Michigan life is turned upside down after he purchases a pair of nineteenth-century ice skates at a yard sale. First an enormous black dog takes to following him all over town, and then the skates attach themselves to his feet in the middle of the night. Frightened but curious, Renner seeks help from the one man he'd most like to avoid, ex-linebacker Dale Quist. Together, Renner and Quist work to unravel the mystery of the skates, a potentially fatal task that will lead them to England, and one of London's greatest historical disasters.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      StrongholdStronghold by Maynard Sims
      Genre: Horror
      Length: Plus Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-304-3
      Price: $6.50
      Limited time sale-priced for $4.55

      Safe Haven is about to become a slaughterhouse!

      Welcome to Safe Haven, a brand new luxury complex built on a remote island off the California coast. Fully automated, with the latest in high-tech security, Safe Haven is the perfect refuge for people who can afford to live a better life, free from the crime and dangers of the modern world. But can the complex protect its residents from the far worse dangers of a forgotten world? Ancient creatures have awoken from their long hibernation, hungry and driven by bloodlust. And the tenants of Safe Haven are the perfect prey.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
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