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Regency, Contemporary, other worlds + Retro romances this week!

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  • Dorine
    What s New in eBook at Samhain! Publication Date: October 16, 2012 http://www.samhainpublishing.com/ Rogue of the Highlands by Cynthia Breeding Genre:
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      What's New in eBook at Samhain!
      Publication Date: October 16, 2012

      Rogue of the HighlandsRogue of the Highlands by Cynthia Breeding
      Genre: Regency
      Length: Plus Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-047-9, Series: Rogue
      Price: $6.50 Limited time sale-priced for $4.55

      She must tame a Highland barbarian...before he steals her heart.

      Rogue, Book 1

      With the death of her elderly husband, the Marquess Newburn, Jillian Alton is relieved that she will never have to endure another forced marriage. Until his long-lost son reappears to claim his title and holdings.

      Left penniless, Jillian reluctantly accepts a tidy sum from the Prince of Wales to "refine" a Scottish Highlander who has inherited an English title--a man who shakes her resolve to never again let a man close enough to snare her in unwanted wedlock.

      Ian MacLeod never planned to set foot in England, but the breakup of the clan system has left him in need of claiming the profits of his inherited English lands to support his people. When he meets the very proper Lady Newburn, he is intrigued...and determined to melt her icy heart.

      It shouldn't be much of a challenge. After all, he's never met a lass who didn't quite willingly succumb to him. But he quickly learns that the beautiful, auburn-haired Jillian is no mooning maiden.

      And there's something about her stepson that raises the hair on the back of his neck--a clear signal of danger that has never proved him wrong...

      Product Warnings
      This book contains a sexy Highlander who will make the most proper of ladies have very improper thoughts.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Sex and the Single PrincessSex and the Single Princess by Bonnie Dee, Marie Treanor
      Genre: Fantasy, Red Hots!!!, Fairytales
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-260-2, Series: Fairytale Fantasies
      Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      Behind every beautiful shoe is a sexy shoemaker.

      A Fairytale Fantasies story.

      Will Shoemaker works his fingers to the bone to make quality footwear worthy to grace the feet of the king's six daughters. But recently his one-of-a-kind creations have been coming back to him in tatters.

      Determined to find out what is destroying his shoes--and threatening his position as royal cobbler--Will follows the princesses and discovers they're dancing their nights away in a fairy world. The princess with the fastest feet is Iris, whom he has long loved from afar.

      With an arranged marriage looming in her future, Iris wrings as much pleasure as possible out of her last days of freedom. Yet even as she whirls in the arms of an elven prince, she dreams of the lowly cobbler and fantasizes that it's his work-roughened hands on her delicate skin.

      In a magical realm where anything is possible, Will and Iris shatter all barriers between them and find the ultimate fantasy--love--in each other's arms. But there's betrayal and treachery afoot...and it's poised to destroy everything on both sides of the veil. Including any chance of happily ever after for Iris and Will.

      Product Warnings
      Contains sexy shoe fittings, handsome elf princes and a whole lot of dancing, political intrigue, swordfights and sex. You may never look at shoes the same way again.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Worth the ChallengeWorth the Challenge by Karen Erickson
      Genre: Contemporary
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-858-7, Series: Worth It
      Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      Together, they're magic. Now to capture it in a bottle...

      Worth It, Book 3

      For once in his errant life, Rhett Worth is ready to prove to his older brothers he's more than good looks and a woman-melting smile. Except he's screwed up. And it's about to hit the fan as he prepares to tell them he's failed to deliver the master perfumer, Michel Durand, to create Worth Luxury's signature scent.

      hen salvation walks through the boardroom door, all wrapped up in a petite, seductive package.

      Gabriella Durand is prepared to beg the Worths to give her capricious father another chance. Instead, she finds the devastatingly handsome Rhett Worth offering it to her as if he'd planned it all along. And Gabriella, hungry to emerge from her father's shadow, jumps at it.

      Soon they're in Maui to hunt for the perfect scent...and find it in the tropical breeze that washes across their entwined bodies. Now the pressure is on to capture that passion in a bottle--before they let love complicate the delicate mix. Before a whiff of betrayal threatens to destroy everything.

      Product Warnings
      The last of the Worth brothers, he's the wildest one of all. Expect lots of challenges, much yearning, plenty of vulnerabilities revealed--and lots of macho Alpha behavior on the hero's part. Don't worry, though. He'll be begging for the heroine's love before the end, we guarantee it.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Half BlindHalf Blind by Christine Price
      Genre: Gay Alternate Worlds
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-154-4, Series: Freelance Magic
      Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      Opposites attract...and drive each other crazy.

      Freelance Magic, Book 1

      Eight years ago, wizard Ashley Brandon thought his mentor was above the temptation to misuse magic. He was wrong, and the aftermath left him scarred. And determined to never again let anyone close.

      When he's assigned to a task force protecting an ancient relic, he butts heads with the infuriating, charismatic Frederick "Charles" Greer. The man is completely unreasonable. And so is Ashley's gut response to his outrageous flirting.

      Greer was only supposed to temporarily consult on the task force, but his admittedly unorthodox views on team building put him at odds with Brandon, one of the most attractive, frustrating men he's ever met. The mission's success requires complete cooperation, so Greer makes the first move to ease the tension.

      An apology leads to bickering, which unexpectedly leads them to the bedroom. But as that tension shifts into something more fierce, a brush with the relic's power turns everything upside down. Leaving the mission--and Brandon's heart--in even greater jeopardy.

      Product Warnings
      Contents may contain sartorial choices both exceptional and asinine, deception, thievery, magic, naughty language, and one hell of a MacGuffin.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Marrying MariMarrying Mari by Elyse Snow
      Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-761-0
      Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

      She is the one woman they both need. If they can catch her.

      Ethan Stone and Gabriel Pryor are successful, wealthy, handsome--and single. But not for long. As Colony descendants, they are required to form a mated triad with a woman with Colony bloodlines--or they'll be forced to do the unthinkable. Move back inside the community's walls and accept whomever the elders choose.
      When their hired P.I. comes through with a candidate, they're both relieved--and in a rush to close the deal. Except their chosen lady's bloodline comes with a streak of independence as quicksilver fast as her bike messenger pedals.

      Ordinarily, a big tip and amorous note wouldn't impress Mariella Amorini, but there's something that draws her to the two men she can't explain. The shocking truth of her heritage sends her reeling--straight into the safe harbor of Ethan and Gabriel's bed.

      The sense of belonging is warm, and the sex is hot, but as more truths become entangled with lies, it's clear someone from The Colony isn't the least bit interested in the threesome's long-term happiness. And it'll take revealing their deepest vulnerabilities to forge a bond strong enough to endure the test.

      Product Warnings
      Two alpha males looking for their mate. One sassy bike messenger who's not entirely certain she fits the description. Seduction tactics include wine, dessert, Cary Grant movies, heartfelt confession, laughter, kissing, and sex. Lots of really hot sex.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Blind DestinyBlind Destiny by Shiloh Walker
      Genre: Paranormal, Fairytales, Angels & Demons
      Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-61921-313-5, Series: Grimm's Circle
      Price: $4.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.15

      Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's back to hell she goes...

      Grimm's Circle, Book 7

      Myrsina knows the stories. As one of the oldest of the Grimm, she had a hand in writing most of them, but only she knows the dark origin of the Seven Bloody Sisters. It springs from the place of her birth--and her death. A place of pain and misery to which she plans to never return. Unless forced.

      When Luc appears on her doorstep, her heart twists with suppressed longing for the man who can never be hers. The only man who can make her do the impossible--go home.

      Luc may be blind, but through their unique, bittersweet connection, even he can see that the task laid before them is ripping Sina's soul apart. This time it isn't as simple as fighting a demon that has escaped from the netherplains.

      Sina must go back in time--to that cursed ground--and right a wrong that she unknowingly brought about. To write a new ending to a story that may give them both a chance at happily ever after. Assuming they survive.

      Product Warnings
      This book contains a not-so-fairy-tale prince, a Snow White who was never very innocent, a lot of bloody fights, some ghosts, and a new sort of angel...

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Passion's FuryPassion's Fury by Patricia Hagan
      Genre: Retro Historical
      Length: Plus Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-015-8
      Price: $4.99 Limited time sale-priced for $3.49

      For April Jennings, betrayal by her own blood leads to the love of a lifetime.

      After her father's death at the start of the Civil War, April Jennings is stripped of her inheritance by her spiteful twin, and sent to a strict convent in the Georgia Mountains. But on the way to the convent, her captors agree to a horse race with dashing rogue Rance Taggart...and April is the prize. He wins easily, and April becomes his. And despite her anger and rage towards Rance, she finds her heart cannot resist the desire and love that smolder within.
      Refusing to accept her fate, a stubborn April braves bloody battlefields, imprisonments, and defies her own heart in order to reclaim her birthright from her perfidious twin. And all the while she struggles against the knowledge that Rance, more than anything else, is where her destiny is leading her.

      This book was originally published by Avon Books in July 1981.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      WanderlustWanderlust by Vella Munn
      Genre: Retro Contemporary
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-191-9
      Price: $3.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.79

      Her feet say it's time to move on. Her heart says something else...

      Lori Black's nomadic childhood in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her lumberjack father has left its mark. She is a loner born and bred, a woman of few needs and fewer words.
      Content with her life, she's never felt the urge to put down roots--until she takes on a landscaping job for Slade Ryan. Slade has the strange ability to make her feel like she's rediscovering herself.

      Slade's roots go deep in his home community, and he's committed to restoring an historic farmhouse and rejuvenating the surrounding land. As he turns the project over to Lori's capable hands, he finds himself compelled to show her how good it could be to settle down.

      As love blossoms amid the rich soil and lush vegetation, something that feels warm, vibrant, and permanent begins to grow. But the only way it can thrive is if Slade can convince Lori how beautiful it could be to share her life--and her heart--with him.

      This book was previously published in 1985.

      Product Warnings
      Sweet romance ahead! But not quite everything is coming up roses...

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Maiden of the WindsMaiden of the Winds by Janeen O'Kerry
      Genre: Retro Alternate Worlds
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-206-0
      Price: $3.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.79

      A king's duty has never been so sweet...

      In order to please her oppressive parents and gain some freedom, Keavy agrees to marry a man she does not love, though it is to be in name only. She makes the journey to the neighboring kingdom and goes through with the ceremony--only to find that in this place it is considered the duty of the king to spend the wedding night with the bride. If she refuses, she will be sent home with her marriage declared invalid.
      Although shocked by this unknown custom, Keavy finds herself drawn to King Aengus, a powerful and handsome man with the eyes of an eagle. Now she has to make the choice of either returning home--husbandless--to her very troublesome family, or submitting to the First Night attentions of the king.

      This book was originally published by Leisure Books in July 2003.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Mistletoe MagicMistletoe Magic by Lynn Patrick
      Genre: Retro Contemporary
      Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-61921-030-1
      Price: $2.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.09

      One look at Melissa, and Rafe definitely has visions of a Sugarplum Fairy dancing in his head...

      As an out-of-work schoolteacher, Melissa Ryan can't be too choosy. Still, she enjoys her holiday job as the Sugarplum Fairy for a local department store, and when her paying job leads to a chance to moonlight as the Tooth Fairy, Melissa jumps at the chance. There's just one problem: the head resting on the pillow belongs to the handsome Rafe Damon--not his five-year-old daughter.

      Rafe is more than happy to wake up to a pink-tulle-covered armful of soft woman. A single father, Rafe is on the lookout for a soft, sweet woman--and Melissa more than fits the bill. But a fairy tale romance must eventually face the cold light of day, and Melissa and Rafe must work to achieve their happily ever after.

      This book was originally published in December 1985 by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Abigail and MistletoeAbigail and Mistletoe by Karen Rose Smith
      Genre: Retro Contemporary
      Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-031-8
      Price: $3.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.79

      When he unwraps her love, he uncovers her secret...

      Just before Christmas, trauma makeup artist Abigail Fox packs up her bag of tricks and travels to Crested Butte, Colorado, to help an actress who has lived in seclusion since a disfiguring accident.

      The lodge owner irritates her with his suspicions that she's only out to hook her name to a star. However, his broad shoulders and quiet intensity make her weak in the knees.

      A former stuntman familiar with Hollywood politics, Brady is sure Abigail has ulterior motives. Why else would she travel far from home over a holiday if there wasn't something in it for her? Yet gradually he realizes that with Abigail, what you see is what you get--a caring woman who only wants to help accident victims rediscover life.

      Sheltered in Brady's beautiful, snowbound world, warmed by his holiday wish that has nothing to do with Santa Claus, Abigail finds herself falling into his arms. But if he learns her terrible secret, the love that's catching fire could blow up in her face.

      This book was released by Silhouette Books in December 1994.

      Product Warnings
      Consummated love scenes.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
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