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September Sizzles with 18 New Print Books on SALE at Samhain!

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    Samhain s Newest Print Releases! http://www.samhainpublishing.com/ NEW Print books are on SALE this week! Publication
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      Samhain's Newest Print Releases!
      NEW Print books are on SALE this week!


      Publication Date: September 4, 2012

      Burning RubberBurning Rubber by Pamela Britton
      Genre: Contemporary, Series: Extreme Racing
      Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-782-5
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      In racing, you're in or you're out. Sometimes both at the same time...

      Extreme Racing, Book 2

      Go ahead, call Callie Monroe the queen of fools. She already does. After NASCAR slammed its doors in her face, she came up with the idea for the X-TREME Racing League. Now she's all but relegated to pit row while her business partner--aka XRL's bankroll--takes the credit.
      One look at NASCAR champion Derrick Derringer red-lines Callie's fantasy gauge. And when he actually notices her next to her Playboy-hot boss, he makes her sweat.

      Derrick has always been attracted to the studious type, but Callie's got the cherry on top of her beauty and brains: she's a gear head. She's also scared to death of him. He's never had to work hard to get a woman in his bed, but with Callie, he finds himself changing tactics for a prize he never expected. Her heart.

      Callie has no intention of being Derrick's next "checkered flag", but if she's to lure him over to XRL, she'll play the game. A dangerous one. Not only because his kiss sends her focus sliding out of control. There's a saboteur who seems intent on putting XRL into the wall--no matter how many people have to die.

      Product Warnings
      The author doesn't guarantee this book will help you "get lucky", but does have documented proof that the love, laughter, naughtiness and hot, hot, hot sex in this book will leave you gasping for air. Dangerous curves ahead!

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Blood and BoneBlood and Bone by Dawn Brown
      Genre: Romantic Suspense
      Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-438-1
      Price $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      The deeper they dig into the past, the closer they come to a killer.

      Crime writer Shayne Reynolds is looking for the next book that'll get her out of her parents' basement and on track to rebuilding her life. She's found it in Robert Anderson, a confessed murderer who's out on parole. Something's never added up about that case.

      From the moment she sets foot in Dark Water, nothing goes as planned. Anderson's family wants her to drop the story--especially surviving son Des. A man who ignites sizzling heat even as he stands firmly in her way.

      Laboring under his father's crushing legacy and his grandmother's iron resolve to get rid of the nosy writer at any cost, Des struggles to save the self-destructive sister who once saved him. There's something honest and forthright about Shayne, though, that tempts him to help her get to the truth. Even if it means double-crossing his powerful grandmother.

      Despite their resolve to keep it strictly business, sexual sparks quickly set fire to tangled emotions. And threads of a fragile bond that someone with a vendetta could use to weave their death shroud...

      Product Warnings
      This story contains a feisty writer, a sexy younger man and a mystery with enough twists and turns to cause vertigo.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Love's CompassLove's Compass by Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon
      Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!, Series: Compass Brothers
      Length: 304 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-971-3
      Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

      All roads lead to where the heart calls home.

      Northern Exposure
      Silas Compton always planned to take his place at the head of Compass Ranch, but when the girl of his dreams catches him making out with her boyfriend, he exiles himself to Alaska rather than risk destroying his best friends.
      When an accident sends him home years later, the attraction between them is impossible to resist. Colby and Lucy welcome him home, but he can't forgive himself for the damage he's caused. But things are starting to unravel at the ranch, and he has to step up. This time, his family is at stake.

      Southern Comfort
      Seth Compton has loved the boss's daughter for years. Trouble is, Jody is too young, too feisty, and too damned independent for his dominating ways. When she returns from college with a diploma and a fiancé, though, all bets are off.

      Jody never expected to wake up from her bachelorette party tied to sexy-as-sin Seth's bed. He seems determined to show her they belong together, but his past disinterest is fresh in her memory. He wants her? He'll have to work for it.

      Lucky for Seth, he has plenty of rope.

      Product Warnings
      This book is overflowing with sexy cowboys. We cannot be held responsible for any random YEEHAWs, hot flashes or a sudden longing for hogtying while reading.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Interview with a GargoyleInterview with a Gargoyle by Jennifer Colgan
      Genre: Paranormal
      Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-786-3
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      How far into darkness will he go to reclaim the light?

      Melodie McConnell's night shift couldn't get any more bizarre. First, a commotion behind the bakery lands her in the arms of a slimy demon. Then she's swept into hiding by a demon hunter...and discovers she's been swallowed whole by a world she never knew existed.

      In the decade since he inherited a centuries-old family curse, darkness has ruled Blake DeWitt's life. By day he's encased in the form of a hideous stone gargoyle. By night, desperation drives him to search for the Witch's Cabochon, a gem with the power to permanently lift the curse.

      He's seconds away from claiming it when the dying demon transfers it to a human woman whose beautiful body is no match for its wild, darkly sexual power. And whose innocent attempts at seduction he finds hard to resist.

      As the demons swarm closer, they find safety in each other's arms. Until Blake discovers the only key to his freedom...and must face a soul-rending choice.

      Product Warnings
      Take two parts demons, one part demon hunter, one part witch, and a heaping helping of sexy gargoyle. Spontaneous combustion may occur. At least you won't need to wait for the oven timer to enjoy!

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Head RushHead Rush by Carolyn Crane
      Genre: Urban Fantasy, Series: The Disillusionist Trilogy
      Length: 304 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-808-2
      Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

      Justine Jones faces her ultimate enemy: herself.

      The Disillusionist Trilogy, Book 3

      In an attempt to put her unhappy past behind her, Justine Jones throws herself into nursing school and planning her wedding to Otto Sanchez, the man of her dreams. But something is off. Random details aren't adding up...and is it her imagination, or are her friends and fiancé keeping secrets from her? And what's with the strange sense of unease, and her odd new headaches?
      Justine tries to stay upbeat as Midcity cowers under martial law, sleepwalking cannibals, and a mysterious rash of paranormal copycat violence, but her search for answers leads her into the most dangerous mind game yet.

      With the help of unlikely allies, including her paranoid dad and best frenemy Simon, Justine fights her ultimate foe...and unravels the most startling mystery of all.

      Product Warnings
      This book contains high-speed rollerblade chases, a mysterious green dashboard ornament, a father of the bride in full hazmat gear and a delicious kebab.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Once and AgainOnce and Again by Lauren Dane
      Genre: Contemporary, Series: Petal, Georgia
      Length: 200 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-822-8
      Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80

      This time, he plans to do it with class. Style. And more than a little groveling...

      Petal, Georgia, Book 1

      Seven years ago, Lily Travis was only too glad to see her hometown of Petal, Georgia, in her rearview mirror. Thanks to her father running off with a twenty-year-old, though, here she is, trying to pick up the pieces. First order of business: meet with her brother's teacher in a quest to pull his grades out of a downward spiral.

      Nathan Murphy is pretty much resigned to his bachelor status--until he looks up from his desk to see an all-grown-up Lily walking into his classroom. Of all the women who turned out to be totally wrong for him, she's the only one who felt right. At least until his foolish, immature mistake drove her away.

      Lily has to admit that time has been more than kind to gorgeous, sexy Nathan. Except there's no room on her full plate for another complication. Especially with a man who broke her heart once before.

      With a little help from his friends, Nathan has a plan to rekindle the flame. It isn't long before they're burning up the sheets. Winning her heart? That's another matter.

      Product Warnings
      Hot, sexy high school teacher in denim and boots. Strong-willed females abound. Bad words and naughtiness, too. Come on, you know you want to read it.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Hidden TalentHidden Talent by Bianca D'Arc
      Genre: SciFi - Futuristic, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More, Series: StarLords
      Length: 264 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-785-6
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      Love--and passion--really does conquer all.

      StarLords, Book 1

      While on an undercover mission to gather intelligence on the neighboring collective, Micah receives the shock of his life. A shy, reclusive horse tamer who possesses a level of raw psi Talent that nearly matches his own. Along with her pure, wild Talent, her beautiful spirit and innocence rouse him to take her on a voyage of discovery to the stars...and the limits of her own, untapped passion.

      All her life, Jeri has hidden her Talent, enduring the stigma of being "odd". Once aboard the Circe, Micah and his cousin Darak, a rogue of the first order, guide her through a world where those with Talents are revered, not hunted. Where pleasure hones and strengthens psi power to undreamed-of heights. Where love is a real possibility, not a distant dream.

      When a defenseless planet is besieged by the collective's armada, the Circe races to the rescue--only to discover a missing piece of Jeri's past on the wrong side of the battle. And that combining her formidable new powers with Micah's may win the day, but cost her everything...

      Product Warnings
      This book contains scenes of ménage a trois et quatre, some exhibitionism, a bit of voyeurism, and love in space and on land.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Coyote's CreedCoyote's Creed by Vaughn R. Demont
      Genre: Urban Fantasy, GLBT, Shape-shifters, Series: Broken Mirrors
      Length: 280 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-783-2
      Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

      Always have an ace up your sleeve.

      Broken Mirrors, Book 1

      If con games were taught in high school, Spencer Crain would be on the honor roll. As it is, he'll be riding the edge of failure to graduation next month. Then Spence gets the news that his long-gone father is not only dead, but was a Coyote, one of three clans of tricksters in the City.

      With a near-catatonic mother on his hands, Spence couldn't care less about the Coyotes' ongoing feud with the Phouka and the Kitsune--until it lands on his doorstep. Suddenly he's thrown headfirst into a dangerous world he knows next-to-nothing about. His only guide is Rourke, dashing King of the Phouka, plus a growing pack of half-siblings, a god, and Fate herself.

      As Spence embarks on a journey to learn the Coyote's creed, the truth about his heritage, and how to handle his growing attraction to Rourke, he wonders when his life turned from TV sitcom to real-life danger zone. And what price must he pay to survive the next roll of the dice...

      Product Warnings
      Contains PG-13 rated violence, R-rated language and X-rated hotel scenes. Meta-humor, pop-culture humor, utter disregard for the 4th wall abound.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Unending DesireUnending Desire by Tina Donahue
      Genre: Paranormal, Red Hots!!!, Vampires, Series: Outlawed Realm
      Length: 256 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-789-4
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      His hunger for one woman will make him a traitor to his world...

      Outlawed Realm, Book 1

      From a portal in his lab on E2, one of the five dimensions of Earth, quantum physicist Nikoli Zorr gazes on everything forbidden to him. Passion. Desire. The exquisite pleasure of running his hands over the lush curves of a young woman he should have stopped watching weeks ago.

      His duty is to close the portals that keep the monsters out of E2--and never interfere with the inevitable fate of those on the other side. Yet he can't bring himself to abandon the woman who has captured his soul.

      Psychologist Regina Page is trying to keep her mind on her client, and off the mysterious, unbearable sexual cravings that consume her when she's alone in her bedroom. The next moment she's attacked by vampires, then swept into another realm by a stranger whose touch awakens that same raw desire. Whose eyes are already filled with farewell.

      Yet beneath their undeniable carnal lust, something else stirs. The beginnings of illicit love. The unexpected need to protect him. Even if it means risking body, blood and soul to defeat the merciless horde...for a future that was never meant to be.

      Product Warnings
      Contains a repressed scientist who likes to look, and the woman who delights in unleashing his inner caveman. And sex hot enough to burn a hole in all three dimensions...and maybe create a whole new one.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      One Wicked NightOne Wicked Night by Kelly Jamieson
      Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More
      Length: 240 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-788-7
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      The boys are back in town...

      Ten years ago, Kaelin Daume spent a steamy summer home from college secretly hanging out with town bad boy Tyler Wirth and his best friend Nick Kernsted. The connection was warm, complicated, and came to a crashing end when she walked in on her two forbidden friends with another woman. The shocking scene of sex and bondage has haunted her boring, oh-so-vanilla life ever since.
      The fallout from that night tore Tyler's life apart. He left Mapleglen, disowned and disgraced, to build a successful advertising career and a unique relationship with Nick. Nothing could bring him back except his sister's wedding, and he plans to hightail it back to Chicago as soon as it's over. At least one good thing hasn't changed: Kaelin is as sweet as ever. Except she doesn't seem too thrilled to hear it.

      As tensions run high, Kaelin can't resist the temptation to commit one crazy act of rebellion. Once the web of secrets, sins and lies starts to unravel, though, their lives will never be the same...

      Product Warnings
      This book contains a nice girl who gets her naughty on with two hot men. M/M/F and M/M scenes may cause an increase in body temperature, pulse rate and respiration. Read with caution! For adult use only.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Hunter of the HeartHunter of the Heart by Vanessa Jaye
      Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Series: Moon, Magic, Madness
      Length: 208 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-796-2
      Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80

      His darkest secret could be her only hope.

      Moon, Magic, Madness Book 1

      Tessa Archer is sick of sitting on the sidelines of life, but the man she's just met on her first Caribbean cruise is way out of her comfort zone. He's dazzlingly handsome, compelling...and she swears she can hear his voice in her head before he speaks.

      When Nathan Barcza touches Tessa's hand, the jolt of recognition is unmistakable--and impossible. Werewolves mate only once--for life--and his mate was murdered by the creature he hunts, a Pithcus that hides somewhere aboard this ship. This is his final chance for vengeance.

      The last thing he can afford is any distraction, but the siren call of Tessa's open heart is irresistible. It also makes her a target of the creature who's had a taste of her and wants more. To save her, Nate will have to unleash his last secret in a confrontation with no hope of survival.

      For if the Pithcus doesn't kill him, Nate's partner is under orders to finish the job...

      Product Warnings
      Contains a smoldering, sex-on-a-stick werewolf hero afraid to love again and a seriously annoyed heroine who can't figure out how she ended up as an appetizer on what feels like a raw-foods reality horror show. Includes graphic violence, explicit language, smoking-hot sex, squeeze-your-heart emotions and humor.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Wight MischiefWight Mischief by JL Merrow
      Genre: Contemporary, GLBT
      Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-803-7
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      A stranger could light up his world...or drive him deeper into darkness.

      Will Golding needs a break from his usual routine, and he's been looking forward to a holiday helping Baz, his friend-with-benefits, research a book about Isle of Wight ghosts. When an evening beach walk turns into a startling encounter with Marcus Devereux, Will can't get his mind off the notoriously reclusive writer's pale, perfect, naked body. And any interest in ghostly legends takes a back seat to the haunting secrets lying in Marcus's past.

      Marcus, painfully aware of his appearance, is accustomed to keeping to himself. But the memory of tall, athletic Will standing on the beach draws him out from behind defenses he's maintained since age fourteen, when his parents were murdered. While his heart is hungry for human contact, though, his longtime guardian warns him that talking to anyone--particularly a journalist like Baz--is as dangerous as a day in the sun.

      As Baz gets closer to the truth, the only thing adding up is the sizzling attraction between Will and Marcus. And it's becoming increasingly clear that someone wants to let sleeping secrets lie...or Will and Baz could end up added to the island's ghostly population.

      Product Warnings
      Contains perilous cliffs, elusive might-be ghosts, a secret tunnel, and skinny-dipping by moonlight.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      A Forever Kind of GuyA Forever Kind of Guy by Barbara Meyers
      Genre: Contemporary, Series: The Braddock Brotherhood
      Length: 296 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-784-9
      Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

      Is he the real deal, or just another regret waiting to happen?

      The Braddock Brotherhood, Book 2

      First on Hayley Christopher's list to get her train-wreck life back on track: stay away from men. Especially the ones who cause a ripple effect of bad decisions.
      Still reeling from a high-profile divorce, the college dropout and former pro cheerleader is stumbling through yet another challenge--temporary custody of her nephew, Fletcher. No one knows better than Hayley that she's not mother material. When she opens the door to her new landlord and old flame, she wonders just how many more past mistakes she is destined to pay for.

      After the death of his wife, Ray Braddock is still putting the pieces back together. Hayley--and the silent little boy at her side--both bristle with emotional barriers so high, it appears no one but him can see that together, three broken people just might make a whole family.

      As she watches Fletcher respond to Ray's patient care, Hayley's determination to hold on to her heart begins to soften. But just when she begins to think that Ray is one opportunity she shouldn't let slip by, Fletcher's gang-connected father threatens to make her pay for the one good choice she ever made...

      Product Warnings
      Touches on issues of death, child abandonment, neglectful parenting. Sensuous love scenes.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      LegacyLegacy by Denise Tompkins
      Genre: Shape-shifters, Vampires, Urban Fantasy, Series: The Niteclif Evolutions
      Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-787-0
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      When Fate makes you her bitch, accept it and adapt. Or die.

      The Niteclif Evolutions, Book 1

      Looking back on the wish she made on Midsummer's Eve, Maddy Niteclif should have been more specific. She only wanted to escape the shadowy nightmares that plagued her nights, not to be thrust into a completely altered reality.
      If a strangely familiar, sexy dragon-shifter named Bahlin, who causes a never-to-be-mentioned-again fainting spell, isn't enough to make her question her sanity, his insistence she's the Niteclif ought to do the job. Prophesied super-sleuth of the supernatural world--a world that desperately needs her help--isn't a job she's remotely qualified for no matter what her family tree says.

      Catapulted into a very different London ruled by dark mythology, mystery and murder, Maddy makes a few startling discoveries. Paranormal creatures exist. Getting shot really sucks. And her body responds remarkably well to dragon magic--in more ways than simple wound healing.

      But in this kill-or-be-killed world, reality bites. And Maddy must choose to go back to what she knows...or stay and fight for the man she knows she can't live without.

      Product Warnings
      This book contains a shape-shifting dragon with a Scottish accent, modern and archaic weapons, global inter-species politics that make democracy seem mild, some very steamy sex underground, a severed head, murder, and...oh yeah...a woman caught in the middle of it all.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

      The NarrowsThe Narrows by Ronald Malfi
      Genre: Horror
      Length: 304 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-61921-065-3
      Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

      The town of Stillwater has a very unwelcome resident.

      The town of Stillwater has been dying--the long and painful death of a town ravaged by floods and haunted by the ghosts of all who had lived there. Yet this most recent flood has brought something with it--a creature that nests among the good folks of Stillwater...and feeds off them. The children who haven't disappeared whisper the same word--"vampire." But they're wrong. What has come to Stillwater is something much more horrific.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Shadows in the MistShadows in the Mist by Brian Moreland
      Genre: Horror
      Length: 304 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-61921-066-0
      Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

      The truth will not stay buried.

      During World War II, Germany's Hürtgen Forest was a killing field. But there was something worse than the enemy in the mist. An ancient power was waiting to prey upon those who opposed the Third Reich.
      Jack Chambers survived the war, but even after all these years, he still has nightmares about Hürtgen--and the unholy horrors he battled there. Now he is determined to reveal the truth behind his platoon's massacre and entrusts the task to his grandson, Sean. But Sean's quest sets him in a deadly race against those who wish to bury the truth forever--and those who plan to use it to unleash hell on Earth.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      The NightcrawlerThe Nightcrawler by Mick Ridgewell
      Genre: Horror
      Length: 264 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-920-1
      Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

      Wherever you run...he's waiting for you!

      Scott Randall is a corporate VP on top of the world. To celebrate a massive new deal, he's going to drive from Detroit to LA. But before he leaves, he makes a bad mistake. He cruelly dismisses a homeless panhandler on the street. Along the road, he swears he sees the panhandler again. Then again. And again. Soon he sees the man--who calls himself the Nightcrawler--even in his dreams. No matter how frantically he tries, Scott can't escape his relentless pursuer. He thought he was going to LA. But the Nightcrawler has a very different destination in mind.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!
      Evil EternalEvil Eternal by Hunter Shea
      Genre: Horror
      Length: 216 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-919-5
      Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80

      Only one priest can battle the ultimate evil!

      An evil as ancient as time itself has arisen and taken root in New York City. Father Michael, the mysterious undead defender of the Church, answers the call to action from the Vatican, while Cain, a malevolent wraith that feeds on fear and blood, has taken the life and form of the city's mayor and readies a demonic army to ignite the apocalypse.
      With an unlikely ally, Father Michael will prepare for the grim confrontation as he grapples with his sworn duty to God and the shreds of humanity left beating in his immortal heart. The time is ripe for Cain and the fulfillment of dark prophecies. Father Michael must battle Cain and his horde of demons in a final showdown that could very well herald the end of mankind.

      Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

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