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New eBooks on SALE ~ Dec 7, 2010 releases!

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  • fibroyak
    New eBooks from Samhain! http://www.samhainpublishing.com/ Publication Date: December 7, 2010 [Brand New Me]
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      New eBooks from Samhain!


      Publication Date: December 7, 2010

      Brand New MeBrand New Me by Meg Benjamin
      Genre: Contemporary Romance

      ISBN: 978-1-60928-307-0
      Length: Novel
      Price: 5.50 SALE this week for 4.95!
      Cover art by Natalie Winters

      If any man wants more than a dance with her, they'll have to get past him...
      Konigsburg, Texas, Book 5

      Deirdre Brandenburg has an MBA and a dream to become the coffee supplier for Konigsburg's growing restaurant industry. What she doesn't have is money, courtesy of her billionaire father's scheme to make her come home. All she needs is three months until her trust fund kicks in. Until then, she needs a job.

      Hiring the new girl next door is a no-brainer for ex-gambler Tom Ames. He's already succeeded in making his bar, The Faro, a growing tourist draw. Deirdre's beauty will pull in the locals--particularly every red-blooded male in the Hill Country. As he watches her transform from tentative business wonk to confident, sassy barmaid, he realizes he wants first crack at her heart.

      When Big John Brandenburg sends Deirdre's ex-boyfriend to drag her home, the plan backfires, leaving Tom's bar in shambles and Deirdre kidnapped by a band of loony Texas secessionists.

      Things are looking pretty bleak--except the good people of Konigsburg have no intention of giving Deirdre up, either. Even if it takes every Faro employee, every last Toleffson, and one cranky iguana to give the honky-tonk lovebirds a chance at forever.

      Warning: Contains dirty dancing, hot summer sex, a honky-tonk makeover, and one nippy iguana.

      Find out more at Samhain!

      Get it this week SALE priced!
      Raising the StakesRaising the Stakes by Jess Dee
      Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!

      ISBN: 978-1-60928-261-5
      Length: Novella
      Price: 3.50 SALE this week for 3.15!
      Cover art by Scott Carpenter

      Play out the hand her way...or fold?
      Three of a Kind, Book 2

      After four years, Megan Loxley has given up waiting for her best friend, Desmond Reed, to realize she loves him. It's time to move on. When Des introduces her to his poker buddy, Alex Truman, the instantaneous sparks that flare between them signal her life is about to change forever.

      Des could kick himself. How could he have failed to notice the perfect woman was by his side all this time? Now it's too damn late. And her innocent prodding about why he's suddenly so distant is only making his hunger for her worse. Then she gets one step too close--and his self-restraint snaps.

      Stunned, bewildered, furious, Meg can't help but respond to the kisses for which she waited so long. God help her, she loves Des. And Alex, too. Immeasurably. Now what?

      It may make her the greediest woman alive, but she's determined to win the next hand-- even if she has to change the game a little. First step: state her wildly sexy proposition in a language both men will understand...and hope they'll stick around and play by her rules.

      Warning: If you're looking for a cool game of poker, you won't find it here. This novella is so hot the cards are still smoking. The heroine may be new to the game, but she knows exactly how to play her two kings.

      Find out more at Samhain!

      Get it this week SALE priced!
      Star FeverStar Fever by Kate Donovan
      Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic

      ISBN: 978-1-60928-272-1
      Length: Category
      Price: 4.50 SALE this week for 4.05!
      Cover art by Kanaxa

      Biology fueled her desires. Then chemistry took over...
      Fever, Book 2

      When Mar-Tessa's lust fever strikes right on schedule, she's proud, thrilled...and unexpectedly allergic to the presence of Zentarin males. The horrifying cause: she's half Cortierran, a fact her powerful grandfather hid from her. The distasteful cure: exposure to a Cortierran male. After all, when given the choice, what Zentress would choose a Cortierran over a Zentarr?

      Self-image wavering, she prepares to meet the "antidote". But she doesn't expect the remedy to set her body on fire.

      No offworlder has ever set foot on Zentarus, let alone trained with the best pilots in the galaxy. Captain Ryandrus Brill is so pumped he doesn't even notice their disdain. When a sexy vixen in red approaches him, he unexpectedly finds himself promising anything to get into her bed--even if the temptress reminds him of an old Cortierran myth about a woman who lures warriors to their deaths.

      Even after the Zentarins turn on him and throw him on an outbound ship, his body hungers for the bond he feels down to his bones. He is sure she felt it too. And he intends to battle his way across the galaxy, if necessary, to find his mate.

      Warning: This book extols the virtues of lust-bonding, an activity that is illegal in three galaxies.

      Find out more at Samhain!

      Get it this week SALE priced!
      Passions RecalledPassions Recalled by Loribelle Hunt
      Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!

      ISBN: 978-1-60928-303-2
      Length: Novella
      Price: 3.50 SALE this week for 3.15!
      Cover art by Kanaxa

      She ran straight into love's arms...and he isn't letting her go a second time.
      Forbidden Passions, Book 2

      When his mate and his father died in a freak accident, Jason Leonidas left home and became a park ranger in the Florida Panhandle. The distance and solitude suit him. After all, the less he cares, the less he hurts.

      As a hurricane bears down on the coast, he races to secure and evacuate the park before conditions worsen. Just as that point of no return passes he discovers an injured and unconscious visitor. Celeste Lykaios, his mate...who died over a year ago.

      Truth has turned Celeste's world upside down. Not only did her family lie to Jason about her survival, they lied to her about his abandonment. And the new boyfriend she'd trusted is trying to kill her. Her only hope was to race into the teeth of the storm to find Jason. She almost made it.

      As she and Jason unravel the betrayal that split them apart, the ragged strands reconnect, forming a fragile hope that their love can be salvaged. Out in the storm, the killer waits for a chance to make Celeste the stunning finale in a plan to overthrow the Lycan alpha...

      This book has been previously published and has been revised from its previous release.

      Warning: This book contains smokin' makeup sex, a hot leopard shifter, a deadly hurricane, and one deranged killer.

      Find out more at Samhain!

      Get it this week SALE priced!
      Not Knowing JackNot Knowing Jack by K. A. Mitchell
      Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Red Hots!

      ISBN: 978-1-60928-275-2
      Length: Novel
      Price: 5.50 SALE this week for 4.95!
      Cover art by Valerie Tibbs

      When your lover becomes a stranger, trust is the weakest link of all.
      Bartender Tony Gemetti has it all: a rich, hot boyfriend, a McMansion in the 'burbs and unlimited sex in an expectation-free zone. He thought that was all he ever wanted out of any relationship--until Jack begins making excuses for frequent disappearances. Realizing he has more than his libido and enough drawers for his T-shirt collection riding on this relationship, Tony figures it's time to find out what's going on.

      Jack Noble has spent his life hiding his real self behind a carefully created image. With Tony, he finally knows real freedom, real happiness. Now a past of buried secrets and lies is closing in, and no matter how hard he tries to stop it, the truth is tearing through. Once Tony learns what kind of man Jack really is, he won't stay. Jack's sure of it.

      Suddenly the past shows up in a completely unexpected way, testing the boundaries of their old, coasting-along-on-fun relationship. Tony indeed finds that Jack isn't the man he went looking for, but it's too late. There's too much at stake to just walk away. First, though, he has to make sure there are no lies left for Jack to hide behind.

      Warning: Readers should be free of any heart condition that may be affected by a hero with an overactive imagination, painful back stories, and hot sex in a variety of athletic positions. Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for any sudden or frequent urges to have children with Tony Gemetti.

      Find out more at Samhain!

      Get it this week SALE priced!


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