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NEW Contemporary and Paranormal Romances on SALE!

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  • fibroyak
    eBooks - New from Samhain! http://www.samhainpublishing.com/ Look for eBook release week discounts at MBaM!
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      eBooks - New from Samhain!
      Look for eBook release week discounts at MBaM!
      (Make sure you click on 'view all' so you don't miss any!)


      Publication Date: January 5, 2010

      Rough Cut Rough Cut by Mari Carr
      Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!

      ISBN: 978-1-60504-872-7
      Length: Novella
      Price: 3.50 Get it on SALE today for 3.15!
      Cover art by Tuesday Dube

      When the screen fades to black, all that remains is love.
      Ty Ransome. Reigning king of Hollywood, producer, actor, Look Magazine's Hottest Man Alive. He has it all--until he reads a book of short stories that touches him in places kept carefully hidden from the tabloid gossip mill. There's only one way to meet the introverted writer--invite her to Tinseltown to work on a script. The moment he sees her, he realizes why her work haunts him. There's something missing in his life, and it's her.

      Gwen steps off the plane with reservations. For one thing, her darkly sexual stories are hardly movie material. Then there's Ty's reputation as a ladies' man. Yet she's won over by his charm and agrees to stay on for a week to get to know him before making her decision. And as the days go by, she discovers there's far more to Ty than a handsome face.

      They eat, drink and breathe the characters in their screenplay, re-enacting scenes that delve into the BDSM realm, setting Ty free to unleash his powerful cravings and exposing Gwen's deepest needs. Needs she set free on paper...but is not sure she's ready to make a reality.

      Warning: This title contains all the following Tinseltown essentials: explicit sex on a movie set, anal play in a mansion, BDSM with a hot movie star, capture fantasies while writing a screenplay, bondage in a limo, and, oh yeah, some graphic language--sorry about that.

      Read an excerpt or BUY by clicking on the book cover!
      Shifters' CaptiveShifters' Captive by Bonnie Dee
      Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!

      ISBN: 978-1-60504-873-4
      Length: Novel
      Price: 5.50 Get it on SALE today for 4.95!
      Cover art by Natalie Winters

      Animal attraction is the essence of their power...
      Magical Ménages, Book 1

      Waitress Sherrie Stolz never thought she'd need her chatting-up skills to play along with a hot, sexy kidnapper who rants about were-animals and psychic possession. Then he proves his story by changing into a wolf before her eyes.

      Human contact never interested John Walker, but his mission is desperate. The pack seer insists Sherrie is the only one who can save his people from a rash of mysterious comas. His connection with Sherrie is instant, powerful and beyond rational explanation.
      And then a third piece of the puzzle enters the picture.

      Grant Perron follows his instincts only to find his prize in the hands of his rival. He's poised for battle--until he learns his panther shifter clan suffers the same fate as John's pack. But there's more. When the three of them touch, the primal, erotic power surge swells like the waves of an earthquake.

      Sherrie's hands--and bed--are suddenly full, figuring out how to manage two snarling alpha males without giving in to the urge to knock their heads together. And channel her new-found power before a villain uses it to destroy them all...

      Warning: Contains abduction, m/f/m ménage, oral & anal sex, rough sex, wilderness sex, astral projection sex and plain old sex in the bedroom--times three.

      Read an excerpt or BUY by clicking on the book cover!
      Breaking DaylightBreaking Daylight by M. J. Fredrick
      Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

      ISBN: 978-1-60504-869-7
      Length: Novel
      Price: 5.50 Get it on SALE today for 4.95!
      Cover art by Angie Waters

      Touching her crosses the line...and shoots his code of honor all to hell.
      Sergeant Alex Shepard is all about getting the job done. That single-minded purpose helps him forget the fact he hates the jungle as he leads his Special Forces team in search of Honduran drug lord Santiago Saldana. His quarry eludes him, but the woman left behind in the compound is the next best thing. Saldana's mistress--an American woman who clearly puts her own pleasure over right and wrong.

      Isabella Canales has been Saldana's prisoner for four long years. Worse, he's taken away her most precious possession. Except Alex doesn't believe a word of it. The clock is ticking, and she's frantic to do anything to convince him to take her home. Even agree to serve as bait to draw Saldana out.

      As they push through the tangled jungle dodging bullets and ambushes, Alex fights his growing respect for Isabella's determination--and an attraction that's impossible to resist, whatever she's done. But Saldana never lets go of what's his. And betrayal is his deadliest weapon...

      Warning: An arrogant hero who meets his match in a sexy heroine who makes him look past her face and into his soul. Gunfights and explosions (in and out of the bedroom).

      Read an excerpt or BUY by clicking on the book cover!
      Enemy MineEnemy Mine by Barbara J. Hancock
      Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!

      ISBN: 978-1-60504-871-0
      Length: Short Story
      Price: 2.50 Get it on SALE today for 2.25!
      Cover art by Amanda Kelsey

      Risking everything for the one woman bold enough to betray him.
      Julia Rierdon attacks life with everything she's got, taking the missions no one else will touch. Refusing to slow down long enough to embrace anything or anyone else. When her plane goes down in the Smoky Mountains, being injured and alone with a dangerous shifter chained at her side is bad enough. Fighting her bone-deep desire is a challenge she could fail.

      Ross Walker knew Julie was dangerous the minute she walked into his casino. She exactly matches the image of his destined mate imprinted on his dreams. One moment of distraction and he's on his way to prison--putting at risk the future of the Cherokee Ani'Kutani, an ancient clan of shape shifters.

      He ought to make a break for freedom. Instead he stays to heal her wounds. Giving in to their wild, undeniable passion, Ross prays their mystical connection will help Julia see beyond what she's always believed about shifters and see the forever in his dreams.

      Warning: This book contains a kick-ass heroine who has faced death and come out on the other side ready for anything and everything. It also contains a sexy cougar shape shifter who's man enough to give her more than she's bargained for...again and again.

      Read an excerpt or BUY by clicking on the book cover!


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