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January 2006 Monthly Newsletter

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      For a graphical version of this newsletter, please visit:



      Can you tell we're excited?

      In celebration, Samhain Publishing would like to offer you a small
      thank you for supporting us while we prepared for this day. At the
      bottom of this newsletter you'll find a coupon for our books at My
      Bookstore and More, Ltd. You'll receive 5% off your purchase of all
      four releases. Just plug in the code when checking out! The coupon
      is good the entire month of January.

      Samhain Publishing is dedicated to making available to you books
      that tell great stories--no matter what the genre or rating. In the
      coming months, you'll find plenty of romance, but also mainstream
      genres like science fiction, women's fiction, mysteries, horror, and
      more. All will be in varying degrees of spiciness.

      Instead of using a rating system, which is generally only used for
      sexual content, a warning may be placed at the bottom of each
      title's blurb, letting the reader know of some of the content, in
      case they find any to be objectionable. We want everyone to enjoy
      their reading experience! Please let us know if we didn't warn you
      of something we should have by writing to


      Christina M. Brashear, Publisher
      Samhain Publishing, Ltd.


      Note about creating your account in My Bookstore and More.

      The shopping cart requires you to set up an account to make a
      purchase. Please let me assure you that at no time will your
      information ever, ever be sold, lent or given away. Our customers
      are very valuable to us, and without your trust you won't be our
      customer! Please be at ease in entering your information. You will
      not be spammed, receive junk mail or unsolicited phone calls--yes,
      it does ask for a phone number, which is needed for tangible items
      requiring shipping should there be an issue with delivery.

      My Bookstore and More has all sorts of options to make your shopping
      experience "your" shopping experience. Want to know when a certain
      product is released? Set up your account, then click on "My Account"
      to edit your settings. Once there, click on "View or change my
      product notification list". If you would like to be notified of all
      new items--books included--being offered, click on Global Product
      Notifications. There are plenty of other options available. Have fun
      and make My Bookstore and More "your bookstore and more".


      My Bookstore and More shopping tips!

      My Bookstore and More has several exciting options for the reader,
      we hope you find them to be useful.

      New releases from Samhain will always appear in a box on the left
      side of the screen called Featured Products. This is the fastest way
      to view that month's--or week's--releases at once.

      The list of categories will also show the number of new items added.
      When you click on Books, it expands to show you the sub-categories.
      Romance, under Books, also will expand. You'll be able to tell which
      categories expand by the carrot > that follows the name. Each
      subsequent category will show you how many new items have been
      added. Be aware, if a book crosses genres it will appear in each,
      and the cart will not know it isn't a separate product and count it
      as one. It's going to appear we are opening with eight books when
      there are really four.

      When you click on a product, there will be several options on the

      Reviews: You, the reader, can post a review about the book you just
      read or product you bought. Please be kind. :) The reviews are
      vetted for language and flaming prior to being released for public
      viewing. No flaming, please! Just honest opinions.

      Notifications: Now you have the option to be notified if something
      about this product is changed, like maybe a new format has been

      Tell A Friend: Want to tell a friend about this product? Send them
      an email with the link easily with this option!

      Here's a cool one. Live in the UK? Oz? Canada? And want to see the
      prices in your currency? Choose your country from the dropdown menu
      on the left: Currencies.


      Our first month's releases are:

      Stud Finders Incorporated by Alexis Fleming
      ISBN: 1-59998-002-9
      Length: Category
      Price: 4.50
      Genre: Romance/Contemporary

      A few words from Alexis:

      "I am living proof that authors are made, not born. We are made by
      desire and molded by our experiences.

      I had been writing a while when my husband and I decided to take on
      running a motel. I expected a few surprises, but built-in
      inspiration in the form of half-dressed or naked men never crossed
      my mind. Adventures in reawakening the libido began with the chap
      who asked me to bring him fresh linen while he was still in bed. I
      was a serious writer, damn it. Didn't he know that? I was somebody's
      grandmother, someone's sweet friend--I wasn't accustomed to finding
      strange men wearing nothing but a grin, half-sitting, half-lying on
      my sheets and showing me his...short-comings.

      Then there were the Aussie Navy & Air Force boys who liked nothing
      better than to drink with their mates, then run naked out to the
      pool. Follow them up with the septuagenarians and octogenarians who
      arrived in bus tours. They thrived on their independence--they
      insisted on carrying not only their own breakfast trays up and down
      stairs, walking sticks and all, but those of other customers who
      remained in their rooms. Most of them also had a rather bawdy sense
      of humor, further fueling my imagination.

      There was the one old dear who took exception to the bookmarks I
      left in Reception. She turned me in for running a house of ill
      repute and serving up pornography with the bacon and eggs. The
      delicious looking police officer who came to investigate thought
      differently and even inquired about my writing once he quit laughing.

      By then, my head was swimming with potential characters for my
      books, and this serious writer soon found herself incapable of
      excluding humor and sex and colorful individuals from her stories.
      Writing about two people finding each other and getting it together
      became much, much more. Now I wanted to give them families and
      strange quirks, goals and ideals, passion and hope.

      Add to the mix a sexy-sounding FBI investigator from the United
      States who nailed a Russian internet extortionist who threatened me,
      and all of my senses were throbbing for release. Obviously, the
      safest way I could express myself was through my writing.

      Now no one is safe from me¡Xthey¡¦re all characters waiting to be
      released, free to be themselves and cause all the mayhem and madness
      they wish. As long as I don't have to feed them breakfast or change
      their sheets, they're welcome to stay. I hope my readers enjoy
      hearing about them as much as I enjoy creating them."

      ~ Alexis Fleming

      What the Reviewers think:

      Blue Ribbon Rating 4.5! "Stud Finders Incorporated is a feel good
      story that readers will enjoy from beginning to end... Alexis
      Fleming does an amazing job with this story and the characters. Each
      one of them is memorable, including the ex-husband. This is a
      delightful story I'd highly recommend." ~ Chrissy Dionne, Romance

      "Stud Finders Incorporated by Alexis Fleming is a delicious story
      about two lovable people on the rebound who want to make changes in
      their lives...I'm definitely going to enjoy reading this story again
      and again. It's a pleasure to see characters who were once in bad
      relationships find happiness, which reinforces the belief that
      there's really someone out there for everyone. Grab Stud Finders
      Incorporated and have delicious handyman dreams!" ~ Gene King,
      Joyfully Reviewed


      Nauti Buoy by Lora Leigh
      ISBN: 1-59998-000-2
      Length: Novel
      Price: $5.50
      Genre: Romance/Contemporary

      A few words from Lora:

      "Writing Rowdy was an interesting experience. I finished the book on
      the sharing aspect, but when edits came through, I couldn't complete
      them. He kept stalling. He wouldn't connect. Until finally he
      slapped me upside the head with one of his totally Male decisions
      and I was then under pressure to do a major revision. I have to say,
      he turned out to be one of the most unique characters I've written."

      ~ Lora Leigh

      What the Reviews think:
      4 Tattoos! "Nauti Buoy takes readers on an emotional roller coaster
      ride and keeps them on the edge of their seats...Ms. Leigh has a way
      of creating stories that readers love and come back to read again
      and again. This is only the first book in her new series and I
      can't wait to see what the next book will bring." ~ Lady Angelique,
      Erotic Escapades

      "If this is the beginning of the Nauti Series, then I can only hope
      that the rest of the trilogy will be as awesome as this first
      offering. Nauti Buoy is sinfully erotic, without losing emotional
      intensity or the happy ending that is so important to wonderfully-
      written erotic romance. Add to this a finely executed stalker
      mystery, and with Nauti Buoy Lora Leigh proves, once again, why she
      is a must-read author whose books I choose simply because her name
      is on the cover." ~ Melissa, Joyfully Reviewed

      4.5! "...deliciously wicked new series for Lora Leigh¡KMs. Leigh
      does an awesome job keeping the reader from discovering the identity
      of the stalker until the very end...Wonderful job, Ms. Leigh. As
      with all Lora Leigh books I've read, this one is definitely a
      keeper!" ~ Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies


      Loup Garou by Mandy M. Roth
      ISBN: 1-59998-003-7
      Length: Novel
      Price: $5.50
      Genre: Romance/Dark Paranormal

      A few words from Mandy:

      "In junior high, I went through a rather odd phase of obsession with
      big hair bands. I remember covering my walls with posters of them
      and my stepfather asking why I had ugly women on the walls. Even
      though he didn't understand who and what they were, I did and adored
      them all for it. Though my tastes have matured a bit I still find
      myself drawn to any kind of rocker. There is something sexy about a
      man holding a guitar, up on a stage, in front of millions. Each song
      they sing seems tailor made for you and for a brief moment, you
      connect with it. I now realize I will never marry the lead singer of
      Poison (no comments) but I can offer what I think many women
      fantasize about--obtaining the unobtainable and living life to the

      Exavier was born from my love of so many rock gods that I couldn¡¦t
      even begin to count them all and Lindsay is a combination of so many
      women in my life that she is the 'ultimate friend.' I wanted her
      insecurities and the issues she's dealt with in her life to mirror
      what I believe many of us go through. Life is not always sunshine
      and roses, nor is it all doom and gloom. I think those of us who
      truly live happy lives do so by learning from our mistakes, taking
      what fate hands us and making the best of it and by seizing the
      moment when it is presented to us. I can only hope you enjoy Exavier
      and Lindsay's story as much as I enjoyed telling it."

      ~ Mandy M. Roth

      What the Reviewers think:

      5 Angels! Fallen Angels Recommended Read! "Mandy M Roth is an
      imaginative and brilliant author that readers will line up to read
      each and every story by her. This story has definitely earned its
      place in my permanent bookcase. For Mandy M Roth and Loup Garou, I
      am giving the best rating that I can: this story and author have
      truly earned 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!" ~ Jessica, Fallen
      Angels Reviews

      "Loup Garou had me captivated from the first page. It is action
      packed and full of emotion. The story is clever, witty, hip and
      sexy...My fingers are crossed in the hopes that Ms. Roth will be
      sharing more of this story. I would love to read about the
      surrounding characters as well. It's a great book, I was thoroughly
      entertained!" ~ Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed


      Forever Again by Shannon Stacey
      ISBN: 1-59998-001-0
      Length: Category
      Price: $4.50
      Genre: Romance/Contemporary

      A few words from Shannon:

      "It seems fitting to me that Forever Again has found a home with
      Samhain Publishing--a publisher dedicated to bringing readers a
      diverse range of books--because it's a story that illustrated to me
      my own diversity as a writer. For me, writing a book with no comedy,
      sex or dead people, but rather a book filled with intense emotions
      was a challenge, and one I'm very glad I embraced.

      Those familiar with my writing may be surprised by the departure
      that Forever Again seems, but in fact it's probably the book which
      most closely reflects me as a person. I live in a quiet, small New
      England town filled with beautiful inns, fall foliage, piano
      recitals and families arguing over mushrooms at the local pizza
      place. And Gena is probably the heroine closest to my heart. She
      lives her life quietly, working hard and trying to do the best she
      knows how--until Travis comes along again.

      The emotions of betrayal, of parents toward a child, and most
      especially of love are poignant ones, and I hope Forever Again will
      touch your heart as it has mine."

      ~ Shannon Stacey

      What the Reviewers think:

      "Forever Again captured me from the first chapter and held me to the
      last...In my opinion Shannon Stacey knocked it out of the park with
      Forever Again! When a story sucks me in so deeply that I get
      involved as though it were happening to me, the author has done
      their job in writing an excellent story...Get Forever Again today.
      You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll yell, and at the end you'll be
      satisfied!" ~ Dee Valentine, Joyfully Reviewed


      Are you an author interested in submitting?

      We welcome submissions from both new and established authors. Visit
      our submissions page for details on how! We are open to all genres
      of fiction and non-fiction works.


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      This coupon is valid January 3 through 31.

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