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New in Print and New MBaM! July 29th, 2008 releases

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  • Dorine
    NEW IN PRINT FROM SAMHAIN - JULY 29, 2008 To See ALL Samhain Print Books Click Here: http://www.samhainpublishing.com/print
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      To See ALL Samhain Print Books
      Click Here: http://www.samhainpublishing.com/print 

      Available at MBaM: http://www.mybookstoreandmore.com/ 
      Also available in person at your favorite book store.
      (see individual book links below for several online buying options)
      MyBookStoreAndMore.com is celebrating a brand new site with all kinds of exciting features! If you access the Samhain links below and have any trouble accessing a book buy link to MBaM, try refreshing your screen first, then try the button link again. MBaM has a wonderful search feature now, so you can go directly there to find anything you want to purchase online.

      Thank you for your patience as all the links are updated at Samhain for the new links at MBaM. As always, the staff at Samhain and MBaM appreciate your business and will help you with any problems if you contact support at either site.

      New Anthologies in Print

      Deep Waters PRINTDeep Waters PRINT Anthology
      Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
      ISBN: 978-1-59998-299-1
      Price: $12.50
      Length: 232 Pages
      Cover art by Scott Carpenter
      Authors Rosemary Laurey and J. C. Wilder

      "After the Rain" by J.C. Wilder

      Li leaves her village after her family's betrayal and seeks to create a new life for herself. She accepts a job at Graystone House as the keeper of the Evil Ones--hundreds of stone gargoyles that fill a chamber from top to bottom and rumored to be the victims of the infamous Lady of Maragorn.

      Li only knows that the job fills her with dread, especially when she has to deal with one statue in particular, that of Nikolaz of Riverhaven.

      "The Shattered Stone" by Rosemary Laurey

      Tragedy, violence and treachery and a chance encounter that leads to love and the resolution of an ancient dispute.

      After her parents die of the Gray Plague, Alys flees the only home she's ever known. She sets off to find her mother's kin in the far Western Lands. On the way she meets the Monarch's envoy, Ranald ven Strad. The chance meeting leads to danger and an astounding discovery.

      This book has been previously published. It is also available as an eBook under the title Paradox III

      Warning, this title contains explicit sex.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

      New in Print by Author Name

      Brazen PRINTBrazen PRINT by Maya Banks
      Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
      ISBN: 978-1-59998-814-6
      Length: 264 Pages
      Price: 14.00
      Cover art by Anne Cain

      One woman's campaign to win the hearts of the two men she loves.
      Jasmine left the Sweetwater Ranch and the Morgan brothers, no longer able to bear the painful dilemma of loving them both. After a year away, in which she gains new perspective, she returns home with one goal. To make Seth and Zane Morgan hers.

      Jaz may have left an innocent girl, but she's returned a beautiful, sensual woman. Seth and Zane aren't prepared for the full on assault she launches and each battle an attraction they've fought for years.

      She wants them both, but Seth has no intention of sharing his woman. It's up to her to change his mind because she can't and won't choose between two men she loves with equal passion. For her, it's all or nothing.

      Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trois, handcuffs, a committed ménage relationship.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      Carnal Deceptions PRINTCarnal Deceptions PRINT by Scottie Barret
      Genre: Historical Romance, Red Hots!
      ISBN: 978-1-59998-815-3
      Length: 232 Pages
      Price: 12.50
      Cover art by Scott Carpenter

      Tess Starling is willing to risk everything -- and offer anything -- to avenge her father's death.
      Upon leaving her father's gravesite, Tess spies creditors confiscating the finery of her first London Season. But her gowns will do little to satisfy her father's debts. Fleet Prison awaits her. Tess dons a homely disguise, cloaking herself in mourning weeds. She is determined to evade the authorities until she brings to justice the swindler who ruined her father.

      Resolute in her quest, she will transform anew, reinventing herself as a temptress to seduce the villain. She only wants for hands-on training, but the man who volunteers proves too much of a distraction. Everything about Tallon Hawkes, the Earl of Marcliffe, fascinates, including the battle scars marking his body. A motivated pupil, Tess yields eagerly to his sexual demands.

      Long before he discovers the sensuous female beneath the layers of black crepe…long before he discovers the brilliant copper-colored tresses hidden by the ratty wig…long before he tastes the sweetness of her skin, Tallon Hawkes' heart has been hooked. Tallon plays along with Tess's scheme, but he is distrustful and jealous of her obsession with their shared enemy. Tallon is determined to bring her dangerous game to an end. But will his arrogant maneuver lose him any chance with Tess?

      This book was previously published, but has been substantially revised and re-edited for Samhain Publishing.

      Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language, explicit sex, light spanking, anal sex.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      Magic and the Pagan PRINT

      Magic and the Pagan PRINT by Shayne Carmichael and Mychael Black

      Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Red Hots!
      ISBN: 1-59998-820-8
      Length: 232 Pages
      Price: 12.50
      Cover art by Anne Cain

      Enter into a world of magic, lust, love and betrayal.

      Evan Bartholomew lives life as a gay pagan with a deep interest in magic. Not wise choices in the small town he resides in. When he comes across a book of magic in an old bookstore, he fantasizes about the portrait of a man within its pages.

      The first time Evan attempts one of the spells in the book, he finds himself in a world he never knew existed, completely clueless. A world of demons, magic, a queen who wants to kill him, a king who lusts after him, and the man of his fantasies, Aidan Loriel.

      Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence, hot gay men, a few elves, a demon, and a determined king. Oh, and magic thrown in for good measure.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      Craving Kismet PRINT

      Craving Kismet PRINT by Jamie Craig
      Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
      ISBN: 978-1-59998-816-0
      Length: 232 Pages
      Price: 12.50
      Cover art by Anne Cain

      Jenny Rohm thinks she has it all--a job she loves, an engagement to her high school sweetheart, a future bright with promise. Then she meets attorney Ashley Edwards and discovers desire doesn't care how settled your life might be.

      It starts with a single fantasy. His. Hers. One leads to two, two leads to three, three leads to more. Fantasizing about his wicked mouth or her sinful curves doesn't satisfy either of them for long, though. The more she gets to know him, the harder Jenny finds it to deny the truths Ashley insists on exposing.

      The question remains. Is it worth risking everything she has to quench the cravings? Not even Ashley can answer to that. When it comes to what she wants, only Jenny can make the choice.

      Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, anal sex, mild bondage.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

      Perfecting Amanda PRINTPerfecting Amanda PRINT by Bonnie Dee
      Genre: Historical Romance, Western Romance
      ISBN: 1-59998-822-4
      Length: 256 Pages
      Price: 13.50
      Cover art by Vanessa Hawthorne

      One woman, two men--the choice of a lifetime and the chance for a perfect future.
      When Amanda McCormick heads west as to create a home of her own and begin a "perfect" marriage with a man she's never met, gambler Spencer Teague intercepts her. Pretending to be her fiancé, he tricks her into surrendering her virginity.

      Amanda hides the misguided affair and forges a relationship with her young husband, Travis. But her secret haunts her when she learns she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Spencer is haunted by visions of a little girl who demands he find and help Amanda.

      Their lives entwine as the three come together in an unexpected relationship that touches--and tortures--them all. Amanda questions whether perfection is attainable and if it's possible to love two very different kinds of men.

      Warnings: Explicit sex

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      Ask Adam PRINTAsk Adam PRINT by Jess Dee
      Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
      ISBN: 978-1-59998-813-9
      Length: 232 Pages
      Price: 12.50
      Cover art by Scott Carpenter

      Can one wild night of passion turn into the romance of a lifetime?
      Lexi Tanner's got a major problem: AJ Riley, the man she's about to approach for a hefty donation, turns out to be the stranger she shared a night of steamy sex with less than a week past. She'll do anything to raise money for a children's charity--anything except sell herself. Now how can she ask AJ for money without it seeming like he's paying for sexual favors?

      If there's one thing the past has taught Adam "AJ" Riley, it's that loving someone can only lead to pain. He knows he shouldn't feel so attracted to Lexi, and he definitely shouldn't trust a woman who'd sleep with a man one week and approach him for money the next. Yet somehow Lexi breaks through all his barriers. His instincts tell him to run but his heart wants to give Lexi--and love--a second chance. How can he let go of his tragic past and still protect his battered heart?

      Warning, this title contains the following: steamy sex, graphic language and red-hot romance.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      Dark Waters PRINTDark Waters PRINT by Gabriella Hewitt
      Genre: Romantic Suspense
      ISBN: 978-1-59998-817-7
      Length: 224 Pages
      Price: 12.00
      Cover art by Vanessa Hawthorne

      A predator stalks paradise and she's next.


      The ICE Files

      On a tropical isle, Frankie Montalvo discovers roots to a past she never knew. Tales of witchcraft, missing girls and el chupacabra surround her, but it will take more than superstitions to scare her away. Determined to create her own home, she enlists the help of an enigmatic beach bum.

      She doesn't want to fall for a drifter who will probably break her heart and move on, but when both she and her home are attacked, it's in Rico's arms that she finds safety and protection. All she's ever wanted was to settle down and live life on her own terms, but someone has other plans and Frankie must decide--is Rico her lover or her enemy?

      Special Agent Rico Lopez has been to the depths of hell and back. He returns to his native island of Vieques to forget an ICE mission gone wrong only to find himself caught up in the search for a neighbor's daughter--a victim of the legendary el chupacabra. Paradise has a predator and all leads point to a dilapidated old plantation and its sexy as sin owner. Lying to Frankie is the only way to do his job, but is he protecting her or himself?

      As the net around them tightens and their lives are put on the line, he'll learn the greatest danger he's ever faced is the risk of losing his heart.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

      Snowbound PRINTSnowbound PRINT by Larissa Ione
      Genre: Contemporary Romance
      ISBN: 1-59998-823-2
      Length: 232 Pages
      Price: 12.50
      Cover art by Dawn Seewer

      Passion hot enough to melt the slopes…and their hearts.
      Thanks to a devastating medical diagnosis, ski patroller Sean Trenton has endured two years of celibacy. Two long years that have chipped away at his confidence. Now, with the career opportunity of a lifetime on the line, he's ready to remedy the celibacy situation, and sexy snowbunny Robyn Montgomery is just what the doctor ordered.

      Unfortunately, the last thing reliable, intense radio station manager Robyn Montgomery wants in her suddenly turbulent professional and personal life is a thrill-seeking former Olympic skier--even if he is a total hottie. She's had it with guys who hog the spotlight and leave her in the shadows. So why is it that even an icy blizzard can't temper the combustible heat between them?

      Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      Undying Passions PRINTUndying Passions PRINT by Amy Mistretta
      Genre: Romantic Suspense
      ISBN: 1-59998-824-0
      Length: 200 Pages
      Price: 11.50
      Cover art by Scott Carpenter

      He's the one who broke her heart. And the only man who can keep her safe.
      Ten years after their teen romance ended in betrayal, Tess Fenmore and Johnny Sawyer are forced to confront their past when a stalker threatens her safety.

      Years ago, Johnny married Tess's best friend and broke her heart. Now a cop--and a widower carrying a load of guilt despite his wife's cheating ways--Johnny realizes he never really stopped loving Tess. He's determined to protect her, whether she wants him around or not.

      The fiercely independent Tess is forced to accept Johnny's protection. Rekindled passion flares every time they are together, but past betrayals, regrets and doubt tear at their emotions. Little by little, they discover the truth about their past, about who really betrayed whom.

      And who is the stalker's real target.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      Modus Vivendi PRINTModus Vivendi PRINT by Emery Sanborne
      Genre: Historical Romance, Red Hots!
      ISBN: 1-59998-821-6
      Length: 232 Pages
      Price: 12.50
      Cover art by Dawn Seewer

      Can a friendship of three survive the trials of love and war?
      Book One in The Affairs of Morton's Pointe series.

      Aidan Morrison, Virgil Craig and Drea Samuels have rarely been separated during their decade-long friendship. While war rages in Europe in the summer of 1917, two young men prepare to face the unknown. Leaving the girl they grew up with drives one man to propose to Drea and the other to seduce her. To complicate matters, the men share a secret relationship of their own.

      Life on the home front is no less perilous than the front lines as Drea must face a personal tragedy alone while her friends try to survive the brutalities of war.

      After more than a year away, first Aidan and then Virgil return. Their unresolved issues reemerge and long-kept secrets are revealed. Can Aidan, Virgil and Drea find a way through the confusion, misunderstanding and undeniable attraction each of them feels for the others? Or will they have to accept that the ties they formed as children are not meant to last into adulthood?

      Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex involving M/F/M in all permutations.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      The Strength of the Wolf PRINTThe Strength of the Wolf PRINT by Jorrie Spencer
      Genre: Paranormal Romance
      ISBN: 1-59998-660-4
      Length: 256 Pages
      Price: 13.50
      Cover art by Dawn Seewer

      For longer than she can remember, Veronica has been wolf. Dreams give her a name and the image of a brother. Memory gives her nothing and no one.
      Book Two of the Strength series.

      One late winter day, David Hardway saves a malnourished wolf from a trap and takes her in. During her time with David, the wolf finds in herself the desire to be human again.

      David loves the wolf he saved, but dislikes the strange woman who asks for his help. Still, he is incapable of turning away someone in need and despite himself, David becomes intrigued. As Veronica strives to remember why she abandoned humanity for wolfdom, David becomes determined to save her from her violent past.

      But others are in danger and Veronica will have to act to protect her newfound pack.

      Warning: This title contains explicit sex.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here
      His Ordinary Life PRINTHis Ordinary Life PRINT by Linda Winfree
      Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
      ISBN: 1-59998-818-6
      Length: 248 Pages
      Price: 13.00
      Cover art by Scott Carpenter

      Reunited by their teenage son's possible involvement in a murder…old passions and new needs are destined to explode.
      Book Two of the Hearts of the South series.

      Del Calvert has spent his life in quiet desperation, trying to meet everyone's expectations and feeling like he never quite measured up. From his teens, Barb was everything he wanted and needed, but knowing he wasn't enough for her drove him out of the marriage.

      Barbara Calvert is afraid to need anyone--especially the soon-to-be ex-husband she still loves. She's reluctant to fall under his seductive spell of love and security once more.

      But when their son's secrets threaten his life, everything changes. Del must help his son as unseen and threatening forces move ever closer, putting the entire family at risk. And along the way, he hopes to convince Barbara to give him one more chance to win back the wonderful, ordinary life he didn't appreciate until it was gone.

      Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex.

      Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

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