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Just wanted to say hi

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  • Joel Janowski
    Oi! I just wanted to say that I just joined this group. I have had fish tanks since the 60 , ooops, I m giving up my age. In the 60 s I like other kids was
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007

      I just wanted to say that I just joined this group.

      I have had fish tanks since the 60', ooops, I'm giving up my age. In
      the 60's I like other
      'kids' was going to breed the 'perfect' guppy, well I was a teenager
      then so I was allowed
      to be dumb then, Ha!

      About 10 years ago I saw that there were female bettas for sale so I got
      into fish again
      after about 30 years, MY! have things changed. Nitrogen cycles,
      bacteria, a long time
      ago we just kept buying fish till they stopped dying.

      I have been in reefing for about 7 years now, and the 'learning curve'
      was shorter then
      when I started fresh again, but there is a curve isn't there.

      As with all reef tanks, I had a crash, 4 days without electricity was a
      big blow to my
      tanks, but they have recovered 'mostly'.

      I have a 75 gal reef, with Damsels [or as I put it to my friends an
      'evil' tank]; 2-25 old
      Petsmart top angle tanks connected together mostly with Gorgoinans sp?
      and leather
      coral; and a 29 gal and 25 Pet smart tank connected with out the benefit
      of light,
      whatever comes in through the window is it. The last tank has mostly
      tube anemones,
      Tubastrea and sponges so no light is needed. What is odd is that I feed
      that tank way
      too much, and the tank is right in front of a south window and no algae
      grows at all, so
      when people say you can't do it I show them pix and say 'yes you can'.

      ANYHOO Just wanted to say hi and sea what happens here.

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