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  • Juliet Jones
    Here are the stars for today;     Pisces February 20 to March 20 Behind the scenes you are plotting and planning determinedly how to get better agreements
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      Here are the stars for today;




      February 20 to March 20

      Behind the scenes you are plotting and
      planning determinedly how to get
      better agreements over money and
      other emotional matters. You realise
      you will have to give way at certain
      points in order to reach a fair deal. It
      will take time so don't be too impatient.
      Light hearted socially and romantically,
      you are also determined to have fun.
      You will be spreading your social
      favours in all directions and spicing
      up your leisure activities. Be brave
      and try out new hobbies.



      March 21 to April 20

      You will be promoting your pet causes
      and selling yourself fairly vigorously
      at the moment and for another few days.
      You have a strong instinct for fairness
      and justice at the moment and are keen
      to fight to protect those who are weaker
      or disadvantaged. With loved ones,
      you will be more secretive than usual.
      Only those closest to you will guess
      what is on your mind. You do want
      to dig deeper for better long term
      answers. Just try to keep a balanced



      April 21 to May 21

      At work and around the chores, there
      will be moments when you feel you
      are not getting the recognition you
      deserve for your labours, but crack on
      anyway. Your moment will come.
      Happily Venus, your ruler in your
      opposite sign now will be doing
      wonders for your closest relationships.
      You are in love with love and putting
      out highly attractive vibes. Not only
      is that special person being more
      romantic, you will also be much in
      demand out on the wider social scene.



      May 22 to June 21

      In a boisterously exuberant mood
      you'll not be restricting yourself when
      it comes to enjoyment and getting your
      own way. This is no time for self doubt
      or letting anyone else set your agenda.
      But even at work you'll be in good
      humour and you could find romance
      or a flirtation springs up around your
      everyday chores. Even if that doesn't
      happen you will still find you gain
      great comfort from doing your job.
      You will take pleasure in doing
      things with care.



      June 22 to July 23

      Not everything will be running smoothly
      at home since you're determined to put
      changes in place which seem to be taking
      their time and causing one or two tense
      moments. At least out on the social
      scene you'll be having more success.
      You fully intend to enjoy yourself for
      a few weeks. You will be a real lover
      of parties, and fairly dramatic in the
      way you are presenting yourself. No
      one will miss your exuberant personality
      so there's no sense in holding back.



      July 24 to August 23

      At work you will positively revel in
      stirring up the temperature in discussions
      but just watch you do not cause more
      trouble than it is worth. When you want
      to deliver opinions or extract information
      you speak in a way that demands attention.
      Though in your intimate surroundings
      more than usual, you are expressing
      affection for your close family and want
      to be entertaining relatives and close
      friends. It's a great time to plan get
      togethers and to sort out your domestic



      August 24 to September 23

      With Mars moving through your personal
      finance chart area for a few days you
      need to channel your energy towards
      making more money and acquiring
      material possessions. You will want
      cash for security and to buy you the
      better things of life. Out and about more
      than usual at the moment, you are
      putting on the charm in conversations,
      phone calls or when you write letters.
      Your harmonious way of expressing
      yourself and wonderful way with
      words guarantees that you will be
      highly persuasive.



      September 24 to October 23

      In a go ahead, forthright phase you
      will be upfront and very direct in
      discussions. To be truthful you will
      enjoy leaping into controversies at
      times. If your temper sometimes gets
      you into trouble, that is just the price
      you pay for the thrill of saying or doing
      precisely what you please. Just for a
      while you will be irresistibly attracted
      to the beautiful, luxurious and expensive
      things of life. Nothing cheap, cheerful
      or practical will really appeal at the



      October 24 to November 22

      There are restrictions around at the
      moment. Maybe you won't be able to
      stamp your foot and issue ultimatums,
      but you can work well behind the scenes
      and pull strings very effectively. The
      roundabout route may well be the best
      one at the moment so do not think of
      yourself as timid, just sensible. Luckily
      you are looking great, attracting
      favourable comments and compliments
      for the care you take over your
      appearance, and generally putting
      your best foot forward in social company.



      November 23 to December 21

      You have had a time recently of making
      decisions on your own, but now you are
      happy to submerge your stronger feelings
      in group situations at work. You will
      not be as socially outgoing as usual just
      for a while. The upside is that it puts
      you in touch with creative or spiritual
      matters, so you will emerge softer,
      wiser and maybe revitalised because
      of the deeper connections you have
      made, either within yourself or with
      those you share your deeper interests.



      December 22 to January 20

      Those close will be respecting your
      courage though sometimes they are
      irritated or intimidated by your
      competitive approach. You want to
      be in the leadership role, and can
      even be bossy at times. Venus in
      Scorpio hints you are at your best
      now in large social groups and team
      relationships at work looking
      optimistically ahead. Your friendship
      circle is welcoming, and you will
      have no shortage of invitations or
      ports of call when you feel inclined
      to be out and about.



      January 21 to February 19

      In a lively, enthusiastic mood at the
      moment, you won't be backwards
      about coming forwards to express
      your fairly forceful opinions in all
      directions. The focus is on your career
      and reputation now, so you will be
      using your charms to impress all the
      influential people around at work or
      out in the community. Flattery will
      get you most places, so keep handing
      out the compliments. They may not
      always be sincere, but they will
      certainly work to your advantage.

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      .....and one in particular. Don t give me that, Who? Me? look. You know who I mean. In a message dated 10/10/2008 7:13:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
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        .....and one in particular. Don't give me that, "Who? Me?" look. You know who I mean.
        In a message dated 10/10/2008 7:13:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Erato02@... writes:
        even though you're all dirty, dirty voyeurs for
        reading a private correspondence. ;) j/k!

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