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    ... person and it is very hard to convince me, especially the things about Haruka. ... Nothing to be ashamed about, I m very stubborn too. of course you
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      --- In Sailor_Uranus@y..., "Eli Chang" <uranusmagician@h...> wrote:
      > Sorry... once again I disagree with you. I'm a very stubborn
      person and it is very hard to convince me, especially the things
      about Haruka.

      Nothing to be ashamed about, I'm very stubborn too. of course you
      probably know that.

      > When we are talking about who is stronger in fighting, we should
      assume that that one is stronger in all situation, generally
      speaking. If Kamen really wants to beat up Uranus and tells her to
      go to a slippery place, will Uranus be that silly to agree, or just
      let him choose the arena? And will Kamen not be affected by the
      slippery place? Do you remember his big cape, huh? And if Kamen
      really defeats Uranus because of the slippery ground, will it mean
      that Kamen is really stronger than Uranus??

      Well I don't know, based on Uranus's nature I would hazard a guess
      that she would indeed go. As for him being affected, since he choose
      the site it only stands to reason that he would be better prepared
      than she is. And if Kamen does beat her, it would mean that he is a
      better fighter since he forced an unfair fight which is what you
      generally want to do in these kinds of situations.

      > To me, sorry, Kamen is never formidable. It is because his way to
      attack.Throwing roses and using the stick. Uranus seldom fights with
      her Space Sword. When does she use it? In episode 124, SS movie,
      169, 170 (not very sure), 190 and 197. She ususally fights without
      her sword. That means, it doesn't make a great difference even if
      she is disarmed. Rubius and Uranus are near the same power class??
      Sorry, I don't know, and I'm not sure. And when Kamen throws her
      roses, the turbulence caused by World Shaking and any other senshi's
      attack can blow the flowers away (creating petals which appear when
      Haruka and Michiru appear, hehehe). Even World Shaking is easy
      to attack, but Kamen never got such attack in anime. Please compare
      how much one hurt when he is hit by World Shaking and by roses.

      His cane is exetremely tough, remember he disarms many enemies with
      it, indicating that A) He possess a high skill level with it and B)
      the Cane itself is quite durable. As far as being disarmed goes, it
      does make a slight difference as she has to go from her style used
      with to the sword to one without it.

      yes Kamen never got such an attack in the series to best of my
      knowledge again in keeping in series tone of having stronger female
      characters than male ones. As far as comparing the roses to the world
      shaking its more complicated than that. you have to compare hit%,
      rate of fire and so forth.

      > Ah... You haven't watched SS Special, have you? If you have had
      watched it, you wouldn't have said Michiru was physically weakest!
      Try to watch that episode! Also, swimming is a sport which we have
      to make use of all four limbs and the whole body. It needs physical
      strength! One does well in other sports doesn't mean she is
      physically strong, but not in the case of swimming. And, no proof
      that Michiru is weaker than Setsuna and Hotaru. And the physically
      weakest is Hotaru in S, of course.

      The problem with citing the SS special is, it is a special, does it
      fit into canon of the series? I don't think it does so like the
      movies, I'm disregarding it. As for swmimming I never said that it
      doesn't require phyiscally strength. The proof about Setsuna being
      stronger more less centers on the fact that she's basically standing
      at the time gate 24/7. and she lugs around that staff which has to be
      tiring after awhile.

      > This reminds me of another reason why Uranus is physically
      strongest. Haruka is a racer. F1 racer needs a very very very very
      strong body, as the high speed in racing will cause a great pressure
      and heat. The pressure is so great that it can cause temperate
      blindness. The body of the racer thus has to be strong enough to
      endure the pressure and hotness. And Haruka does well in racing,
      which implies she gets a very strong body.

      Thats not exactly true. You can look at most of the Nascar racers
      there are today and very few of them have a strong body. they are
      very skilled but strength of body is debateable. remeber modern
      racers often have equipment that helps considerably.

      > But how about fighting a lot? If she has been standing next to the
      Time Gate, she should have a lot of experience in battle too, as
      there should be enemies who would like to invade Silver Millennium
      through the Time Gate. This is why Pluto has to guard the Time Gate.

      That would be true EXCEPT, we never really SEE anyone try to invade
      the Silver Millenium. Truth be told, I don't know if she ever really
      does anything there.

      > There is no proof that they upgrade easier... They upgrade just
      more than Outers once because they got their power up in R, where
      Outers haven't appeared yet... Younger... sigh* Haruka and Michiru
      are only one year older than Inners, while Hotaru is the youngest
      (Chibiusa not conuted, and she is alos 900 something). Then,
      according to what you said, Hotaru should have the greatest potential
      to upgrade her power.

      The inners do upgrade their powers easier. About half the time, the
      inners upgrade due to emotional release or buildup. the outers only
      do it with special circumstances. Haruka doesn't seem to think she's
      only a year older, after all she's doing things that adults do.

      > No, I don't think so again. Have you read Sailormoon comics, which
      focus more on the past of Silver Millennium, or have you read it in
      your own language? The lives of Inners and Outers are totally
      different. Inners are living happily with Princess Serenity, and at
      that moment, it is quite peaceful within the Solar System. They
      seldom fight. Outers, on the other hand, have a much harder life
      (poor...) while even Luna doesn't know their existence. Three Outers
      never meet each others (please refer to vol 9 of the comics) (even
      Haruka and Michiru... Outers saw each after because of the downfall
      of Silver Millennium. This made their talismans gather in order to
      wake Sailor Saturn and let her bring destruction) as the place they
      guard are far far away from others. They always have to face enemies
      of outer space. This is why outers are gifted with weapons. If they
      didn't have to fight more dreadful enemies, why they got weapon but
      not Inners? This is also why we always say outers are stronger.
      > Yours,
      > Eli

      one, are the silvermoon comics official or are you referring to
      something else? Two if what you say is true then how was the dark
      moon, (wiseman etc..) able to invade the earth from space only to
      have the inners turn him back?
    • soyan
      Eli, I had drop my message to my Japanese friend. If she can find one more for you, you will got that Space Sword too. Good luck. (Hee hee, I already got my
      Message 48 of 48 , Feb 15, 2001
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        I had drop my message to my Japanese friend.
        If she can find one more for you,
        you will got that Space Sword too.
        Good luck.
        (Hee hee, I already got my Space Sword in hand.....wa haa haa~~~~~~~~)

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