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Re: I'm just a wee widdle newbie...

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  • Immora
    ... *GASP!* *falls over* It s MARIE KELLY!!! WOW!!! Gee, can you tell I m a fan? ^^;;; ... You actually like the Chibi? o.O Whhyyyyy? ... Hey, if you ever
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2 11:52 AM
      >> Hi all,

      *GASP!* *falls over* It's MARIE KELLY!!! WOW!!!

      Gee, can you tell I'm a fan? ^^;;;

      >> Well, Haruka's obviously my fave, or I wouldn't
      >> be here ;)
      >Well, you could REALLY like her, but not have her
      >be your favorite. (She's tied with the Pink
      >Carrot, aka Chibiusa, for my favorite senshi.)

      You actually like the Chibi? o.O Whhyyyyy?

      >> It's amazing what I can't think of to say, huh?
      >> Well, in case y'all are interested, I'm
      >> currently writing a HUGE fanfic about Haruka
      >> and Michiru from birth to Sailor Stars... How
      >> huge? Up to 500 KB already, and Haruka JUST
      >> became Sailoruranus... a pretty thorough story,
      >> huh? I'm looking for prereaders to help me make
      >> corrections as I'm going through it so... if
      >> you're interested...
      >Oh, I love prereading! I'm in the midst of
      >writing about a zillion fanfics, none of which
      >will probably ever be completed. My Haruka one is
      >a telling of their first meeting and the
      >beginning of their romance as seen through the
      >eyes of Elza Gray. (I'm also writing one about
      >Kaolinite after she falls off the bridge. And one
      >about one of the Trio's victims. Hmmm...maybe if
      >I actually finished a story before starting a new

      Hey, if you ever need a prereader... *hint hint*... Interested in
      helping me out, by any chance?

      >> Well, that's all I can think of. Hi hi and bye
      >> bye!
      >Ok, now that I've replied this far, I might as
      >well add some more pertinent info about myself.
      >My name is Marie Kelly, and I also really like
      >Haruka-sama. In fact, I had the first English
      >Sailoruranus webpage ever, the most recent URL of
      >which can be found at:
      >It was down for awhile, and it still looks a bit
      >rough, yet now I'm more concerned with finding a
      >job this summer.

      I hope you update some more... I love your site! It was the first
      English page for her? Cool, I didn't realize that...

      >I also make a few mpeg clips from the show, which
      >can be found at
      >http://coyote.ycp.edu/~mkelly/bssmavis.html (What
      >can I say? It used to be avis.)

      (pssssttttt... I like this site too...)

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