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Fwd: Episode 145 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2013
      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato

      Stéphane Dumas

      Le vendredi 12 novembre 1999 03:00:00 UTC-5, John Brewer a écrit :
      > http://www.usagi.org/doi/smoon/episodes/smss145.html
      > At the Fruit Parlour, Serena and Reenie have an announcement for all the
      > girls; The both of them have joined a ballet club. Serena says that
      > the club will be putting on the ballet called Gizelle, and the beginners
      > & newcomers are trying out for parts in it. The girls are more than a
      > little dumbfounded, and Raye's reaction is classic...
      > Raye: Serena in a ballet! My God, you can practically HEAR the Loony
      > Toons theme!
      > Mina: You have to admit that this sounds like one of those times when
      > your life practically mirrors a Lucy sketch.
      > Undaunted by the other girls' scepticism, Serena & Reenie begin training
      > at the ballet club. Serena's attempts at ballet moves are not only
      > inept, they're CLASSICALLY HILARIOUS. Basically, they are a tour de
      > force of comedic ballet skits from Red Skelton, Danny Kaye, Lucille
      > Ball, and Carol Burnett. The teacher is thoroughly exasperated by her
      > antics. The best that Serena can hope for is a bit part in Gizelle,
      > since the lead is sure to go to a very talented and graceful student
      > named Kiri.
      > The next day of ballet class finds new students joining in to train.
      > Much to Serena's chagrin, it's the other girls. The girls innocently
      > deny that they're joining for the opportunity to see Serena make a fool
      > of herself, but they're bad liars.
      > As the class starts, it seems that the other girls vary in grace and
      > skill at the ballet; Lita is a bit awkward for her height, and Amy
      > seems to excel at just about anything she puts her mind to. During
      > stretches at the bar, Serena can't seem to get her leg up onto the bar.
      > Under a berating from the teacher, Serena finally has to grab her thigh
      > and hoist her own leg onto the bar. Then she grabs her other leg and
      > hoists that one up too, causing her to crash to the floor. [I remember
      > seeing Red Skelton that in a movie]
      > But there is another new student who seems even more graceful and
      > skilled than the teacher's favorite Kiri. The teacher is enchanted by
      > this new talent. The teacher asks this new student to stay after class
      > and discuss the lead role in the ballet. Kiri is dismayed to find her
      > hold on the lead slipping before this new student.
      > None of the realize that the new student is Mako in disguise.
      > Serena and Reenie find Kiri standing on a bridge worrying about losing
      > the lead role to this new student. Reenie says Kiri is very good and
      > that she can see that she enjoys herself when she dances. Kiri admits
      > that she and her teacher have been together for years, and that they're
      > good friends who share a love of ballet. Kiri decides that she
      > shouldn't be resentful if her teacher finds another for the lead role,
      > if he feels that it will help the ballet. Kiri thanks Reenie & Serena
      > for their kind, supportive words.
      > At the ballet club, the disguised Mako is practicing the lead, while the
      > teacher seems lost in thought. He's thinking about Kiri, and all the
      > good times spent teaching her and watching her develop into a skilled
      > and graceful dancer.
      > Before a dress rehearsal, the teacher calls to the disguised Mako and
      > tells her that he is reconsidering his choice for the role of Gizelle.
      > Although his new student is a technically perfect dancer, there is a
      > coldness about her stage presence. He would prefer to have Kiri in the
      > role, since she could communicate a joyful passion to the audience.
      > When the disguised Mako witnesses the teacher tell Kiri that she is
      > confirmed in the lead and she gives him a hug, Mako is so enraged that
      > she transforms, knocks Kiri away with a water ball, and extracts the
      > teacher's dream mirror. Serena and Reenie, who are backstage, transform
      > and come to the rescue.
      > As the Sailor Scouts rally to do battle, Mako summons a ballet-based
      > lemure, The Nutcracker. [Sailor Moon admits that although this lemure
      > is based on the ballet by Tchaikovsky, it is definitely the GAYEST
      > looking monster they ever went up against] What starts out as a
      > straight foreward battle against a negaverse monster, degenerates into
      > an impromptu ballet that has to be seen to be believed.
      > With the last minute intervention of Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon destroys
      > the lemure with the Moon Gorgeous Meditation.
      > With her teacher released from his bonds and conscious, a relieved Kiri
      > gives her teacher a hug, and then in gratitude she gives a hug to Sailor
      > Moon, and then the teacher hugs Sailor Moon and Kiri hugs Tuxedo Mask,
      > and pretty soon everybody is huging everybody else, and this stops when
      > Sailor Moon accidentally hugs Mako, who quickly makes her escape from
      > the momentarily startled Sailor Moon.
      > On the night of the preformance of the ballet, the whole gang is in the
      > audience except for Serena. They later discover that Serena has a bit
      > part in the ballet. She makes her entrance, being lowered into the
      > scene riding on a crescent moon.
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