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Fwd: Episode 163 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas Le lundi 17 janvier 2000 03:00:00 UTC-5, John Brewer a
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      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato

      Stéphane Dumas

      Le lundi 17 janvier 2000 03:00:00 UTC-5, John Brewer a écrit :

      Outside the Dead Moon Circus, the eclipse of the sun grows.

      Inside the big top, Zirconia now has Sailor Teenie Moon trapped inside a
      mirror. As the Scouts in unison move foreward to effect a rescue, a
      sweep of Zirconia's hand sends the Scouts flying back against the tent
      walls. The Scouts crumple into heaps. The first to struggle to her
      feet is Sailor Moon. Having been thrown against the tent walls with
      Sailor Saturn next to her, she comes to her feet after instinctively
      grabbing Saturn's dropped Silence Glaive. With both hands, she levels
      the Glaive at Zirconia with rage in her eyes...

      Moon: You give me back my daughter, you hideous bitch!!!

      With a scream, Sailor Moon mounts a bayonet-style charge on Zirconia. A
      pall of smoke rises around Zirconia, the Amazoness Quartet, and the
      trapped Teenie Moon, as Sailor Moon charges into the pall. When the
      smoke clears, Zirconia, the Quartet, and Teenie Moon are gone, with
      Sailor Moon slashing the air in frustration.

      The other Scouts have picked themselves up, and gathered around the
      distraught Sailor Moon, on the verge of tears. Calming her down, the
      Scouts resolve to search the Circus grounds for where Teenie Moon was

      Once Sailor Moon has calmed down, Sailor Saturn gently but firmly takes
      her Silence Glaive in two hands and yanks it from Sailor Moon loosening
      grasp, looking a little annoyed at Sailor Moon for taking it. After
      all, SHE was the one who took the naginata proficiency skill.

      Elsewhere, Sailor Teenie Moon discovers herself free of the mirror and
      looking around a room with an ornate mirror. Looking up, she discovers
      the unconscious human form of Elios suspended from the ceiling. But
      before Teenie Moon can try anything to reach the unconscious Elios, she
      is restrained by spider webs by Queen Neherenia. Teenie Moon asks
      Neherenia why she is attacking Elios and his land of Elusion.

      Neherenia reveals that once she was the little sister of Queen Serenity
      of the Moon Kingdom. In an ambling statement that implies that she is
      mentally unstable, Neherenia tells that she tried to overthrow the rule
      of her older sister by force, and was punished by exile to another
      dimension. From her mirror prison, she seeks the Golden Crystal that
      will release her into the real world again. And capturing the
      manifested consciousness of Elusion's guardian Elios is the key to
      finding the Crystal.

      At one point during her raving, Neherenia pauses to look more closely to
      Teenie Moon's face...

      Neherenia: Did anyone ever tell you that you look just like my mother
      did when she was a child? No. I don't thing they did, since she died
      over a thousand years ago.

      Neherenia then turns to her ornate mirror to call to Zirconia. She
      praises her for bringing her the host ot the golden dream mirror, and
      the Golden Crystal within.

      But while Neherenia's back is turned, a pair of hands grabs Teenie Moon,
      and with a hand over her mouth, pulls Teenie Moon back to disappear into
      the wall. The hands then replace Teenie Moon with a Teenie Moon
      mannequin. [looks like Pallas' handywork]

      Elsewhere in the Dead Moon Circus, the Scouts enter a hall of mirrors
      together. Since all the reflections of themselves are disorienting, the
      Scouts endeavor to stick together. But no sooner is that said when the
      individual Scouts find themselves separated with only their own

      The reflections of the individual Scouts begin to speak to the
      individual Scouts, tempting them to surrender themselves to their
      desires to find their dreams, and give up fighting the Dead Moon Circus.
      The Scouts resist the chorus of reflections, and fire their powers into
      the mirrors.

      The scene is SPECTACULAR, with mirrors shattering, like the climactic
      sequence from the movie, "The Lady From Shanghai"

      Eventually, The Scouts shatter all the mirrors, until they reach the
      last one, which contains the reflection of Zirconia. Zirconia tells
      them that they won't get out alive.

      Elsewhere, Pallas is leading Teenie Moon into a hall of mirrors by a
      handful of her odango. She finds Ceres, Vesta, and Juno surrounding a
      bucking winged unicorn. Vesta has a bridle on the unicorn, trying to
      get the frantic beast under control. Teenie Moon cries out to the
      unicorn, and he stops bucking. Vesta leads the unicorn over to Teenie
      Moon and tempts her to take the bridle, "since the unicorn is HER

      Angrily, Teenie Moon slaps the reins out of Vesta's hand. She wants her
      friend to be free, not to be owned, not even by her. Teenie Moon tears
      the bridle off the unicorn's muzzle and tenderly holds her friend,
      weeping and saying that she's sorry for all the things that he went

      The Quartet is rather impressed...

      Ceres: Well! She's quite a little lady!

      Pallas: Seems a bit SMALL for a LADY!

      And then the Quartet looks at eachother, with rather curious looks on
      their faces, as if what Pallas said had some familiar meaning.

      Teenie Moon looks at the Quartet with tears in her eyes, and tells them
      that what they're doing is wrong.

      As if in a trance, Ceres touches Teenie Moon's face and takes some of
      her tears onto her fingertips. With the tears shimmering on her
      fingers, Ceres holds her hand out to the rest of the Quartet.
      Simultaneously, the Quartet touches Teenie Moon's tears...

      The Quartet is bombarded by a flood of memories - so fast, it's hard to
      see. But one vision is of the girls of the Quartet, dressed in the
      style of the Moon Kingdom, kneeling in deference to the Moon Princess...

      The Quartet is startled by the flood of memories. Tearfully, Teenie
      Moon asks the Quartet to help her. The Quartet looks at eachother, and
      decides what is truly in their hearts...

      Ceres: Yes...Your Highness...We will help you...Small Lady!

      Zirconia: TRAITORS!!!

      Zirconia traps the Quartet in mirrors, and returns Teenie Moon tied up
      in webs and back into Neherenia's room.

      The sun is now almost fully covered.


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