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Fwd: Episode 162 - Live Action Version

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  • Stéphane
    I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas Le vendredi 14 janvier 2000 03:00:00 UTC-5, John Brewer a
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      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato

      Stéphane Dumas

      Le vendredi 14 janvier 2000 03:00:00 UTC-5, John Brewer a écrit :http://www.usagi.org/doi/smoon/episodes/smss162.html

      As an eclipse begins to darken the sun, an image of the winged unicorn,
      projected from Sailor Teenie Moon's Luna Ball, warns the Sailor Scouts
      not to attack the Dead Moon Circus yet...

      Jupiter: Are you saying that we're not powerful enough to defeat them?

      Elios: You cannot rely ONLY on your powers to defeat the Dead Moon
      Circus. The monsters of the Dead Moon Circus thrive on the abandoned
      dreams of others. As long as there are people who give up on their
      dreams, the Dead Moon can never die.

      Moon: Who...or WHAT...are you?

      Elios: I am Elios - Guardian of the land of Elusion. Before, we
      borrowed the power of people's dreams and used them to seal away the
      Dead Moon Circus. But now the queen of the Dead Moon, Neherenia, has
      awakened. Her Devil's Claw has reached this planet. The power of the
      seal is waning. The only way to save the Earth from the Dead Moon is to
      use the power of the Golden Crystal.

      Moon: Where IS this Golden Crystal?

      The winged unicorn bows its head, and its horn glows with golden light.

      Teenie Moon: Elios can't use the power of the Golden Crystal himself.
      We've been looking for the person who can use the Golden Crystal's
      power, but we haven't found them yet.

      Moon: Sailor Teenie Moon, I will - in the fullness of time - one day
      become your own mother! Why am I only hearing THIS for the first time?!

      Elios: This was supposed to be a secret. But I shared it with Reenie
      because I thought she would be the one who could release the power of
      the crystal. Back then, it was the light of her beautiful dream that
      released me from the darkness. But now time is running out.

      Throughout the city, huge green plants force their way through the
      pavement and begin wrapping around the web-covered buildings. Tuxedo
      Mask cries out in agony. Elios says that because Tuxedo Mask is the
      mystical prince guardian of the Earth, whatever happens to the Earth, he
      suffers the same fate. As the Luna Ball's projection fades away, the
      winged unicorn pleads for the Scouts to find the person who can use the
      Golden Crystal.

      Queen Neherenia notices, from the glowing of the unconscious human form
      of Elios, that his manifested consciousness is communicating with

      The Scouts return the suffering Darien to his apartment and put him to
      bed. Serena tries to comfort him, as a mother would comfort a sufferig
      child. The army of Sailor Scouts, from Mercury to Neptune, resolve to
      face the Dead Moon Circus, for Darien's sake. The last to leave
      Darien's bedside is Serena, who leaves him with a gentle, tearful kiss.
      Luna leaves Artemis and little Diana to watch over Darien.

      Outside, the freaks of the Dead Moon Circus parade triumphantly through
      the deserted, web-covered streets. The Scouts race ahead of the parade
      to the entrance of the big top. Using their powers, the army of Scouts
      bull their way through the freaks guarding the entrance, and storm into
      the big top.

      Inside, the Amazoness Quartet watches the storming of the gates through
      a mirror. They concede that they may not have enough power to stop so
      many Scouts. The image of Queen Neherenia appears in the mirror, and
      offers to boost their powers. At her instruction, the Quartet offers
      the Queen their power balls, and she infuses them with dark power.

      Once the Scouts reach the center of the big top area, they are
      immediately hit from all sides by the Quartet's powerful new attacks.
      The Scouts throw their powers as best they can, but they are forced to
      take cover behind anything they can find in the center performance ring.

      From the glow of the human form of the trapped Elios, Queen Neherenia
      can tell that the host of the golden dream mirror is here.

      Feigning weakness, the Scouts lure the Quartet closer to their position.
      Once the Quartet comes into the center ring, the other Scouts
      counterattack, so close that Scouts and Quartet members fight
      hand-to-hand. When the Scouts have battled the Quartet into a corner,
      Sailor Moon fires her Moon Gorgeous Meditation at them.

      The Meditation explodes just before reaching the Quartet. When the
      smoke clears, Zirconia and her Zircon stand in front of the Quartet.
      Before the stunned Scouts, Zirconia points her bony finger at Sailor
      Teenie Moon...

      Zirconia: Now.....ONE!

      A mirror appears behind Sailor Teenie Moon...


      Sailor Teenie Moon is bound hands and feet to the mirror...


      Sailor Teenie Moon's golden dream mirror emerges painfully from her

      Zirconia grabs her flying eyeball Zircon from out of the air, and throws
      it onto the sawdust floor. With her staff, she wields back like she's
      holding a golf club...


      Zirconia whacks the Zircon into the golden dream mirror. There is an
      explosion of light, and the winged unicorn tumbles out of the dream

      The Scouts and the Quartet are stunned to see the winged unicorn, as
      real as anything, stagger painfully to its feet...

      Pallas: It...it's a pegasus!

      Juno: It's a unicorn!

      Ceres: It's a pegasus AND a unicorn!!

      Vesta: THIS has got to be the most magically romantic moment of my

      Pallas: HEY! It's TWO - <clap> - TWO - <clap> - two Myths in ONE!

      Vesta: [wincing] And it lasted all of 5 seconds!

      Wrenching one hand free of its bonds, Sailor Teenie Moon grabs her own
      golden dream mirror and calls Elios to return and hide. The winged
      unicorm leaps back into the dream mirror, and Teenie Moon pulls her
      dream mirror back into herself.

      Suddenly, Sailor Teenie Moon begins to sink into the surface of the
      mirror she is bound to, until she exists only as a reflection, pounding
      against the barrier that separates herself from reality...

      Zirconia: Now....the golden dream mirror...the winged unicorn...and the
      Golden Crystal...belong...TO THE DEAD MOON CIRCUS!!!

      Zirconia laughs!


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