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Fwd: Episode 149 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas ... From: JBre...@webtv.net (John Brewer) Date: 1 déc
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      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato
      Stéphane Dumas

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      From: JBre...@... (John Brewer)
      Date: 1 déc 1999, 03:00
      Subject: Episode 149 - Live Action Version
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon


      The disguised Mako is in one of Serena's spare pajamas, in Serena's
      room. She is a guest in Serena's house after she was found alone in the
      rain with nowhere else to go. Serena is just finishing up her homework
      when Mako notices a picture on her desk of Serena& Darien together.
      Mako once again appologizes for trying to steal Serena's boyfriend.
      Serena admits that she's got to stop acting so jealous whenever girls
      look at him. Their love is true, and nothing will ever come between
      them. Mako thinks that there is something about what Serena just said
      that sounds so familiar. With her homework finished, Serena and Mako
      snuggle together in Serena's bed like two girlfriends, and drift off to

      In the middle of the night, Mako slips out of bed to use the bathroom.
      On her way back, Mako is aware of an occupant in the next bedroom.
      Peeking in, she discovers the sleeping Reenie, with the little kitten
      Diana also sleeping on top of the covers. Remembering the little kitten
      from previous encounters with the Sailor Scouts, she creeps in and
      hovers the sleeping child, whose eyes move in REM sleep. As she reaches
      out to touch Reenie's forehead, Mako starts, as Diana stirs and yawns,
      her nose twiching like she smeels something nice and fishy. Without
      waking, Diana settles back to sleep. Relieved that she didn't wake the
      kitten, Mako gently touches Reenie's forehead and concentrates.

      Mako finds herself observing Reenie's dreamscape; She sees the
      enchanted forest, the enchanted lake, and to her shock, Reenie having a
      conversation with the winged unicorn the Dead Moon Circus has been
      searching for.

      Mako pulls her hand away from the peacefully sleeping Reenie, in a state
      of amazement. Suddenly, Mako feels a hand on her shoulder. But before
      she can yelp in surprise, Serena gently closes her mouth with her two
      fingers. Serena then slips her arms around Mako and snuggles with her,
      as her eyes turn loving down towards the sleeping child...

      Serena: [whispers] She's such a holy terror when she'a awake, but when
      she's asleep, she looks like an angel. When she has a nightmare, she
      comes into my room and sleeps with me. And when I have a nightmare, I
      come in here and watch her sleep, until my fear goes away.

      Mako: [whispers] You sound like you truely love her.

      Serena: [whispers, with her voice breaking] I love her more than I
      love my own life.

      Mako: [whispers] I wish I had someone I could love that deeply.

      Serena: [whispers] I hope you will. It's such a wonderful feeling.

      Serena leads Mako back to bed.

      In the morning, Serena awakes in bed alone. She discovers from her
      mother that the girl guest she brought home last night left very early
      this morning.

      In the Dead Moon Circus, Mako has come back, and stands before Zirconia
      and the rest of the Amazon Trio. When Zirconia demands that she explain
      her latest and LAST failure, Mako rebels against her authority, stating
      that it's wrong to attack beautiful dreams. Accusing her of treason,
      Zirconia uses an invisible power to bring Mako painfully to her knees.
      Tyger rushes to Mako's defense, and tries to take responsibility for
      her. Momentarily impressed by the Trio's show of solidarity, Zirconia
      turns her attention to the pressing matter of finding the dream mirror
      containing the winged unicorn. Zirconia believes that Mako knows the
      person whose dream mirror holds the quarry, and Zircon delivers the
      picture of Serena taken by it lastepisode. Zirconia assigns Hawkeye to
      extract the dream mirror from this girl, and if he should fail, all
      three of the Trio will pay.

      As Hawkeye goes through the teleportation contrivance, Mako creates a
      scuffle and escapes through the contrivance as well. Tyger is sent
      after to stop her.

      Zirconia is unconcerned by the Trio's rebellion. For now the Amazoness
      Quartet appears to support her.

      Serenas and the other 4 girls are searching the city for Serena's little
      guest last night. Serena is concerned, since she knows the girl has
      nowhere else to go. All the girls split up and search.

      Alone in the park, Serena searches only to be ambushed by Hawkeye. He
      binds and extracts her dream mirror. Mako and then Tyger catch up to
      Hawkeye, as he searches Serena's dream mirror. Tyger catches and holds
      Mako, who struggles. Hawkeye can find no unicorn.

      But without warning, a lemure appears, sent by Zirconia. It is the
      clown lemure Pennywise [the lemure is based on the demonic character
      from the book& the movie of "Stephen King's IT" - with Tim Curry once
      again playing the demonic clown from the movie] The lemur's mission is
      to "retire" the Trio, and begins to attack them. With Hawkeye and Tyger
      trying to defend themselves against the lemure, Mako frees Serena from
      her bounds and tries to wake her up so she can transform into Sailor
      Moon [Mako remembered that what Serena said to her last night sounded
      the same as a phrase used by Sailor Moon in the lastepisode] With
      Tyger and Hawkeye wounded, the lemure is about to attack Mako and the
      still unconscious Serena, when the other Scouts& Teenie Moon appear and
      do battle with the lemure. Mako finally gets Serena awake and she
      transforms into Super Sailor Moon. The lemure is destroyed with the
      Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

      The wounded Trio begins to recover from their wounds, when the voice of
      Zirconia is heard, saying that THIS was their last failure! Suddenly,
      the Trio begins to writhe and fall to the ground in pain. To the shock
      of the Scouts, the bodies of the Trio begin to transform back into their
      true forms. Hawkeye morphs into a hawk, Tyger morphs into a tiger, and
      Mako morphs into a carp. Helpless to do anything, the Scouts watch as
      the hawk flies away, and the tiger escapes into the bushes. But the
      carp flops helplessly on the ground, gasping for air. Sailor Moon picks
      up the carp and uses the Empirium Silver Crystal to keep the fish alive
      long enough to rush her to the newly completed koi pond on the grounds
      of the Hikawa temple.

      As the Scouts rush off to preserve the life of Serena's former friend,
      we see over the city skyline, the silhouettes of the Amazoness Quartet,
      and Zirconia's malevolent laughter.

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