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Fwd: Episode 157 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading, arigato St├ęphane Dumas ... From: JBre...@webtv.net (John Brewer) Date: 3 jan
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      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato
      St├ęphane Dumas

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      From: JBre...@... (John Brewer)
      Date: 3 jan 2000, 03:00
      Subject: Episode 157 - Live Action Version
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon


      Reenie, Melissa, and Matt Potter are in the park watching a swan and its
      cygnet swimming in the pond. It's a very pretty scene, with the sun
      shimmering off the water, the sound of the birds and insects...

      And a buzzing sound that Matt describes as sounding something like a
      Sopwith Camel.

      Suddenly, a bicycle with a 6' gear-driven propeller sails over their
      heads and splashes down into the pond, scaring off the swans. The three
      kids recognize the boy pulling himself out of the contraption and wading
      out of the pond towards them - Harbour Elementary's resident boy
      inventor, Ricky...

      Ricky: [giving the high-sign] Any landing you can swim away from...!

      Ricky's dream is to build his own pedal-powered airplane, just like the
      famous "Gossamer Condor" that was flown decades before. But his plan is
      something more ambitious. His plan is to mount ultra light-weight solar
      panels on the long wings, and a light-weight electrical motor for power
      assist. So far, he only has the bicycle mounting and the gear-driven
      propeller, but he's saving his money to build the ultralight wings and
      the solar panels by the time he becomes a teenager. Right now, he's
      just testing the propeller to see if he's got the gearing right.

      Reenie thinks Ricky has a very good dream, and the three kids help Ricky
      fish his machine out of the pond.

      They don't notice that they're being observed by the flying eyeball

      In the Dead Moon Circus, three members of the Amazoness Quartet are
      taking a little hot tub break. Pallas, Juno, and Ceres are relaxing in
      a big hot tub filled with Mr. Bubble. Vesta is late joining them...

      Pallas: Come on! Get the video camera so we can make a porno film!
      Pallas, Juno,& Ceres in "What The Zircon Saw!"

      Juno and Ceres retaliate by shoving Pallas' head under the water.
      Pallas bobs back up, spitting water...

      Pallas: OK, how about Juno, Ceres, and the Zircon in "What Pallas Saw!"

      Pallas gets another dunking.

      Zirconia breaks up the roughhousing and delivers to them the picture of
      the next target - Ricky. Since Vesta is the only Quartet member dressed
      and still dry, she will go after the target.

      The three kids are helping Ricky test the power of the pedal-powered
      prop by holding the bike steady while Ricky pedals with all his might.
      The pedal gearing is fixed directly to the prop, and not to the rear
      wheel, so the propusion is by the propeller only. The propeller makes a
      big wind that the three kids have trouble holding the bike back. The
      propeller seems to be powerful enough to lift it into the air, if it has
      wings large enough and light enough.

      Vesta enters into the scene wearing an old aviator jacket. She
      complements Ricky on his flying machine, and then she transforms into
      her circus costume and extracts Ricky's dream mirror. Melissa and Matt
      try to defend Ricky from Vesta, while Reenie runs away "to get help".

      Reenie returns as Sailor Teenie Moon, and tells Matt& Melissa to escape
      while she handles Vesta. Vesta summons an elephant lemure to attack
      Teenie Moon.

      Suddenly, a rose...

      well, actually it's not just ONE rose, it's an entire hedgerow of rose
      bushes that lands between the lemure and Teenie Moon. And the hedgerow
      conceals a line of Army-surplus tank obstacles; Tuxedo Mask remembers
      what happened the last time he tried to stop an elephant lemure with
      just one rose [see thelive-actionepisode#146]

      Also, Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts arrive to make short work
      of the lemure and send Vesta packing.

      E-mail me @ JBre...@... forLive-ActionFAQ /// Back postings by
      Dire Wolf
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