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Fwd: Episode 156 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas ... From: JBre...@webtv.net (John Brewer) Date: 28 déc
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2011
      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato

      Stéphane Dumas

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      From: JBre...@... (John Brewer)
      Date: 28 déc 1999, 04:00
      Subject: Episode 156 - Live Action Version
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon


      Up in Serena's room, Serena is posing perfectly still while Reenie
      sketches on a drawing pad, looking like she's sketching Serena. Luna&
      lil' Diana watch over Reenie's shoulder. Serena is patiently holding
      still, but she seems almost to be glowering at Reenie...

      Serena: [trying not to move her lips] Reenie, if this turns out to be
      just a stick figure with odango atama, I'ma hit you so hard it'll KILL
      your entire family INCLUDING my future self!

      Luna: It's a very nice sketch of you, Serena. Reene is really very

      Finally, Reenie shows Serena the finished sketch. It's a very good
      realistic sketch - Reenie even captured the slight glower on Serena's
      face, but Serena complains that it looks nothing like her.

      Later, as Serena& Reenie are walking through the park, they witness a
      street artist painting a picture of a woman posing for him. When he
      finished, the woman complains that the picture looks nothing like her.
      Serena& Reenie comment that the painting looks EXACTLY like her. The
      artist reminds the woman that if she is not satisfied, she doesn't have
      to pay for the painting. The woman stalks off, commenting that she
      could have got a better looking picture from the kiosk at the mall. At
      that comment, the artist tries not to look disappointed. The artist
      then offers to paint Serena& Reenie's portraits for free, for praising
      his work.

      None of them notice that they are being observed by the flying eyeball

      Back at the Dead Moon Circus, Zircon enters the darkened big top with
      caution; It's been attacked in situations like this twice before.

      As we view Zircon entering the darkness from behind, the camera zooms
      back to reveal that its on the view-screen of a mock-up of the original

      Ceres: [doing her best/over-the-top impression of Captain Kirk]
      Captain's Log - Stardate - Four, - Nine, - Eight, - Three, - Seven, -
      Eight, - Four, - Two, - Seven, - Eight, - Five, - Eight, - [pause] Point
      One! The Enterprise is on routine patrol when it encounters an unusual
      object in space! Your analysis, Mister Spock!

      Juno: [dressed as Mr.Spock, pointed ears& all] It appears to be a
      flying eyeball, Captain.

      Ceres: Well, whatever this is, let's just destroy it so I find an alien
      to fall in love with before theepisodeis over.

      Juno: You usually do.

      Ceres: Ain't I somethin'! Mister Sulu! Fire All Phasers!

      Now, Zircon finds itself being chased around the big top by a little
      radio controled Enterprise firing phasers& photon torpedos.
      Eventually, Zircon tries to elude its pursuer by turning around and
      bouncing off the model. With the camera tilting from side to side,
      Ceres, Juno, and Vesta [dressed as Mr. Sulu] throw themselves all over
      the Enterprise Bridge mock-up like they did in the old series.

      Then, in through the turbo lift comes Zirconia to break up their fun.
      The R/C Enterprise model crashes into a tent pole. With Zircon cowering
      behind her, Zirconia complains about the Quartet's constant

      Ceres: [doing a full-blown "Kirk"] Please - Sir - or - Madame - or -
      Whatever, - We - come - in - peace - (Mister Spock, set phasers on

      Zirconia blows her stack, and finally gives Ceres the picture of the
      next target - the street artist. Zirconia then stalks off the Bridge
      mock-up, passing Pallas dressed in a blue Star Trek tunic...

      Ceres: Pallas, why didn't you warn us the old battle-axe was on her way

      Pallas: [doing her best impression of DeForest Kelly] Dammit Jim, I'm
      a DOCTOR, not a concierge!!

      Back at the park, Serena& Reenie are posing very sweetly, holding
      eachother cheek to cheek, as the artist sketches them. Serena mentions
      that she once posed for Peggy Jones, back when she painted as Loni
      Lanai. The artist thinks that he saw the painting she's talking about.
      Suddenly, we hear a stomache growling...

      Reenie: Excuse yourself, Serena!

      Serena: Whattaya mean?! That was YOUR stomache growling!

      artist: No, that was me. Things haven't been so good for me recently.
      Not many people want to pose for a real artist to paint them, since they
      opened that kiosk in the mall, where you bring it a photo and it makes a
      computer sketch in one of four styles in a matter of minutes. It's hard
      to make ends meet, even as simply as I live. I don't eat regularly

      The next day, Serena& Reenie find the street artist again and give him
      a GladWare of Serena's nasty looking but delicious curry.

      At the Hikawa temple, all the girls are admiring the painting of Serena
      & Reenie, and now they want to have their portraits painted, if nothing
      else than to give the starving artist some much needed paying work.

      Meanwhile, the artist is being propositioned by a rich woman who wants
      her portrait painted. He is reluctant at first, but eventually goes
      with the woman in her limo back to her mansion.

      The woman is really Ceres in disguise.

      When all the girls reach the area of the park where the artist usually
      works, he's not there. When the girls ask other street performers in
      the park, they tell them about the woman in the limo. Amy uses her
      mini-computer to track the rental limo to a rented mansion.

      The artist paints the disguised Ceres' portrait. She is impressed by
      the portrait, and now it's time for payment. Ceres transforms into her
      Circus costume and extracts his dream mirror [not golden]. Sailor Moon
      & Sailor Teenie Moon arrive to confront. Ceres mockingly calls them
      "feminism's answer to Batman& Robin.

      The battle between the Scouts and Ceres' lemure is brief - The lemure is
      destroyed, and Ceres retreats.

      All the girls eventually get their portraits painted by the artist.
      Reenie gives the artist her sketch of Serena to have. She tells the
      artist the secret title of the sketch - "The Person I Love"

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