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Fwd: Episode 151 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    I digged a bit the archives of alt.fan.sailor-moon of John Brewer s SM live-action fantasy thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas ... From:
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      I digged a bit the archives of alt.fan.sailor-moon of John Brewer's SM live-action fantasy

      thanks for reading, arigato

      Stéphane Dumas

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      From: JBre...@... (John Brewer)
      Date: 10 déc 1999, 04:00
      Subject: Episode 151 - Live Action Version
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon


      Amy is wearing a set of walkman-style headphones and listening to a
      beautiful adult contemporary piano sonata, as she imagines a gentle
      shower of cherry blossom petals. Reenie touches Amy on the shoulder,
      and Amy opens her eyes to discover everyone staring at her. It's rather
      unusual for Amy to be spacing out during a Sailor Scout strategy
      meeting. Amy appologizes, and presents the reason she was so lost in

      From a little RIO player, Amy plays an MP3 file of a piano composition
      that Melvin helped her download from the internet. She thinks that the
      instrumental piece sounds like it should have lyrics, and she's been
      trying to put words to this piece of music. The composer is known only
      by their initials - "NT".

      Back at the Dead Moon Circus, the flying eyeball, Zircon, enters the
      darkened big top and looks around, worried about a suspected ambush
      [sweatdrop] Suddenly, air-raid sirens go off and searchlights find it
      from below. Soon it's dodging flack bursts from a 40mm "pom-pom" gun
      manned by Vesta, Pallas, and Juno, wearing circa WWII AAA gun crew
      uniforms. The ruckus alerts the attention of Zirconia, who finds the
      main power switch and turns all the big top lights back on. That's when
      we see Ceres wearing a circa WWII Civil Defence air-raid warden's

      Ceres: PUT OUT THAT LIGHT!!! [they use an old Mel Blanc sound-bite
      from a Bugs Bunny cartoon to dub Ceres' voice]

      Zirconia is so startled, she shuts the power off. After a moment to
      realize that she's been had, [slow-burn] Zirconia turns the power back
      on. The Quartet is back in their costumes, mugging coyly.

      Annoyed with the Quartet's antics, Zirconia has Zircon deliver a picture
      of the target the Quartet should be searching for. The picture is
      rather blurry from the fact that Zircon is rather 'flack-happy" from
      it's ordeal. But the Quartet is able to discern a piece of music from
      the picture - the same music Amy is so interested in.

      Amy sends an e-mail to "NT", saying that she likes their music, and that
      she's trying to write lyrics to one of their compositions.

      Soon after, Amy receives an e-mail from her father, who's an artist,
      with a lovely sketch. Amy figures that her desire to create beauty must
      come from her father's side.

      Some time later, the girls discover a young man playing a piano, and
      playing the same song that Amy likes so much. After prodding Amy into
      introducing herself, she tells him that she's the one who's trying to
      write lyrics to one of his songs. "NT" admits that the song should have
      lyrics, but he couldn't think of anything. His real name is Nelson
      Turner, and he invites Amy and the girls to his working studio to try
      out Amy's lyrics.

      They don't know that they all have been observed by Vesta.

      Nelson plays at clubs and teaches piano lessons with his girlfriend
      Kyoko. Nelson has a dream to become a world-renowned composer.
      Suddenly, Amy is unsure of her lyric writing talent, and tries to back
      out of showing her lyrics to Nelson. Overcome with shyness, Amy
      retreats from the room, with the other girls following, trying to urge
      her return.

      Suddenly, they all hear Kyoko scream, and return to find Vesta knocking
      the dream mirror out of Nelson. The girls transform and confront.
      Vesta summons a lemure that throws a ball at the Scouts, trapping them
      in a personal computer screen, except for Mercury. Another blast from
      Vesta knocks Mercury out.

      Amy finds herself floating naked down a shaft of blue light, and awakens
      standing naked on the surface of a lake in an alpine setting. She hears
      a familiar voice...

      voice: Mercury...Sailor Mercury...

      Amy: Who's calling me?

      voice: Please feel it...The true power sleeping within you...

      Amy: Who are you?

      Amy finds herself facing an image of herself as Sailor Mercury, wearing
      a new version of her uniform - longer back ribbon, shorter front ribbon,
      a heart-shaped brooch, a star charm on her choker, and translucent
      shoulder caps.

      Across the surface of the lake, the image of herself slowly walks
      towards the naked Amy.

      Mercury: I am you. Remember your dream. The feeling when you heard
      Nelson's music for the first time.

      Amy: My dream?

      Mercury: And the sketches your father always sends you.

      Amy: So that's it! What's important is the feelings from the pure

      The Sailor Mercury has come up close to the naked Amy, and gently takes
      her face in her hands...

      Mercury: Now...let your heart grow...

      The two feminine figures sweetly kiss, as serpentine strands of water
      swirl around them.

      Back in the studio, Vesta finds herself facing a newly transformed Super
      Sailor Mercury. Super Sailor Mercury uses her Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to
      free the Scouts trapped in the computer. The Moon Gorgeous Meditation
      destroys the lemure, and Vesta retreats.

      Nelson and Kyoko find that Amy's lyrics fit the song perfectly, and are
      very pleased.

      E-mail me @ JBre...@... for Live-Action FAQ /// Back postings by
      Dire Wolf
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