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Fwd: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 39

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  • Stephane Dumas
    Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading,arigato St├ęphane Dumas ... From: Sunnie Date: 5 juil 2006, 17:04
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      Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for

      St├ęphane Dumas

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      From: Sunnie<sunniec...@...>
      Date: 5 juil 2006, 17:04
      Subject: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 39
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon

      Chris Kern wrote:
      >Episode39 - Paired with a youma!? The Queen on ice, Mako-chan

      This is probably theepisodewhere Makoto became my favorite character.
      I love figure skating. I love dark green. I like tomboys. And
      later, I found we "share" the same birthday. ^_-

      > Now Makoto, Rei, and Minako have been mistaken forSailorMoon-- but
      > there seems to be noepisodein which Ami is mistaken for her. I guess
      > they ran out of filler space?

      Kind of a shame...

      > Endymion seems a little too friendly and goes a bit too far helping
      >SailorMoonin thisepisode, even accounting for the fact that he
      > doesn't like Kunzite or his methods.

      Definitely agreed there. It's a little frustrating...

      Random: I noticed he prefered speed skating techniques to figure
      skating. Never got a close look of his skates to see if they had
      toepick or not...


      Okay, now for some Ami-Makoto fun. Usually, I try my best to just
      randomly come up with nuances, but in thisepisode, for the careful
      viewer there are some very interesting images with regard to Ami viewing
      Makoto. Given how much they surprised SK and I with their subtle
      blatantness, I decided to go the whole nine yards and do screencaps (I
      just noticed they're .png...if you can't view them, let me know and I
      can change them to jpegs).

      1. Here we have Misha and Janelyn skating. Pretty.

      2. Here we have Usagi and Minako react to seeing

      3. Now we get to see how Ami, Rei, and Makoto react. Notice that while
      everyone else has either had heart eyes or the gentle blush of "how
      cute!", Ami appears to just be really enjoying the skating itself rather
      than Misha's

      4. And the reaction of all the other girls to Misha and Janelyn's
      beautiful skating and Misha's

      5. Next, time for Makoto to take the ice (not necessary, but she's just
      so darn pretty in

      6. Luna and Artemis are surprised, but then remember that Jupiter was
      just as good as Princess

      7. And now something curious. Ami, Rei, and Minako react to Makoto's
      skating. Notice anything extremely different about Ami's reaction?


      Reading a lot into this? Possibly. However, it is very interesting
      that Ami would have such different reactions than any of the other girls...

      ~Hopes everyone can view pngs... ^^; ~
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