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Fwd: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 134

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  • Stephane Dumas
    Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading,arigato St├ęphane Dumas ... From: Chris Kern Date: 8 oct 2006,
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      Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for


      St├ęphane Dumas

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      From: Chris Kern<chrisker...@...>
      Date: 8 oct 2006, 09:06
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon

      Episode134- Makoto's friendship! A girl longing for Pegasus

      Not really too much to say about thisepisode. Hawks Eye seems to get
      most of the episodes, as least this early. The author was played by
      Neya Michiko.


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      Date: 1 oct 1999, 02:00
      Subject: Episode 134 - Live Action Version
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      All the girls are currently enamoured with the new fantasy best seller
      "Pegasus in the Moonlight" by first-time author Clarissa Hightower.
      Even Serena, who normally reads only comic books, is taking time to read
      this novel. At the Fruit Parlour, the girls have a round table
      discussion about the story that includes Lizzie, who also loves the
      book. But it's Lita who surprises everyone by admiting that she not
      only knows the author, but she used to be a friend and classmate.

      In the park, Lita, Reenie, Diana, Serena& Luna talk about Lita's old
      friend Clarissa. Lita kept her relationship with Clarissa a secret from
      everyone because she was afraid people would think she was bragging
      about knowing someone famous. Luna says that if it was Serena, she'd
      tell everyone she met. Luna suddenly finds herself pinned under
      Serena's foot, and Serena comically threatens to give Luna to
      Michelle...in the form of fresh violin strings!

      Lita explains that she knew Clarissa when she started writing short
      stories, and that "Pegasus in the Moonlight" is actually an adaptation
      of Clarissa's dream journal. Lita hasn't seen Clarissa since she
      transferred, and with the girls' coaxing, she decides to pay her old
      friend a visit, and perhaps let the other girls get some autographs.

      AT the DeadMoonCircus, Zirconia is pertured with the Amazon Trio at
      their constant failure to find the quarry. Then Zircon, the little
      eyeball with wings, wafts down and delivers a picture of the author
      Clarissa Hightower to the Trio. Zirconia tells them that for the first
      time they are certain that the dream mirror of this one contains the
      quarry. Since she's the one who wrote the book about it, and Zirconia
      holds up the dust jacket from the book "Pegasus in the Moonlight",
      showing a picture of a winged unicorn. [This is the first time in the
      live-action series that indicates that the winged unicorn in Reenie's
      dream and the DeadMoon's"quarry" may be one and the same]

      The next morning, all the girls head for Clarissa's house. Serena is
      bringing two copies of the novel for Clarissa to sign. Raye says that
      you need three copies - one to read, one to save, and one to use to brag
      to everyone. Luna says that Raye has a bad habit of bragging. Once
      again, Luna finds herself pinned, under Raye's foot this time, and
      getting the "fresh violin string" threat again.

      When they arrive at Clarissa's house, they find people milling around
      outside, one of which is Clarissa's publisher, who says that he was
      going to check up on how she was doing on the sequel to "Pegasus in the
      Moonlight", but found that she is nowhere to be found. Lita thinks she
      knows where Clarissa is.

      At a park near a river, Clarissa sits against a tree - Lita knows that
      this is her favorite spot to write. When Lita goes up to her and asks
      her what's wrong, Clarissa disparingly exclaims that she can't write
      anymore. It's worse than writer's block - it's as if she ran out of

      Later, in Clarissa's home, Clarissa is still struggling to work through
      her writer's block, without much success. Reenie comes over to her
      house, introduces herself as Lita Storms" friend, and offers to help
      Clarissa by telling her about her dreams of the winged unicorn. Lita
      also comes over to help.

      As Lita prepares some food in Clarissa's kitchen, and Reenie entertains
      Clarissa with stories of the winged unicorn of her dreams, Tyger arrives
      posing as a representative of "DeadMoonPublishing" He transforms and
      attacks! He extracts Clarissa's dream mirror,
      butSailorJupiter,SailorMoon&SailorTeenieMoonappear and hold him at bay.

      Tyger summons the lemure Masked Magician [played by magician/escape
      artist Valentino, who did those "Magic's Greatest Secrets Revealed"
      specials for Fox, so you know he's hurtin' for work] The lemure wraps
      the Scouts in chains. Jupiter tries to attack with her lightning,
      forgeting that metal conducts electricity! ["Feels like someone goosed
      Pikachu!"] Unable to find the pegasus in Clarissa's dream mirror, Tyger
      tells the lemure to take care of them all. The lemure sets a time bomb
      amidst the chained Scouts, telling them that they'll never escape in

      Suddenly a rose from Tuxedo Mask breaks the chains, and Jupiter throws
      the bomb back at the lemure just in time. AsSailorMoon& TeenieMoon
      transform to their Super forms, the half-conscious Clarissa sees the
      image of the pegasus beside them. They destroy the lemure with theMoon
      Gorgeous Meditation, and Tyger flees.

      With her writer's block behind her, Clarissa finishes her sequel
      "Illusion of Pegasus" and dedicates it "To her friend Lita, and to
      everyone who has beautiful dreams."

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