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Fw: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 61

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  • Stephane Dumas
    Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading,arigato Stéphane Dumas ... From: SK Date: 27 juil 2006, 18:57
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      Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading,arigato

      St�phane Dumas

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      From: SK <paradox...@...>
      Date: 27 juil 2006, 18:57
      Subject: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 61
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon

      Chris Kern wrote:
      >Episode61- Huge shock for Usagi! Mamoru declares a breakup

      I kinda forgot this aspect of this arc until I saw theepisodetitle.
      I�m not the biggest Usagi fan in the world, but this one was hard to watch.

      Early on, it was kinda funny watching Mamoru wuss out in front of Kenji.
      At least Usagi comes by her waterworks honestly. ^_^;

      I wonder why Chibi-Usa�s brainwashing wore off when it did? Is she
      secretly reapplying it behind the scenes regularly from here on in, or
      did something kick it loose?

      And the big breakup scene. Maybe it�s a cultural thing, but even
      knowing the reason, Mamoru comes off like a jerk. How can you claim to
      love someone enough to make that kind of decision without respecting
      them enough to talk to them about it? Instead he just stomped all over
      her heart, her dreams and her self-confidence, for her own good. The
      phone booth scene was wrenching, but all the little things leading up to
      it were just as bad. Look at it from her point of view. Endymion�s
      love for Serenity endured for millennia, beyond death itself. Once they
      finally got together, Mamoru couldn�t put up with her for a month. All
      through the scene in the apartment you can see her trying to find out
      what it is about her that was so unbearable that it drove him away like

      It�s good to see that Usagi isn�t shallow enough to give in to the
      temptation of the droid. She knows that whatever happened, her
      appearance had nothing to do with it.

      Eventually, as Tuxedo Kamen, Mamoru tells her that he doesn�t like weak
      girls. Now, this is one of two things. Either this is an act of
      extreme cowardice, making her blame herself for a decision he�s made for
      reasons that have nothing at all to do with her abilities. Or, it�s
      something that he thinks will safeguard her. While we discussing it,
      Sunnie offered a theory that he may think that if he backs off and
      forces her to grow up a bit, maybe by the time that vision comes to
      pass, she�ll be strong enough to survive it.

      Anyone else think Mamoru would do well to avoid a quartet of junior high
      girls for a while?


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