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Fw: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 80

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  • Stephane Dumas
    Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading,arigato Stéphane Dumas ... From: Phoenix Date: 16 août 2006,
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      Here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading,arigato

      St�phane Dumas

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      From: Phoenix <phoe...@...>
      Date: 16 ao�t 2006, 19:18
      Subject: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 80
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon

      Chris Kern wrote:
      >Episode80- Terrifying illusion! Ami all alone

      >"giwaku" (the droid's name) means doubt or suspicion.

      The dub name was "Mistrust"

      >Ikuhara scored 7th on the test. :)

      >Makoto comes to protect Ami when she's getting criticized.

      And then some. She was also the first to step forward when she, Mars
      and Venus saw that Mercury was in distress after the hallucination

      >Ami gets a new attack....sort of. Double Shabon Spray Freezing.

      The "double" showed up in her dub attack as well. It was interesting
      to see her set up for her Shine Aqua Illusion attack. Stock footage
      aside, I'm curious as to what their attacks would really look like to
      an outside observer.

      >Why does Tuxedo Kamen still act so mysterious whenever he shows up and
      >leaves? IIRC by S or SuperS he stops doing that.

      Wow, he did not fare too well this time around. He really got his tail

      They cut Esmeraude's bath scene at the beginning (you only see her
      mouth and eyes), so you're left wondering why in the world she would
      be wearing a bathrobe as she plants the wedge and calls forth the

      Since the dub never introduced the concept of a juku school, it was
      pretty confusing that some students (Ami, Marvin, etc.) would be
      attending two different schools at the same time, even if one was
      called a genius school.


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