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Fw: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 76

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  • Stephane Dumas
    here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas ... From: Sunnie Date: 13 août 2006,
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      here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon thanks for reading, arigato

      St�phane Dumas

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      From: Sunnie <sunniec...@...>
      Date: 13 ao�t 2006, 11:29
      Subject: 200 Days of Sailor Moon - Episode 76
      To: alt.fan.sailor-moon

      Phoenix wrote:
      > Chris Kern wrote:

      >>Episode76- Dark magic! Esmeraude's invasion

      >>This is the start of the Esmeraude filler episodes, although there
      >>aren't very many. Usagi acts childish again, but she mostly seems to
      >>do this when it involves Mamoru. Maybe it's to prevent her from being

      > Actually, I disagree. Walking off and leaving Chibiusa with Mamoru
      > seemed pretty mature to me. As to the cake scene, it's not like she
      > was the only one stuffing her face. ^_^;

      That's kind of how I felt. I mean, it was pretty cool of her to walk
      away cheerily, pretending it was okay. Granted, her little fit with
      Luna later was a little immature, but can you call it immaturity when
      there's no one around to see it? ^_- Well, aside from Luna, but she's
      basically just one of Usagi's appendages anyway at this point.

      > In the dub, Esmeraude called the senshi girly-girls instead of
      > referring to them as flat-chested (which would not quite explain why
      >SailorMoonwould glance down and put her arms across her chest ^_^).

      And needless to say, that isn't a particularly apt description ofSailor
      Jupiter anyway. Glad she had a comeback ready. ^_-

      Let's see...I actually liked thisepisodea bit. I mean, it was pretty
      pointless, but it flowed very well (which unfortunately, some of the
      good/dramatic episodes don't always do). Tuxedo Mask backing away when
      Esmeraude started commenting on his appearance was priceless. And it
      was nice seeing Mercury being the last Senshi standing in the fight.

      The little sound effect when Diamande's eye glints (after Esmeraude
      mentioned her love) sounded like it was straight out of a Rose of
      Versailles swordfight. ^^;

      I was a bit thrown off by the gluttony of the girls. Usagi made sense,
      and even Minako a little bit. But seeing Makoto, Rei, and Ami stuff
      their faces just felt weird. Once again, thisepisodehas Ami and Makoto
      just sort of together. No real theory moments, except in the fact that
      they're pretty much always next to each other.


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