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Fw: [INFO] The Anime Primer, or "What Anime Should I Watch Now?" (2/10)

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    Here a info from the newsgroup rec.arts.anime.misc thanks for reading,arigato St├ęphane Dumas ... From: Rob Kelk Newsgroups:
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      Here a info from the newsgroup rec.arts.anime.misc thanks for

      St├ęphane Dumas

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      Subject: [INFO] The Anime Primer, or "What Anime Should I Watch Now?" (2/10)

      > (continued from part 1)
      > ANGELIC LAYER: Mizaki Suzuhara is moving to Tokyo. Upon arriving
      > at the train station, she gets lost (it's her first time in Tokyo) and
      > wanders outside, where she witnesses a battle that wows her on a
      > gigantic screen. It turns out that the battle was part of Angelic
      > Layer, a game that's very popular. She gets drawn into the game and
      > goes on a wild adventure. This series has something for everyone,
      > from the comedic wiggly-squiggly Icchan, to more heart-felt moments,
      > and even intense battles. So go out now, and see the series that one
      > of the voice actresses calls "DRAGON BALL Z for Girls!" Available
      > from ADV films.
      > R1 official website: <http://www.angeliclayerdvd.com/main.php>
      > [Entry by Bill Martin]
      > ARIA: In Neo-Venezia, despite a backdrop of science fiction
      > technology, life has returned to simpler times. Akari Mizunashi is
      > living in Neo-Venezia (a recreation of the city of Venice) on the
      > planet Aria (a terraformed Mars). She is employed by Aria Company as
      > a "Single" or trainee Undine, the name given to gondoliers in
      > Neo-Venezia. Together with her friends and fellow would-be Undines
      > Aika and Alice, Akari spends her days learning to become a
      > full-fledged Undine and experiencing the joys of life, love, and
      > friendship among the canals of her adopted home.
      > ARIA is a laid-back slice-of-life story that shows the "Magic of
      > everyday life" through Akari's eyes. Cooked from the same recipe as
      > YOKOHAMA KAIDASHI KIKOU, Aria's episodic pace and lovely background
      > music can best be described as relaxed. Warm and fuzzy feelings are
      > the order of the day for ARIA.
      > ARIA spans three seasons - ARIA THE ANIMATION (13 episodes), ARIA
      > THE NATURAL (26 episodes), an OVA and the final ARIA THE ORIGINATION
      > (13 episodes). It is based on the two manga series "Aqua" and "Aria"
      > by Amano Kozue. The first season has been licenced by RightStuf.
      > [Entry by Abraham Evangelista and Robert Sneddon]
      > ARMITAGE III: In the future, mankind has terraformed and settled
      > Mars. We've also developed a line of human-like androids with
      > designations of "first," "second" and "third". Ross Sylabus, a police
      > detective from Earth with an antipathy for androids, has transferred
      > to Mars. What he finds there is a political conspiracy that covers
      > two planets and involves his colleague, the child-like female
      > detective Armitage. Well drawn and animated, with moments of both
      > levity and action. Some violence. Four episodes, or one movie which
      > is the episodes edited together with some omissions. Subbed and
      > dubbed both available. From Geneon, and Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Ben Cantrick]
      > [There is also a sequel movie ARMITAGE III - DUAL-MATRIX, which
      > contains spoilers for the original ARMITAGE III story. - Rob Kelk]
      > running approximately 4 hours total. Slow paced historical fiction.
      > The kingdom of Pars is overrun by a neighboring kingdom, with inside
      > help. The king is imprisoned and it's up to the young prince and his
      > loyal retainers to win the kingdom back. The story is more sword and
      > political intrigue than it is sword and sorcery, not much fighting, no
      > comedy, full of shoujo-esque character designs, and is unfinished, the
      > remainder of the story is available in novel or manga form. Original
      > novels by the same author as LEGEND OF GALACTIC HEROES. DVD box set
      > includes all OAVs. By U.S. Manga Corps.
      > [Entry by MimiE]
      > ASTRO BOY (originally TETSUWAN ATOMU/MIGHTY ATOM): The first real
      > Japanese anime TV series aired in 1963, ASTRO BOY was made by the
      > anime "God" Osamu Tezuka. It is a story of a little robot boy, who
      > ages and becomes mature through the series. It was the first anime
      > which featured familiar things such as continuous story and plot for
      > the entire series, character development, and so on. And remember, it
      > was the first TV anime series!
      > (This description refers to the original series, not the later
      > remake.)
      > Licenced by The Right Stuf International in North America, and by
      > Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Andrew V. Tupkalo]
      > AURA BATTLER DUNBINE: Motorcycle racer Show Zama is pulled into an
      > alternate world where he is drafted as an Aura Battler. An Aura
      > Battler is a person from Upper Earth (our world) that has the aura
      > power to control the insect-like mechs this world uses to fight its
      > wars. While the natives can also drive these things they cannot do so
      > with the proficiency of Upper Earthers. Show finds himself involved
      > in a war of conquest led by Drake Luft and soon decides he's on the
      > wrong side. It's quite an epic from the man who gave the world
      > GUNDAM.
      > Licenced by ADV Films.
      > [Entry by Kyle Thomas Pope]
      > AZUMANGA DAIOH: Popular 26 episode comedy series which follows the
      > fortunes of seven girls, two teachers, and one dog through the three
      > years of senior high school. Much of the story centres on Chiyo-chan,
      > a ten year old genius who has been put in their class and whose
      > combination of cuteness and superior academic ability inspires
      > ambivalent feelings amongst her considerably older classmates. Each
      > character is sharply defined and a lot of the humour arises from our
      > anticipation of their inevitable behaviour, from the narcoleptic Osaka
      > who lives in a dream to the manic Tomo whose hijinks go a little too
      > far. The animation is minimal and at times repetitive, but the images
      > are beautifully drawn with a refreshing look and equally good
      > background music.
      > Available from ADV.
      > Note: the AZUMANGA DAIOH "Movie" (included on the sixth ADV DVD,
      > not included in the box set) is actually just a five minute widescreen
      > short which reworks a few scenes from the series.
      > R1 official website: <http://www25.advfilms.com/titles/azumanga/>
      > [Entry by Shez]
      > B
      > CAMPUS GUARDRESS): Girl is sister to boy who is the reincarnation of
      > a man whom the girl's previous incarnation loved. He died last time
      > saving the world for evil monsters from another dimension who are bent
      > on world conquest. And now it's happening all over again. How will
      > the girl ever manage to save her brother and the world at the same
      > time, how will she deal with her incestful feelings for her brother,
      > and how can she deal with her mother making moves on her boy?
      > This is a bimodal show with characters and input from Hagiwara, the
      > author of BASTARD! DESTRUCTIVE GOD OF DARKNESS. As such, it is a
      > combination of the sublime and the profane in a very cute mix. The
      > attack names are a wonderful throwback to some of the spells in
      > BASTARD!, and have such names as "Thousand Slices of Radish Attack" or
      > "Puppy Dog Attack".
      > If you liked BASTARD!, you'll like this one.
      > [Entry by Anand Chelian]
      > BAMBOO BLADE: After making a bet with a senpai from his
      > high-school days, Muroe High School's kendo club instructor Ishida
      > Toraji desperately needs five female club members for a match with the
      > kendo club led by his senpai. Freshman Kawazoe Tamaki almost
      > perfectly fits the bill, since she turns out to be a kendo prodigy.
      > But Tamaki is pretty reserved and can't think of kendo as a hobby, so
      > she refuses. However, when an older member of the kendo club starts
      > bullying some of the new members, her sense of justice makes her join
      > temporarily to fight him off.
      > [Entry by Ansgar "59cobalt" Wiechers]
      > BASTARD!: It was an age of lawlessness
      > Of disorder and Chaos
      > Blood and steel, flesh and bone
      > An age of Magic
      > The four kingdoms are under siege from the evil dark armies of
      > Chaos. The only one who can save them is the evil wizard who nearly
      > conquered the world 15 years ago.
      > BASTARD!!
      > A tale of sorcery and combat, of scantily clad maidens and a more
      > scantily clad hero. High Shonen Fantasy at its most extreme. Enter
      > a world of action, excitement, danger, and ... laundry.
      > Available from Geneon in North America.
      > [Entry by "Akodo Bob"]
      > BATTLE ANGEL (a.k.a. BATTLE ANGEL ALITA or GUNNM): The Scrapyard
      > is the name given to a large decaying city that exists due to the
      > garbage dumped from the floating city above it, named Zalem. Humans,
      > androids and cyborgs live in this dark and dirty place, all
      > intermingling. Living with each other, trading with each other,
      > sometime mugging each other. Ido, A brilliant cyber-doctor, discovers
      > the wreckage of an extraordinary cyborg in one of the city's junk
      > piles, and restores it to full health with his skills. She has no
      > memory of her past, so he names her Gally and raises her as his own
      > daughter. However, there is more to her than meets the eye ... Good
      > artwork and animation. From the much-acclaimed manga of the same name
      > by Yukito Kishiro. Contains violence, gore, nudity.
      > Was dubbed and subbed from ADV Films, but is no longer available in
      > North America (possibly due to an expired license). However, BATTLE
      > ANGEL ALITA is still listed in the Madman catalog, so Australians can
      > still obtain this anime.
      > [Entry by Ben Cantrick, edited by Rob Kelk]
      > BATTLE ATHLETES VICTORY: Battle Athletes Victory chronicles the
      > trials of a 15 year old athlete, Akari Kanzaki. Akari's dream is to
      > become the Cosmo Beauty, the title given each year to the greatest
      > athlete in the Solar System. The title is fought for at the
      > University Satellite, a space station that orbits Earth. Akari lives
      > in the shadow of her mother, Tomoe Midoh, who was widely regarded as
      > the greatest Cosmo Beauty ever. Akari's journey begins at a training
      > school in Antarctica, but stretches past the University Satellite ...
      > Available from Geneon.
      > [Entry by Matt Huber]
      > BATTLE SKIPPER: A new intake and the usual scrap for the best by
      > the school hobby clubs, but three young girls end up taking the fast
      > track into the secret world of one particular club, a cover for some
      > pretty heavyweight mecha in the usual clash of good bot meets bad
      > bot ... apparently the folk who did PLASTIC LITTLE had much to do with
      > this title. (CPM/USMC)
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > BETTERMAN: Mix a high school odd couple (childhood friends who
      > fell out of touch) with him as the geeky nerd and her as the popular
      > but secretly insecure type due to being orphaned by family
      > disappearing under mysterious circumstances, giant mechas produced by
      > a genius businessman and inventor, his sickly psychic daughter, a
      > handpicked crew of pilot teams and support personnel, mysterious
      > beings of unknown, possibly evolutionary/mutation origin, and a virus
      > or other factor that is behind a serious of threatening events. Then
      > stir in some hard science without any ST speak, and give the viewer
      > room to figure out what is going on without talking down to 'em.
      > You'll have control!
      > Shares a universe and some characters with the series THE KING OF
      > BRAVES GAOGAIGAR. 26 episode series produced by Sunrise (Studio 7),
      > originally aired on TV Tokyo April - September 1999. Issued in Region
      > 1 by Bandai (six disks) and broadcast on the now-defunct Tech TV's
      > "Anime Unleashed."
      > [Entry by Aje RavenStar]
      > BIG O: Roger Smith is a Negotiator, an agent for hire in the
      > amnesiac city of Paradigm, enclosed in giant glass domes. Alongside
      > his mysterious Megadeus (giant robot), the Big O, the deadpan android
      > R. Dorothy Wainwright and his ever reliable butler Norman, he polices
      > the city where the military police cannot. Yet Paradigm City holds
      > many secrets, "Memories" of what happened forty years ago before all
      > the residents of Paradigm lost them, and there are those who will stop
      > at nothing to gather them - and Roger's Memories may be some of the
      > most important of all.
      > Highly influenced by "Batman", this odd mecha series owes its
      > success partly to the US Cartoon Network, who funded the second
      > season. Written by the ever confusing Chiaki Konaka (LAIN), the
      > fairly superfluous (although very well animated) mecha fights take a
      > back seat to the utter madness of the plot, particularly in the
      > superior second season. High production values and interesting
      > characters - R. Dorothy is a particular fan favourite - contribute to
      > make an intriguing addition to the mecha genre.
      > Available from Bandai in Region 1 on seven DVDs, with two extremely
      > inexpensive collections available of both seasons.
      > [Entry by Andrew Hollingbury]
      > BIGWARS: Man has colonised Mars and an alien race doesn't much
      > care for that. This is a tale of Man's struggle against the odds as
      > the alien, who styles itself as a kind of god, uses awesome weapons to
      > beat back the expansionist humans. It's now down to one last
      > chance ...
      > (CPM/USMC)
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > BLACK LAGOON: On a business trip in Roanapur, Thailand, Japanese
      > salaryman Rock gets double-crossed by his boss and left in the hands
      > of a mercenary group called The Black Lagoon company. Originally
      > kidnapped for some extra ransom, Rock bonds with the crew and becomes
      > one of them. But this series has a little more going on than "girls
      > with guns" and a lot of swearing. The series rips apart Rock's almost
      > hypocritical world view of Good and Evil and shows him that it's
      > simply a world where people are trying to get things or die trying.
      > What good is loyalty if everyone has a price? And how can he consider
      > himself a good guy when he's up to his neck in crime and murder? This
      > is a thinking man's action series, and has a lot more to offer than
      > explosions and violence.
      > Age: 14+. Lots of swearing (especially in the dub), smoking,
      > drinking, extreme violence and nuns with bad habits.
      > [Entry by Travers Naran]
      > BLACK MAGIC M66: A side story to Masamune Shirow's manga BLACK
      > MAGIC, this movie tells the story of one of the first combat androids
      > ever built. Unfortunately, the military scientist who designed it
      > used his daughter as the test subject for the android to target. Even
      > more unfortunately, the android has escaped from the aircraft
      > transporting it from the test facility ... If you liked "The
      > Terminator", you'll probably like M66. The anime was previously
      > available from Manga Video (the licence has expired), and the
      > collected comic is available from Dark Horse.
      > [Entry by Rob Kelk]
      > BLACKJACK: He's called Blackjack, and he is a practitioner of
      > "underground surgery". A Tezuka character of old, in this story he is
      > caught up in a mystery concerning the appearance of "Super Humans",
      > and the lethal secret behind it. BLACKJACK is based around a manga
      > where he is a character that appears, performs surgery that no
      > legitimate surgeon would consider, charges high fees for it then
      > vanishes. Released by Manga in North America, and Madman in
      > Australia.
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > BLEACH: How far would you go for your friends? Would you even
      > challenge the Gates of Heaven? BLEACH is a Shonen Jump adventure
      > story with well-crafted characters more real than your average shonen
      > anime, great visuals and really interesting ideas.
      > Ichigo Kurosaki is a 15 year old high school student with a
      > penchant for trouble and protective of his little sisters. One night,
      > a ferocious demon called a Hollow appears, drawn to Ichigo's spirit
      > power. For reasons he does not understand, he can *see* the demon,
      > and more importantly, the Death God (shinigami), Ruchia, pursuing it.
      > In the fight for his life, Ichigo borrows Ruchia's power, becoming a
      > Death God himself, and defeats the Hollow. But this just begins a
      > sequence of events that leads him on a journey that will test his
      > spirit to the brink of death and beyond.
      > The series derives its strength from its well written characters.
      > You feel loyalty to Ichigo: a sarcastic delinquint who will literally
      > bleed for his friends. You care about Ruchia: the young Death God who
      > tries to be a serious professional, but is still an awkward teenage
      > girl. You want to protect Orihime who is delightfully ditzy, but not
      > as weak as she seems. Their adventures test them and help you bond
      > with them while leading up to their biggest challenge. A story more
      > epic than the initial episodes would lead you to believe.
      > Age: 12 and up (if they can handle horror movies, they'll be OK)
      > PARENTAL: Swordplay, violence and some coarse language. Scary
      > scenes for young children.
      > [Entry by Travers Naran]
      > BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE: Demons called Chiropterans are living
      > among humanity, preying on humans for their blood. However, a secret
      > US government organization is after them. Their main weapon is a
      > seemingly young girl called Saya, who is said to be "the only
      > remaining original." On the verge of the Vietnam War, she's sent to a
      > US air base in Japan which probably is infested by Chiropterans.
      > A very dark, atmospheric movie that mixes suspense and action
      > elements.
      > Available in North America from Manga Entertainment, in Germany
      > from Panini Video.
      > [Entry by Ansgar "59cobalt" Wiechers]
      > BLUE SEED: Momiji is a high-spirited 15-year-old girl who is the
      > current inheritor of the Kushinada bloodline, and has spent her life
      > being prepared for the possibility that she may have to be sacrificed
      > to protect Japan if the Aragami return to the world. The Aragami are
      > a kind of monster that is mutated by a "blue seed," called a mitama.
      > One day, Kusanagi, a strange young man who has many mitamas, appears,
      > tells her a sister she never knew she had is dead, threatens to kill
      > her, and then apparently protects her from some sort of dragon
      > creature. Two other people from the TAC (Terrestrial Administration
      > Center), the group that had raised her sister in preparation for the
      > return of the Aragami threat, appear and rescue her. Later, after
      > Momiji's school is attacked by an Aragami, Momiji joins the TAC for
      > protection and to help them fight for the survival of Japan, and
      > possibly the world.
      > Available in North America from ADV.
      > [Entry by "HiEv"]
      > BLUE SONNET: There have been many stories about making a humanoid
      > "ultimate weapon". This is one of those, in that Sonnet is a cyborg
      > that has awesome psychokinetic powers. However it is known to her
      > creator that somewhere out there is an even greater power lying
      > dormant. In fact the person in question becomes a classmate of
      > Sonnet's. While this girl discovers her hidden power, Sonnet
      > discovers her lost humanity in a background of corporate domination.
      > (USMC)
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > BLUE SUBMARINE #6: The world is at war with aliens. Most of the
      > world is covered in water. But not everything is as it seems. There
      > is a lot of action in this series and some interesting twists. It's a
      > combination of hand drawn and computer animation which in my opinion
      > worked nicely. The episodes are short and only one episode per DVD.
      > Still cheaper than the old way of buying a dub and a sub version of
      > the VHS, but in today's DVD age it seems a bit expensive. An single
      > disk is also available with the violence edited out. The dub is
      > alright but is better watched in original. Available from Bandai in
      > North America, and from Siren in Australia.
      > [Entry by Shawn Granger]
      > BOOGIE POP PHANTOM: This is a sci-fi horror story within a story
      > involving an urban legend of a cloaked murderer who's turned the city
      > into a killing field while the inhabitants begin expressing
      > frightening powers that are beyond their control. The episodes are
      > connected but in a very loose, convuluted chronology and the series is
      > done in washed-out, bleak tones so it's not for everyone. Still, what
      > the series sets out to do, it does extremely well. It disturbs by
      > presenting the helplessness of humans in the face of unnatural forces
      > and also in giving a despairing, microscopic view of the uglier side
      > of life and family.
      > Licenced by ADV in North America and the UK, and by Madman in
      > Australia.
      > [Entry by Michael Lo]
      > BOTTLE FAIRIES (a.k.a. BINZUME YOSEI): Based on Yuiko Tokumi's
      > "reader-participation manga" in Magi-Cu Premium magazine, this
      > thirteen episode TV series tells the month-by-month adventures of four
      > tiny naive fairy girls, Sarara, Kururu, Chiriri and Hororo who live in
      > glass jars on the desk of Sensei-san, a young college student. Each
      > show covers a month in Japanese life with the fairies learning about
      > what it is to be human, assisted by Loose Cannon Tama-chan, their
      > highly-opinionated six-year-old neighbour who is *never* wrong.
      > In the wrong hands this could have been saccharine beyond belief
      > but the scripts and storylines belie the basic idea and make each
      > episode delightful as the girls use their imagination to try and
      > figure out the world. The equally-delightful ending songs are sung by
      > the fairy seiyuus, with a different seiyuu and song for the three
      > shows in each "season".
      > Licenced by Geneon in North America.
      > Official manga website: <http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~hakka-ya/>
      > Official anime website:
      > <http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/binzume/>
      > [Entry by Robert Sneddon]
      > BRIGADOON: Marin Asagi is an orphaned outcast living in a tenement
      > building in 60's Japan. Her life changes when a mysterious glowing
      > world appears in the sky and a giant machine called a Monomakia falls
      > from the sky attempting to kill her - she is only saved by a blue
      > android called Melan Blue that she discovers concealed in a shrine.
      > Together Marin and Melan need to fend off the continuing Monomakia
      > attacks - but why are they after Marin, and why has this strange
      > world - called Brigadoon - appeared?
      > Brigadoon's deceptively cutesy exterior hides an extremely dark
      > show - there seems to be no end to the amount of sorrow inflicted on
      > Marin over the course of the series. This, plus some slight
      > fanservice which may put off some due to the characters being only 13,
      > means Brigadoon has become something of a niche show - however, it has
      > a lot to recommend it, from its stirring Celtic-influenced score to
      > its excellent animation (the Monomakia fights are particularly well
      > done, and Marin isn't totally passive either, a refreshing change for
      > shows of this type) and likeable characters, although the somewhat
      > erratic switching from hyperactive comedy to dark drama mitigates this
      > somewhat.
      > Available in Region 1 from Tokyopop on 6 DVDs.
      > [Entry by Andrew Hollingbury]
      > BUBBLEGUM CRISIS: A classic cyberpunk tale of a corporation gone
      > rotten and a group of hi-tech vigilantes that seek to bring the worse
      > elements and deeds of that corporation under control.
      > Mega-Tokyo is a corporate town built on and around the ruins of
      > Tokyo which was mostly destroyed some years before the story opens by
      > an earthquake. The corporation that helped to rebuild the town is
      > Genom, a multi-national that, among other things, builds "Boomers".
      > These robotic creatures are used for both good and evil, and where the
      > latter is involved, the Knight Sabers will tackle them, especially as
      > their leader, Sylia, has a past connection with these creatures.
      > Often praised for its musical content and some of the designs, the
      > show is seen as styled after the US movie "Blade Runner", and
      > continues to have a following many years after the show was completed,
      > though it has produced spin off shows including AD POLICE, BUBBLEGUM
      > Available in the US from AnimEigo, in Australia from Madman.
      > Originally available from Anime Projects in the UK, now licenced to
      > MVM.
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040: BGC2040 is a 26-episode TV series
      > that "borrows" certain elements from the original BUBBLEGUM CRISIS,
      > but changes them enough to make it an alternative retelling of the
      > original story. The basic concept is the same: Four women use powered
      > armor to fight a secret war against renegade androids (Boomers) and
      > the shady corporation who makes them (Genom). Some things (such as
      > Priss being a biker chick and singer of a rock band) remain the same
      > from the original series, but most other aspects are completely
      > different, ranging from the personalities of the characters to the
      > nature of the technology they use. As a result, the show has a
      > different feel than its predecessor - at times it feels more like
      > EVANGELION than "Blade Runner". Many (but not all) fans of the
      > original series dislike this show intensely. Much of the criticism
      > has to do with certain plot twists that strike some as implausible.
      > However, BGC2040 has its own fans as well. It's probably best to
      > judge the show on its own, rather than comparing it against its famous
      > predecessor. Available from ADV Films in North America, and Madman in
      > Australia.
      > [Entry by Scott Fujimoto]
      > BURN UP W: Surrounding a group of specially selected (female)
      > police who, when called into action, display special skills (and a lot
      > more in those inevitable skin tight costumes!) This series runs
      > through a number of side plots but is essentially concerned with an
      > underworld plot to control the minds of various powerful folk using an
      > addictive device. Available from ADV Films in North America, and
      > Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > C
      > CARDCAPTOR SAKURA (a.k.a. CARDCAPTORS): A sweet and charming
      > 'magical girl' show by the popular CLAMP team, built on the framework
      > of a collectable card game. 4th grader Kinomoto Sakura (renamed to
      > "Sakura Avalon" in the dub) accidentally releases a number of magical
      > cards from an ancient book. With the aid of the cards' guardian,
      > Keroberos, who appears as a winged toy bear, and her adoring
      > girlfriend Tomoyo (called "Madison" in the dub), Sakura must recapture
      > the cards and return them to their book, using the captured cards'
      > powers to help her. Complications ensue with the appearance of other
      > seekers of the cards. CARDCAPTOR SAKURA is as much about the joys,
      > vicissitudes and perplexities of growing up, of what friendship really
      > means, of how to be brave in the face of danger, as it is about its
      > frame story of the chase after magical cards. As with all CLAMP
      > shows, the character and costume designs are utterly charming, and as
      > with all CLAMP shows, there are hints of homoeroticism.
      > This show is commercially available in the US (from Geneon) in two
      > formats: CARDCAPTOR SAKURA has Japanese language and English
      > subtitles only, and has not been edited for content; CARDCAPTORS, with
      > an English dub only, is the version that was shown on American TV, and
      > is heavily edited. Only the latter is available in Australia (from
      > Madman).
      > [Entry by Slithy Tove]
      > CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO: see the entry for LUPIN III
      > A CHINESE GHOST STORY: A naive tax collector is surprised to find
      > that he was assigned to work in the land of ghosts and spirits. Too
      > late, he already fell in love with a beautiful ghost who wants to
      > harvest his soul for her mistress. He can resist her spell and wins
      > her love, but now the two lovers find themselves in the middle of a
      > battle between the three best ghostbusters of the land. Loosely based
      > on the same Chinese fairy tale as the popular live-action Hong Kong
      > movie of the same name. Beautiful character design and 2D animation,
      > badly mixed with ugly, overdone 3D computer graphics that brings down
      > the overall experience. Yet the great (very Chinese) humour and a
      > cute story save the film.
      > [Entry by Hanno Mueller]
      > CHOBITS: Can a machine be alive? Can it have a broken heart? How
      > does it change us to have our ideal partner, but with none of the
      > challenges that a real person brings? CHOBITS can be mistaken for a
      > shallow seinen (college student) story about a boy who finds a
      > beautiful "Persocom" girl robot, but this story came from the
      > all-female Osaka manga team Studio CLAMP, and nothing is ever what it
      > seems with them.
      > A country boy, Hideki Motosuwa, moves to the big city to get an
      > education and comes across Chi, a Persocom left in the garbage. In
      > this near future, Persocoms are walking personal assistants, PCs and
      > cellphones, made to look like beautiful humans, and of course people
      > begin to become obsessed with them. In finding out the history of
      > Chi, Hideki learns the secret history of Persocoms and that Chi may be
      > the legendary "chobits" model: a model that has true emotions. And
      > who is the mysterious author of those children's books that seem to be
      > talking about Chi and Hideki?
      > The story works on so many levels. There's the wonderful (and
      > ultimately platonic) love story of Hideki and Chi, but the series also
      > asks interesting questions, like "How do people change when we can
      > have a relationship with a robot?" and "What happens when we forget
      > about the humans we used to have relationships with?" From a silly
      > exploitation premise, CLAMP manages to create an intriguing
      > philosophical love story.
      > ADVISORY: Mature content and very suggestive scenes; 16 years and
      > up.
      > Licenced by Geneon in North America, and by Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Travers Naran]
      > CHRONO CRUSADE (a.k.a. CHRNO CRUSADE): It is the late 1920s,
      > America is experiencing a boom economy, and the rich keep on getting
      > richer... and with all that money, they find they have time to pursue
      > other things, and number one on the list... Devil worship. That's not
      > jake, so Sister Rosette Christopher, her demon friend Chrono, and the
      > other members of the Holy Order of Mary of Magdelene must combat this
      > terrible new menace. Rosette has her own reasons for fighting the
      > demons, as she searches for her long lost brother, Joshua. This is
      > definitely not a kid's show, however, the Christmas episode is a heart-
      > warming one, definitely worth sharing. This series starts off
      > slightly dark, switches to comedy every now and then, but can and will
      > get very dark, very fast. So don't be a Mrs. Grundy, go out and watch
      > this show.
      > Note: Of all the anime I've seen, this is the one that uses
      > Christian symbols most closely to their true symbolism, and even
      > though it seems to be just a Nuns With Guns show, it's much deeper
      > than that.
      > Licenced by ADV in North America and the UK, and by Madman in
      > Australia.
      > R1 official website:
      > <http://www25.advfilms.com/titles/chronocrusade/>
      > [Entry by Bill Martin]
      > COWBOY BEBOP: A jazzy group of bounty hunters meet up and travel
      > the galaxy. Lots of great individual episodes as well as a main
      > storyline running through them all. Sharp animation that shows how
      > well the hand drawn and computer mixed can look. Great music and even
      > the dub is actually pretty good. Instant classic which appeals to a
      > wide audience, otaku and non-otaku alike. Available from Bandai in
      > North America, or Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Shawn Granger]
      > CREST OF THE STARS: CotS (a.k.a. SeiMon from Seikai no Monshou) is
      > a hard sci-fi story set amidst an era of interplanetary empires and
      > galaxy-spanning war. Humanity has colonized the stars, and the
      > resulting new order has become one of vast, conflicting empires. The
      > male lead is the son of a free planet's president who "sold out" his
      > people to the ABH empire when they came to invade. Now nobility
      > himself and all but deprived of friends, family, and homeland, Jinto
      > must enter the ABH military in the hopes of eventually assuming his
      > rightful place in the nobility. His first contact with the
      > genetically enhanced ABH is Lafille, a *very* special young woman
      > whose identity and significance to the political fabric of the empire
      > becomes only gradually apparent.
      > The show hits all the bases: politics, deeply imagined culture and
      > futuristic technology, action both in person and between space
      > fleets ... and most importantly character development, as Jinto and
      > Lafille grow up as individuals while growing together as people. The
      > chemistry between them is the focal point of the animators for this
      > show, and they pull it off with style. Visuals aren't bad at all
      > either, as expected of Bandai's frontline animators at Sunrise.
      > If you want something fluffy, something with major fanservice,
      > something hyperkinetic, or can't take serious sci-fi, SeiMon is
      > probably not the anime for you. If the above description sounds
      > interesting, however, I recommend picking up the first volume and
      > seeing what you think.
      > Available from Bandai in North America, and Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Mark L. Neidengard]
      > CROMARTIE HIGH: You know something strange is afoot when the
      > opening warning of an anime says "Kids, imitating this will get your
      > thrown in jail" instead of the usual "Step Away from the TV and turn
      > on the lights".
      > CROMARTIE HIGH chronicles the misadventures of a delinquent
      > high-school class whose misfit members more resemble traveling circuis
      > attractions than students. With a cast that includes a gorilla, a
      > singing robot, and a student with more than a passing resemblance to
      > Freddy Mercury, CROMARTIE HIGH is sure to entertain fans of wacky
      > low-brow comedy.
      > Available in R1 from ADV.
      > R1 official website: <http://www25.advfilms.com/titles/cromartie/>
      > [Entry by Abraham Evangelista]
      > CRUSHER JOE: Old-style comic-book action from the writers that
      > later went on to create DIRTY PAIR: Feature movie and two OAV
      > episodes available, from the TV series about team Crusher and their
      > leader Joe, four mercenaries (and one robot) who'll tackle any job in
      > the galaxy that needs doing, no matter how impossible ... *especially*
      > if impossible. Available from AnimEigo.
      > [Entry by Derek Janssen]
      > CYBER CITY OEDO 808: In a world dominated by the criminal element,
      > the forces of law and order turn to setting criminals up to work off
      > their penalties by becoming unwilling foot soldiers in the march
      > against crime. Three such criminals are followed in this series, each
      > with a mission to complete within a given period of time, otherwise a
      > device locked on their necks will make sure they do not get another
      > chance. With each successful mission, a portion of their sentences is
      > erased. (Manga)
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > (continued in part 3)
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