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    Here a info from the newsgroup rec.arts.anime.misc thanks for reading, arigato St├ęphane Dumas http://groups.yahoo.com/group/canroads
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      Here a info from the newsgroup rec.arts.anime.misc thanks for reading,

      St├ęphane Dumas http://groups.yahoo.com/group/canroads
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alternate-history/ (I'm not the creator, I'm
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      Subject: [INFO] The Anime Primer, or "What Anime Should I Watch Now?" (1/10)

      > Archive-name: <http://robkelk.ottawa-anime.org/primer/>
      > Posting-frequency: monthly, on the 1st
      > Last-modified: Fri 31 Aug 2007
      > The Anime Primer
      > or
      > Usenet edition
      > Edited by Rob Kelk
      > Based on the work of Bruce Carlson & Steve Pearl
      > 31 August 2007
      > ****************************************************************
      > This document is always undergoing revision.
      > New entries are needed and should be sent to Rob Kelk.
      > ****************************************************************
      > This is intended for English-speaking fans who are new to anime, and
      > looking for some suggestions of what to watch next. While this list
      > concentrates on North American releases of anime, there is some
      > information about the availability of translated anime in other parts
      > of the world mentioned as well.
      > Additions and corrections to this information are welcome; please post
      > them in reply to this posting.
      > This Primer is also available on the World-Wide Web. The primary site
      > is <http://robkelk.ottawa-anime.org/primer/>; there is also a mirror at
      > <http://anime-faqs.org/anime/primer/index.html>.
      > New or Heavily Revised Writeups This Month:
      > none
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 1. Table of Contents
      > 1. Table of Contents
      > 2. Important Note to Parents
      > 3. Credits and Legal Notes
      > 4. How to Find Anime
      > 5. Why would an anime not be on this list?
      > 6. Other Recommendations
      > 7. The List Maintainer's Current Favourites
      > 8. Capsule Descriptions of Anime
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 2. Important Note to Parents
      > While some of the entries in the Primer have Parental Advisory notes,
      > it is not safe to assume that the shows described without advisories
      > are safe for young children. These movies and television shows are
      > made in Japan, to that country's standards of what is and is not
      > suitable as children's entertainment. Those standards might not match
      > your home's standards.
      > Also, many of these shows were not intended to be children's
      > entertainment at all. (For example, CHOBITS and ZIPANG were intended
      > for college-aged audiences.)
      > If you intend to let your children watch any of the shows reviewed in
      > the Anime Primer, please view them yourself beforehand.
      > For a more in-depth discussion of this matter, please see Gilles
      > Poitras' "Parental Content in Anime and Manga" page at
      > <http://www.koyagi.com/problematic.html>.
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 3. Credits and Legal Notes
      > This is a monthly posting intended for those who are new to anime, and
      > looking for some suggestions of what to watch next. This article can
      > be freely distributed for non-commercial use, as long as all credits
      > and notices remain intact. If this is used in any publication,
      > including APAs & CD-ROM Collections, copies must be sent to:
      > Steve Pearl
      > PO Box 11044
      > New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1044
      > USA
      > and
      > Rob Kelk
      > (contact FAQ maintainer for address)
      > Please send all additions/corrections/comments to Rob Kelk.
      > Contributors to this FAQ:
      > Past Maintainers:
      > Bruce Carlson Steve Pearl
      > Current Maintainer:
      > Rob Kelk <robkelk -atsign- gmail -period- com>
      > Writers:
      > C Andersen Chris "Blade" McNeil
      > Dave Baranyi Dave Menard
      > Jack Bohn Karl Merris
      > Gerardo Campos Hanno Mueller
      > Ben Cantrick Travers Naran
      > Robin Casady Mark L. Neidengard
      > Anand Chelian Justin Palmer
      > Bobby Clark Kyle Thomas Pope
      > laurie cubbison Jorge A Pratt
      > David Damerell bobbie sellers
      > Scott Delahunt David Simmons
      > Abraham Evangelista Charlie Smith
      > Michael Falkner Robert Sneddon
      > Scott Fujimoto Andrew V. Tupkalo
      > Shawn Granger Terrence Walker
      > Bruce Grubb Austin Watkins
      > Arthur Hansen David Watson
      > Jeanne Hedge Ansgar "59cobalt" Wiechers
      > Andrew Hollingbury D.Eric Wilson
      > Matt "Kosher Pickle" Huber Phil Yff
      > Brad Jackson "Akodo Bob"
      > Derek Janssen "Antaeus Feldspar"
      > Chris "Chika" Johnson "Captain Nerd"
      > Rob Kelk "Dot Warner"
      > Andrew Kieswetter "Hana no Kaitou"
      > Cathy Krusberg "HiEv"
      > Paul Lepant "IwillneverbeaJedi"
      > Ray Li "KireiSarah"
      > Michael Lo "MimiE"
      > D B Malmquist "Royal Orange"
      > Bill Martin "Shez"
      > Rob Maxwell "Slithy Tove"
      > Chris Meadows "Sultan Of Swing"
      > Nicholas A. "QuestionMark" Jalowick
      > Catherine "Fish Eye no Miko" Johnson
      > If there is no credit given for an entry, then it was inherited from
      > the original "Anime Primer" maintained by Bruce Carlson & Steve Pearl.
      > (Currently, only five entries do not have attributions: LEGEND OF
      > WINDARIA.)
      > Most (if not all) of the company names mentioned in this document are
      > trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies. No
      > challenge to their trademark status is intended by their mention in
      > this document.
      > All reviews in the Anime Primer are copyright their respective
      > authors, and are used with permission. The compilation copyright for
      > the Anime Primer is held by Rob Kelk.
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 4. How to Find Anime
      > Anime programs come in three flavors: TV shows, Movies, and Original
      > Animation Video (OAV or OVA - what North American studios call "direct
      > to video"). In general, movies have the best animation quality, while
      > TV shows use less motion, and OAVs vary widely between those. Also,
      > newer shows tend to have better animation than older shows do, since
      > the state of the art has advanced. But animation quality is rarely an
      > indicator of how good an anime is.
      > The vast majority of Japanese animation is only available in Japanese,
      > of course. Sturgeon's Law ("90% of *everything* is crap") also
      > applies to anime, so the professionals and fans translating anime into
      > English tend to work with the 10% that isn't.
      > Professionally-translated anime can often be found at large video
      > stores and comic book shops (brick-and-mortar or online). Sometimes,
      > they are also available for individual purchase directly from the
      > translation company. Secondhand copies of anime can also be found for
      > sale on the <news:rec.arts.anime.marketplace> newsgroup.
      > Fan-subtitled items were historically available as tape-to-tape copies
      > from clubs (see below), individuals, and other volunteer distributors.
      > Nowadays they are usually found online via the various file-sharing
      > peer-to-peer systems in formats designed either for viewing directly
      > on computer screens or for transfer to DVD for playing in DVD players.
      > Since fansubs are "derivative works", they are technically illegal in
      > most countries (so don't get fansubs if you don't want to break the
      > law), but this is largely ignored by the copyright holders as long as
      > nobody makes a profit and anime that have been professionally
      > translated aren't also fan-subtitled. It is beyond the scope of this
      > document to describe how to obtain fansubs - please ask on the
      > <news:rec.arts.anime.fandom> newsgroup for assistance.
      > (There are still some fansub distributors who advertise tapes or VCDs
      > on the World-Wide Web. Be warned, though, that many of these people
      > are taking advantage of other fans' goodwill by selling tapes or CDs
      > at a profit. Worse yet, there are now many people who are selling
      > fansubs for a profit on eBay and other online auction services. You
      > shouldn't pay more for a fansub than you would pay for the blank tape
      > or blank CD, plus postage. Also, some less-scrupulous fansub
      > distributors sell fan-subtitled copies of anime that have also been
      > translated professionally. The best defence against being caught by
      > one of these distributors is to know what shows have been
      > professionally translated. Read the Grand High License List at
      > <http://www.animeondvd.com/licenselist/>, then ask on
      > <news:rec.arts.anime.misc> if you still aren't sure.)
      > Most cities of even moderate size have an anime club somewhere. They
      > probably meet periodically and view the latest stuff, and many have a
      > decent video library. A good way to find your local club is to ask at
      > the local stores that sell anime, or to post a question in the
      > rec.arts.anime.fandom newsgroup if your town doesn't have an anime
      > store.
      > Many science fiction conventions have an anime program in a room
      > someplace these days. An anime convention is probably the best way to
      > sample *large* amounts of anime at once (if you can tear yourself
      > away from the Guests, panels, and other activities to actually watch
      > the stuff).
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 5. Why would an anime not be on this list?
      > You may have seen an anime that you liked, but isn't on this list.
      > That doesn't mean your taste in anime is bad!
      > First, this is not a comprehensive list of anime titles (for that, see
      > the Anime News Network encyclopedia of anime, found at
      > <http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php>), or even a
      > list of all good anime. It it simply a list of shows that people on
      > the anime newsgroups like enough to review and recommend to others.
      > Please keep in mind that tastes vary, and not everyone will think that
      > every anime on this list is good. (You could ask twenty different
      > anime fans what the best anime are, and you'll get twenty different
      > replies.) But we hope that this list will help you find something
      > *you* think is good.
      > Also, if the anime you saw and liked has erotic or pornographic
      > content, it shouldn't be listed here. Listings for this type of anime
      > can be found in "The Anime Hentai Primer", a companion to this
      > posting. The list maintainer chose to split the list so that this
      > list could be given to people who should not, or do not wish to, watch
      > erotic or pornographic animation.
      > If the anime you saw and liked isn't included in either Primer, it's
      > quite possible that we simply haven't seen it yet. If you think we
      > should add a capsule description of a title not on this list, please
      > write the description and post it as a reply to this posting, or
      > e-mail it to Rob Kelk at <robkelk -atsign- gmail -period- com>.
      > Should you decide to write a capsule description of a good anime
      > title, please also mention who translated the anime. This is
      > especially important when the show is only available fansubbed!
      > (Commercially-translated anime can be purchased in specialty shops,
      > but fansubs are only available from people within the anime fan
      > community. Knowing who translated a show often helps other anime fans
      > find the translations.)
      > The list maintainer makes a habit of acknowledging all Primer entries
      > received, either through e-mail or by posting to the newsgroup
      > <news:rec.arts.anime.fandom>. If you do not receive a reply to your
      > submission after a week, then it probably was not received and you
      > should re-submit your entry.
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 6. Other Recommendations
      > Most of these descriptions are sparse, but we can't really offer more
      > in Usenet posts! However, there are places on the World-Wide Web that
      > offer more in-depth reviews, including reviews of shows that aren't as
      > good as these are.
      > Gilles Poitras, author of "The Anime Companion" and "Anime
      > Essentials", has a page of recommendations on his website. He also
      > has pages of recommendations for manga and books about anime.
      > <http://www.koyagi.com/recommended.html>
      > Andrew Shelton is building the "Anime Meta-Review" site, which lists
      > roughly three times as many titles as this FAQ does. He also reviews
      > shows that he *doesn't* recommend, which may be of interest to some
      > people.
      > <http://amr.nextstudio.net/>
      > The Anime News Network maintains an online encyclopedia listing almost
      > every anime title in existance, with user-submitted ratings of most of
      > the shows.
      > <http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php>
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 7. The List Maintainer's Current Favourites
      > It's come to my attention that the Anime Primer, while useful, is
      > simply too large to act as an introduction to all anime available now.
      > Also, there are some people on <news:rec.arts.anime.misc> who have
      > expressed an interest in knowing what other fans are watching.
      > This is a list of my top twenty favourite anime titles as of the last
      > time I updated this list. (That would be 11 June 2007.) The list is
      > subject to change on my whim - it's a list of my favourites, after
      > all, not a list of what's acknowledged as "good". The North American
      > translation companies that have released these shows are listed so
      > that you can more easily find the anime.
      > Taking a riff from David Letterman ... From the home office in
      > Ottawa, here's Rob Kelk's Top Twenty Favourite Anime:
      > 19: RUIN EXPLORERS (ADV)
      > 17: EARTH DEFENSE FAMILY (Geneon)
      > 16: MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (Disney)
      > 15: AZUMANGA DAIOH (ADV)
      > 14: PORCO ROSSO (Disney)
      > 12: ANGELIC LAYER (ADV)
      > 11: YOU'RE UNDER ARREST! (AnimEigo, ADV)
      > 10: CARDCAPTOR SAKURA (Geneon)
      > 8: READ OR DIE / R.O.D THE TV (Manga, Geneon)
      > 7: TSUKUYOMI MOON PHASE (Funimation)
      > 6: FIGURE 17 (Anime Works)
      > 5: KAMICHU! (Geneon)
      > 3: STELLVIA (Geneon)
      > 2: PRINCESS TUTU (ADV)
      > 1: CHOBITS (Geneon)
      > ------------------------------
      > Subject: 8. Capsule Descriptions of Anime
      > And now, the reviews:
      > .hack//SIGN: "The World" is an online multiplayer RPG taking the
      > world by storm. One player, a Wavemaster (magician) named Tsukasa,
      > gets stuck in The World, unable to quit back to the real world - and
      > all the while players are falling into mysterious comas. There is
      > obviously something rotten in The World, but it will take a whole team
      > of players to sort it out, and the problems may reach deeper than they
      > think.
      > Released as part of Bandai's massive .hack multimedia campaign,
      > .hack//SIGN comes from Bee Train, the studio behind NOIR, and features
      > many of the same hallmarks with blaring (although excellent) Yuki
      > Kajiura music drowning out fairly cryptic dialogue. If this is to your
      > taste, there's a lot to like about .hack//SIGN, with an intriguing
      > cast of characters and some particularly good background artwork, but
      > be prepared for a lot of talking.
      > Released by Bandai in Region 1 and UK Region 2, and by Madman in
      > Region 4. The original Region 1 release came in several special
      > editions including soundtrack CDs, which are unfortunately not
      > available separately, and the last disc's special edition came with an
      > extra bonus episode - I believe this is available in the recently
      > released .hack//SIGN Collection.
      > [Entry by Andrew Hollingbury]
      > 3X3 EYES (a.k.a. SAZAN EYES): Pai, the last of a race of three-eye
      > immortals known as Sanjiyan Unkara, desires to become human. She has
      > been sent to Yakumo by his late father to obtain an artifact called
      > the Ningun No Zou or Statue of Humanity which is needed to accomplish
      > this. Unfortunately, one of her demon friends is let loose and Yakumo
      > is mortally wounded in the resulting chaos. To save Yakumo she pulls
      > his soul into her, turning him into a Wu (an undead-like immortal).
      > To become human again, Yakumo must help Pai become human.
      > Unfortunately there are others who want the Ningun No Zou, the
      > immortality of being Wu, or Pai herself. Complicating matters is that
      > Pai has a totally different personality when her third eye manifests.
      > The North American DVD release by Geneon combines the two OVAs
      > "Immortal" and "Legend of the Divine Demon". 3X3 EYES is available in
      > Australia from Madman.
      > PARENTAL ADVISORY: The "Immortal" OVA has several violent gorish
      > scenes - Yakumo gets badly beaten several times and his hand is
      > chopped off. His girlfriend is used as a hostage during which she is
      > painfully attacked from the inside by a demon. "Legend of the Divine
      > Demon" is far less gory, though there is the death of Yakumo's mentor,
      > a blind Tibetan priest.
      > Detailed web page: <http://www.sazan.net/digest/>
      > [Entry by Bruce Grubb]
      > 801 T.T.S. AIRBATS (a.k.a. AOZORA SHOUJOTAI): A series based
      > around a female aerobatic team within the Japanese Air Self Defense
      > Force, made up of misfits including a gambling addict, an airhead, a
      > pilot with a major chip stuck on her shoulder and another that is
      > always at war with her. Oh yes, and one rookie airplane and mecha nut
      > with whom both of the latter two pilots are besotted with. Available
      > from ADV Films in North America and Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > A
      > ABENOBASHI): 11-year-old friends Satoshi "Sasshi" Imamiya and Ayumi
      > Asahina are bemoaning the fact that their Osaka neighbourhood is now
      > decaying, and wondering about the animal statues on top of some of the
      > shops. When Arumi's grandfather accidentally knocks down the pelican
      > statue on top of his restaurant, things get trippy for the two kids,
      > and they end up in various re-settings of their neighbourhood, based
      > on a different theme in each show (i.e. sword and sorcery, China,
      > outer space), where parodies of examples of the genres follow,
      > frequently at blur speed. Add dashes of juvenile humour here and
      > there (including a young woman appropriately named Mune-Mune, who
      > supplies the fan service), plus the odd touching moment, blend, and
      > serve. A collaboration between Gainax and scriptwriter Akahori Satoru
      > many others).
      > Available from ADV.
      > R1 official website: <http://www.abenobashidvd.com/>
      > [Entry by David Watson]
      > AD POLICE FILES: This series chronicles the (mis-)adventures of AD
      > Police rookie Leon and his colleagues as they defend the near-future
      > cyberpunk city of MegaTokyo (and sometimes themselves) from boomers -
      > humanish androids. There are three episodes, each with a different
      > plot line, but each asking the same question - what happens when the
      > line between man and machine blurs? Forewarned, this series is
      > extremely dark, violent, gory and sexual. Therefore I do not
      > recommend it for anyone under 17 years old unless they are very
      > mature. Well drawn and animated, and certainly engaging to watch. If
      > you liked "Bladerunner", you might like this series. Three episodes.
      > Subbed. From AnimEigo in North America and Madman in Australia.
      > [Entry by Ben Cantrick]
      > [NOTE: There is a recent remake titled AD POLICE, that has been
      > released by ADV Films in North America. The FAQ maintainer has not
      > yet seen the remake, and nobody else has yet written a capsule
      > description of the show. - Rob Kelk]
      > ADVENTURES OF THE MINI-GODDESSES: Loosely based on a series of
      > four-panel comic strips that themselves were loosely based on Kosuke
      > Fujishima's AH MEGAMISAMA story, this is a series of short (five- to
      > seven-minute) episodes featuring cute versions of Urd and Skuld as
      > they have adventures with Gan-chan, a rat that lives in the temple.
      > Belldandy sometimes gets in on the fun, too (although not as often,
      > because her original seiyuu was unavailable when the earliest episodes
      > were made). While some of the episodes have educational content, most
      > are simply excuses to tell silly stories from the four-panel comic
      > strip (such as the "Let's Make a Band" storyline), or parodying
      > popular Japanese culture (such as the "Gan-chan becomes Godzilla"
      > stories).
      > There's little if any serious meaning to this series, but it's
      > ideal for the times when you're too tired or rushed to watch something
      > that takes itself too seriously.
      > Geneon has released this series on DVD in North America.
      > (TV).
      > [Entry by Rob Kelk]
      > AH! MY GODDESS (MOVIE): Set later in the AH MEGAMISAMA storyline
      > than the OH MY GODDESS! OAV series, this movie tells the story of
      > Belldandy's mentor Celestin and his attempt to go against the will of
      > Kami-sama for the sake of love. One of the side-effects of Celestin's
      > actions causes Belldandy to lose her memory, so the goddesses and
      > Keiichi have two problems to solve at the same time.
      > This is quite possibly the best animated AH MEGAMI-SAMA story yet.
      > All of the characters are shown as they are in Kosuke Fujishima's
      > manga, as opposed to the caricatures of Belldandy and Keiichi in the
      > OAV series, and the plotline is reminiscent of Fujishima's best work.
      > (The only real problem some people have with the movie is that Mara
      > once again doesn't make an appearance, but, given the subject matter,
      > there's really no logical way for her to have been in the story.)
      > This movie is available in North America on DVD from Geneon, and in
      > Australia from Madman.
      > [Entry by Rob Kelk]
      > AH! MY GODDESS (TV): Meet Keiichi Morisato, nice guy, human
      > doormat, and unluckiest guy you'll ever meet. One night, after a
      > strange call, and a girl popping out of a mirror, his life changes
      > forever. The girl, Belldandy, turns out to be a First Class Goddess,
      > and explains that he's been given a wish, any wish. He could have
      > money, power, whatever his heart desires. After talking with her, he
      > says the first thing that pops into his mind, that he wished he had a
      > girl like Belldandy to stay by his side forever ... and that's when
      > life stopped being ordinary for Keiichi. He gets kicked out of the
      > male-only dorm, and must find a place to stay, get a job, and try to
      > teach Belldandy how to act normally while still going to college.
      > Note: No previous knowledge of the OAVs, movie, or manga required to
      > enjoy ...
      > Released by Anime Works in North America.
      > [Entry by Bill Martin]
      > AI YORI AOSHI: A young college student sees a beautiful Japanese
      > girl dressed in a kimono and sandals lost in a train station. From
      > this unlikely coincidence, childhood sweethearts Kaoru and Aoi are
      > re-united.
      > Kaoru was the heir of the Hanabishi family. Aoi is heiress to the
      > Sakuraba family. Kaoru ran away from the Hanabishis and Aoi was
      > simply told "the engagement is off". Aoi would not accept that her
      > her first true love would end like this, so she rushed off to Tokyo to
      > find him. The story gets more complicated when Aoi's mother sets them
      > up in an old house to hide their romance. Miyabi, Aoi's guardian,
      > hides their secret by running the house as a boarding house,
      > accidentally attracting a harem of young girls all vying for Kaoru's
      > attention.
      > This anime has two stories going on: a classic Japanese romance
      > from the age of the samurai and a LOVE HINA'esque harem story. But at
      > its heart, AI YORI AOSHI is a very strong character anime; all the
      > characters are interesting with depth. Tina Foster, an American who
      > grew up in Japan, acts the extrovert to hide her loneliness of feeling
      > like a stranger in both cultures. Mayu is rich and intelligent, but
      > her parents treat her more as a prized piece of furniture than their
      > child; the only love in her life came from an act of kindness by
      > Kaoru. These complex stories enmesh and develop over time. The
      > characters are explored even further in the second series, AI YORI
      > AOSHI - ENISHI.
      > It's a really good series for those who like romantic stories with
      > a strong ensemble cast.
      > Age: 14+ Warnings: Frequent fan service, suggested nudity and
      > mature situations. Available in North America from Geneon.
      > [Entry by Travers Naran]
      > AISHITERUZE BEIBE (a.k.a. LOVE YOU BABY): Kippei is a
      > lackadaisical high-schooler, popular with the girls but not ready for
      > commitment. One day he arrives home to find his young cousin, five-
      > year-old Yuzuyu-chan there. Her mother has abandoned her and the
      > family decide Kippei should be the one to look after her. Thus begins
      > a story of responsibility and maturity on Kippei's part and a chance
      > for stability and happiness for Yuzuyu-chan.
      > Like fungus, this anime grows on you. Yuzuyu behaves like a real
      > five-year-old, scared by her mother's disappearance, comforted by
      > Kippei-onii-chan, making friends at the kindergarten. There is a
      > little drama; Kippei becomes the focus of a stalker and Yuzuyu gets
      > caught up in the action, but mostly this is Kippei learning that
      > actions have consequences and Yuzuyu learning that she is still loved
      > and her mother's disappearance was not her fault.
      > Tsuzurahara Miyu, Yuzuyu's seiyuu, makes her sound like a real
      > five-year-old. The animation quality is not very high but carries the
      > story adequately. The OP and ED songs are catchy and addictive,
      > matching the upbeat mood of the series.
      > This series is still unlicensed. The manga is being translated by
      > Viz.
      > [Entry by Robert Sneddon]
      > AKIRA: An adaptation of a longer manga work, the story (as far as
      > the anime is concerned) surrounds a gang, in particular the leader,
      > Kaneda, and his friend, Tetsuo, and a secret government/military
      > project to tap the psychic abilities of children. Tetsuo encounters a
      > "child" from these experiments and soon after starts to exhibit some
      > abilities of his own following his abduction by the military. Kaneda
      > is caught up in the events that follow as first he tries to find his
      > friend and find out what has happened to him, then has to battle with
      > Tetsuo as his new found powers start to run out of control. Who is
      > Akira? A question that runs through the whole convoluted plot but, to
      > find out, Tetsuo risks himself, his friends and the whole city.
      > The production was masterminded by Katsuhiro Otomo, and has been
      > touted as one of the best productions of its type, having won awards
      > around the world. However people that are fans of the manga series
      > should be aware of the compacted nature of the production. There is
      > also one attempted rape scene.
      > Originally released in the US by Streamline Pictures, later
      > licenced to Geneon (aka Pioneer). In Australia this is available from
      > Madman, in the UK it is available from Manga Video.
      > [Entry by Chika]
      > Industries corporation wants its prototype android back, to use as a
      > war machine. Lady Akiko, head of Mishima, wants to take her son
      > Ryuunosuke from her ex-husband - preferably by force. Ryuunosuke, on
      > the run with his brilliant and eccentric father, just wants the
      > friendly kitten he finds on Christmas Eve. When it all comes
      > together, the result is "Nuku Nuku" Natsume - the brain of a cat, the
      > appearance of a lovely schoolgirl, and the raw power of a war machine,
      > living with Ryuunosuke and 'Papa-san' as Ryuunosuke's sister and the
      > family's protector.
      > The original six OAV series is nicely animated, delightful
      > action-comedy. The TV series that followed kept most of the same
      > characters but changed the situations heavily, and is reported to have
      > suffered from a Monster-of-the-Week plot. The later OAV series, NUKU
      > NUKU DASH, not only changed the situations but changed Nuku Nuku's
      > character design and her personality from bubbly and upbeat to teary,
      > and is generally considered disappointing by fans.
      > Available from ADV.
      > [Entry by Antaeus Feldspar]
      > ANGEL LINKS: The second show in Sunrise's "Toward Stars" universe,
      > but nowhere near as wide in scope as its sister series OUTLAW STAR,
      > ANGEL LINKS tells the story of Li Meifon, a teenager who is named heir
      > to a large interplanetary corporation on the condition that she
      > operate a pirate-hunting service for free. This seems simple enough
      > on the surface, but why does Meifon already have a grave marker?
      > This is science-fantasy space opera, but not quite in the same vein
      > as its sister show - the scope is much smaller than what's shown in
      > OUTLAW STAR. It's also half the length of the previous series, mainly
      > because the writers didn't have to explain everything to the audience.
      > ANGEL LINKS is available as a four-DVD box set from Bandai in North
      > America.
      > [Entry by Rob Kelk]
      > (continued in part 2)
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