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Fw: 51 Days of PGSM - Act 25

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  • Stephane Dumas
    here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading,arigato St├ęphane Dumas ... From: Phoenix Newsgroups:
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      here a info from the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for

      St├ęphane Dumas

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      Subject: 51 Days of PGSM - Act 25

      > Act 25 - So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba
      > Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen continue to stare at each other. Usagi
      > realizes that Mamoru must now know her true feelings about him. She
      > attempts to leave, but he acknowledges her feelings and says "I
      > also..." before stopping himself and quickly leaving himself.
      > Hina, in packing up Mamoru's room, comes across Usagi's chocolate and
      > handkerchiefs (particularly the heart one). She heads off to the Crown
      > to find him and get some answers.
      > Usagi ponders Mamoru's last words and wonders if he loves her as she
      > does him. She heads off to find him and get some answers as well.
      > At Motoki's bidding, Mamoru comes to the Crown and finds Motoki in a
      > frightening (and not in a good way) turtle suit complete with plushie
      > attachments. Motoki is one sad, sad fellow. However, he does fill us
      > in on Mamoru's backstory. It turns out that Hina's father gave Mamoru
      > shelter, cared for him and raised him. Mamoru has pledged to take Hina
      > in marriage in return. In a moment of rare character, Motoki tells
      > Mamoru that he should not marry Hina if he does not love her. Hina
      > overhears Motoki's words and runs out of the Crown. Mamoru chases
      > after her.
      > Kunzite recruits Jadeite to set a trap for the senshi. When Jadeite
      > asked why Kunzite didn't ask for Mercury's help instead, Kunzite said
      > that Mercury was capricious and comes and goes as she pleases (I was a
      > bit tickled with that description). To bait the trap, Jadeite creates
      > a youma that starts siphoning energy from the passersby.
      > Usagi sees the youma and calls for reinforcements. Rei and Makoto heed
      > the call and go to confront Jadeite and Kunzite. Before Usagi can join
      > them, she finds herself witnessing an injured Hina asking Mamoru to
      > stay with her regardless of his feelings for her and regardless that
      > he has never stated that he actually loves her. Mamoru swears that
      > Hina is important to him and that he will stay by her side forever or
      > until she says otherwise. Mamoru looks up and sees Usagi and calls to
      > her by her personal name (not even a '-chan'). Hearing that, Hina
      > immediately gets it and understands that it is Usagi that Mamoru
      > loves.
      > Usagi runs off to the battle and Mamoru follows her after promising
      > Hina that he will return. He tells himself as he dons the mask that
      > this will be the last time.
      > All four senshi end up locked in battle, trapped in a sealed building,
      > against Kunzite, Jadeite, Mercury and the youma. The youma
      > single-handedly defeats Venus, Jupiter and finally Mars by freezing
      > them solid with ice. Mercury and Kunzite argue over who should be the
      > one to finish off Sailor Moon. Kunzite pushes Mercury aside and
      > strikes at SM with his sword. Suddenly TK appears out of nowhere and
      > throws himself in front of SM to take the blow himself. As she holds
      > his head in her lap, he tells SM that he is sorry for not being able
      > to return her feelings. His injury appears to be fatal as his hand
      > drops lifeless to the floor.
      > Once again, SM starts to glow with a golden power that destroys the
      > youma and thaws the senshi from their frozen state. The DK minions are
      > forced to fall back and shield their eyes. We see a similar image from
      > the past as the Princess (Usagi with black hair, the Earth in the sky
      > behind them) cries over a prostrate Endymion.
      > The crescent moon on Venus's forehead is replaced with a tiara and
      > everyone, including us the audience, come to realize that the true
      > princess is, and has always been, Sailor Moon. The glow recedes and we
      > see that SM has transformed into Princess Serenity.
      > In a manner very much like the anime version, Sailor Moon starts to
      > cry and a single tear stops, suspended in the air, and creates the
      > Silver Crystal. The power from this transformation revives the
      > unconscious people outside and even reaches the Dark Kingdom where it
      > apparently adds to the power of Metalia. Beryl observes the power of
      > the crystal and rejoices.
      > The power of the crystal, still floating before Usagi, forces the DK
      > minions to retreat. As it continues to glow, Tuxedo Kamen is also
      > revived. He looks on Usagi's face and recognizes her as the princess
      > from his dreams.
      > The crystal disappears as this wonderfully tender background music
      > swells up.
      > As Venus and then the rest of the senshi kneel before the Princess, I
      > almost teared up, it was so moving.
      > One tiny quibble. In tribute to the original anime scene, I would have
      > loved for this moment to have ended silently. But instead we get the
      > DiC version as Usagi says to herself "I am a princess?".
      > --
      > Phoenix
      > www.phoenixanime.com
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