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(Off-topic ranting and a weird humor) does the Rini/Chibi-Usa aka the Pink Spore draw this?

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  • St├ęphane Dumas
    I already mentionned it elsewhere, I post it here wondering if some of you will react to my post ^^;; ... 108 ... won t ... Fury even if it was blend looks
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2002
      I already mentionned it elsewhere, I post it here wondering if some of you
      will react to my post ^^;;

      > Unless it was Usagi/Serena who drinked by mistake punch, beer, vine,
      > champagne instead of juice or water just like she did in the episode SMS
      > Someone sended me these pics of the new Honda Element at
      > http://www.edmunds.com/reviews/preview/articles/60659/article.html
      > Is it me or it seems than Rini alias Chibi-Usa/Chibi-Moon/Mini-Moon alias
      > the Pink Spore, must be in charge of the Honda studio design ;-) I really
      > doubt than Serena/Usagi could draw this, her drawings was more better
      > (remember an episode of the first SM R part when she shows her draws to
      > Darien/Mamoru hoping than his memory will come back and also than Ann
      > date Darien ^_~ )
      > I prefer the Pontiac Aztec or oldies cars like the AMC Gremlin or the
      > Citroen 2CV compared to this. Thanks goodness than great car stylists like
      > Virgil Exner, Georges Walker and Bill Mitchell don't saw this, they would
      > probably peer like Stan when he try to kiss Wendy in South Park or doing
      > like Mrs. Haruna, yelling at Serena/Usagi even when she's not responsible
      > for this ;-)
      > When I check the new Accord as well (from the side, they seemed to copied
      > the Toyota Camry and they copied the rear tailights of the Chevy Impala),
      > seems it could be also a job made by the Pink Spore, the Accord lost her
      > charism, her personnality, it's very very blend. the 1969-71 Plymouth
      Fury even if it was blend looks kawaii compared to the Accord
      http://www.tpickard.com/Carphp/theCar.php (pictures of a 1970 Plymouth Sport
      Fury 4-door sedan)

      > And I guess than Haruka will probably like to buy a Chrysler Crossfire ;-)
      > I apologizes for this but I can't hold it much longer and I couldn't
      > to post -_-;;
      > thanks for reading, arigato
      > St├ęphane Dumas
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