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  • uranusmagician
    ... next myu, ... next ... I saw ... around, ... dubbies ... being traded ... Yes... It s about Mugen Gakuen... And it s the last seramyu for Nao and Yuuka...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1 10:14 PM
      --- In Sailor_Uranus@y..., Naia Zifu <naia_zifu@b...> wrote:
      > There's a bit at the bottom that seems to be a plug for the
      next myu,
      > right? *points* It said the Mugen Gakuen was the setting for the
      > stage. . . didn't it? *distrusts the translation program, since it
      > translated most of the page into psychedelic gibberish* I thought
      I saw
      > venue information for that somewhere on there while I was browsing
      > but I don't know much about it; the myu MLs have been taken over by
      > asking silly questions, so there's not enough real information
      being traded
      > anymore :-P .

      Yes... It's about Mugen Gakuen... And it's the last seramyu for Nao
      and Yuuka... *sob*... Does this mean that we will have the 3rd
      seramyu Haruka and the 7th seramyu Michiru in this winter?

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