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Re: "that's gay" OT

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  • Ten'ou Haruka
    Since we re on the topic of correcting, michiruv@a... wrote: People do correct you if you say It s so retarded am I right? because there a lot of retarded
    Message 1 of 41 , Jun 1, 2001
      Since we're on the topic of correcting,

      michiruv@a... wrote:
      People do correct you if you say "It's so retarded" am I right?
      because there a lot of retarded people (meaning illness). I
      believe if you can't use retarded you can't use gay either.

      Retarded is a discriptive word. It means behind. If someone or
      something is slower then the norm, then it is retarded. Intelcually
      challenged people are retarded because they learn slower then the

    • Naia Zifu
      If someone I know says something bad about gay people, I almost always speak up. It s just in public where I m less likely to say anything about it, because
      Message 41 of 41 , Jun 7, 2001
        If someone I know says something bad about gay people, I almost always speak up. It's just in
        public where I'm less likely to say anything about it, because you never know what a stranger's going
        to do! I like to keep as quiet about my preferences as possible around strangers because I'm not
        physically strong enough to defend myself if they try to start something :-( .
        But, for example, last time John was over, he started saying derogatory comments about gay people,
        and I told him that was really rude, _especially in present company._ His eyes got huge and he
        stammered for an apology, saying he really had no idea! I hope next time, before he says something
        bad about gay people, he'll remember he knows at least one really cool gay person IRL, and maybe he'll
        think twice about it!
        With strangers I'm less likely to say something for fear of beatings or worse, but if someone asks
        me if I'm gay I won't lie. Lying about it, unless you're currently in fear for your life if you tell
        the truth, will generally cause more trouble when the truth finally does come out.

        CatFish wrote:

        > I do that too... and while I'm not sure it makes a big difference in
        > popular opinion, but it sure as hell makes a difference to any closeted
        > gay kids around. Or at least, it makes a difference to me. I try to
        > stop people from saying it, but sometimes I just freeze up, because...
        > well, if somebody says "Well are *you* gay?" I can't say no. So it
        > really, really makes me feel better when someone else *does* say
        > something.
        > I have a teacher who would throw kids out if they used the word
        > 'faggot.' And even if it might have been overacting a wee bit, it
        > *still* made my day, because *somebody* gave a damn. Unforetunatly,
        > he's moving... to San Fransisco. (We all think he's a closet case,
        > because he really is your stereotypical gay man, but he's got a
        > girlfriend, so... ::shrug::)
        > Um. Anyway, my point is, keep it up, because there's *bound* to be
        > someone there who will appreciate it.
        > -CatFish
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