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13373The De-evolution of the Monster of the Day

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  • Stéphane
    Mar 3, 2013
      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon about the "Monster of the Day" then
      Sailor Moon and the others Sailors fighted,
      thanks for reading, arigato

      Stéphane Dumas

      From: ahaz...@...
      Subject: The De-evolution of the Monster of the Day
      Date: 1998/10/29
      Newsgroups: alt.fan.sailor-moon

      Le jeudi 29 octobre 1998 04:00:00 UTC-4, aha...@... a écrit :John Brewer wrote:
      > About the cardian - a "male" lion with breasts - we're geting into an
      > area of Sailor Moon where...
      > There has been something of a de-evolution in monsters. In the first
      > half of the first series, the monsters have been really frightening, Go
      > Nagai-types - things you would see Devilman or Cutey Honey go up
      > against. In the rest of the first series and into R, they started
      > looking more like rejects from the Power Rangers series - especially in
      > "Mercury's Mental Match" & "Bad Hair Day". In the S series, they
      > started looking like very strange Vegas show-girls with pointed ears -
      > very VERY strange show-girls - and the ones in eps. 92, 94, 95, 97, 98,
      > 99, 106,[oh, don't get me started on 106!] 108, 112, & 118 come DAMN
      > close to taking the cake! By the time we come to SuperS,...CARTOONS!!!
      > I half-expected to see Yakko, Wakko, & Dot in the employ of the
      > Amazoness Quartet! And with Stars, embarrassing parodies are the order
      > of the day. [Sailor Guts?!!] HELP!!!

      YES! I am not the only one who noticed this! That was one of the things
      that bugged me about Sailor Moon, as the storyline progressed some
      things (ie the MotDs and SM's attack names) just seemed to get sillier
      and sillier.

      I LOVED the monsters that Jadeite used! They were freaky looking...
      actually scary! (Especially the monster that impersonated Naru's mother
      & the one that impersonated that girl idol... I can't think of her Jap.
      name, she was 'Saffron' in the dub. They did that freaky 'excorcism'
      thing with their heads. (@_@)

      Nephrite's monsters started going downhill. One of his first monsters
      was a _tennis ball_. Zoicite's rainbow crystal (not gonna even _try_ to
      spell the japanese word for them) were okay, nothing to write home
      about. Kunzite's monsters tended to look more silly then scary. Overall,
      I think the original season still had the best MotD's.

      The R season... the Cardians, as a whole, were all right. They weren't
      particularly scary but they weren't silly either. Now for the second
      half of R...all I can say is 'Droid Avacada' (which probably isn't her
      Japanese name...ah well). If Nephrite's tennis-ball monster is the
      silliest MotD in the original season, then the fruit monster gets my
      vote for the second season. Definately a turn for the silly in the
      second season.

      The silliest MotD from the S season goes to... the tennis-shoe monster
      (do I detect a trend here?) from the episode with the flashback to when
      Michiru and Haruka first met! I wasn't all that impressed with the
      daimons...but hey, S was spooky enough without freaky MotDs! (^_^)

      I haven't seen that much of the SS season, but the few episodes I have
      from it don't have very impressive MotD's either. (The SS special had
      pretty cool monsters, although I tend to think those monsters might have
      been a bit special. *cheers on the vampire from the SS special*)

      The Stars Season...whoo boy, _those_ are supposed to be scary monster
      farces? I take that back...Sailor Guts _is_ scary. That is definately
      something I don't need to see again any time soon. (Imagines someone
      actually dressing up as Sailor Guts for Hallowe'en. *shudder*)

      -Sailor Charon, BoS

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