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13369Fwd: Episode 161 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    Dec 14, 2012
      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato

      Stéphane Dumas

      Le mercredi 12 janvier 2000 03:00:00 UTC-5, John Brewer a écrit :
      > http:/www.usagi.org/doi/smoon/episodes/smss161.html
      > Zirconia seems rather dismayed seeing the unconscious human form of
      > Elios suspended from the ceiling on Queen Neherenia's side of the ornate
      > mirror used to communicate with her...
      > Zirconia: I don't understand, Your Majesty. If Elios is there with
      > you...
      > Neherenia: His physical form is here with me! His manifested
      > consciousness is hiding in some dreamscape somewhere, in the form of a
      > winged unicorn! And his consciousness knows where the Golden Crystal is
      > located! Is that so DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND?!!! Well, it seems
      > from the incompetence of the Trio, and the Quartet, AND YOURSELF, "if
      > you want something done RIGHT, you have to do it yourself!"
      > And then, spider webs begin to grow in the corners of the big top, and
      > soon expand to cover the whole Dead Moon Circus, and into the outside
      > world.
      > Reenie is scheduled to participate in a "Kiddie Marathon", a run of only
      > 5 miles for ages 6 - 13. The air is nippy and Reenie really doesn't
      > want to run today, but Serena's mom, "Aunt" Cookie insists that she'll
      > have a good time and do well in the race. Cookie sends Reenie off to
      > the meet.
      > No-one seems to notice little spiders that scuttle unobtrusively all
      > over the buildings and down the streets.
      > The marathon starts and Reenie takes off with the rest of the pack, as
      > all the girls, including Darien, Alex, Michelle, and Tara, watch from
      > the sidelines. Hearing that Reenie was running in the Kiddie Marathon,
      > Alex came to give Reenie some last minute pointers on long distance
      > running. Since Darien and the three cats will wait for Reenie at the
      > finish line, the other girls retreat to the Fruit Parlour to wait for
      > the end of the race.
      > They don't notice the sipder building a web on a nearby streetsign.
      > In the cafe, all the girls talk about running and the sports they
      > participated in. Alex says that she tries to run as often as she can.
      > Lita and Mina admit that they don't run as often as they use to, and Amy
      > prefers swimming slowly to running fast, as does Michelle. The others
      > admit to not being good runners, especially Tara who has asthma.
      > No-one notices the spider that descends from the ceiling and leaves a
      > web strand in Amy's hair.
      > Back at the finish line, Darien and the cats cheer Reenie as she crosses
      > the finish line first, and collapses in Darien's arms. She's exhausted
      > but happy she won. They then head towards the Fruit Parlour to meet the
      > rest of the girls.
      > On their way to the cafe, Darien walks through a single web strand
      > stretched at about chest-height. For a moment he winces in pain, but
      > brushes it off.
      > In the arcade, Lita and Mina compete in a video fighting game as Serena
      > and Amy watch. Serena then notices what looks like a grey hair on Amy.
      > They discover it to the web strand. That's when the girls notice the
      > spider webs up in all the corners of the arcade. Guess Andrew doesn't
      > clean the arcade that often.
      > Reenie and Darien and the cats enter the arcade, as the girls
      > congratulate Reenie for winning the marathon. The last minute ponters
      > from Alex helped. They all tell Andrew's sister Lizzie, who's a
      > waitress in the Fruit Parlour upstairs. Serena mentions the spider webs
      > in the arcade, and Lizzie says that she's been cleaning the corners of
      > the cafe all day. She thinks the spiders are coming inside for the
      > winter.
      > That's when Lizzie notices something strange. There was a spider web
      > she cleaned out of a corner not an hour ago, and now there's a web just
      > as big back in there now.
      > When Alex, Michelle, and Tara return home to the Chronus mansion, Alex
      > and Michelle notice the spider webs in the coners of the house. But
      > before they can get dusters to clean, they are alerted to Tara's sudden
      > cry of shock. They discover that Tara's room is now covered in spider
      > webs.
      > There is a close-up of Tara's face as she says that something strange is
      > going on. That's when a spider crawls across YOUR TV SCREEN - just like
      > in the "War of the Cophages"[sp] episode of "The X Files".
      > Elsewhere, all the other girls notice the sky darkening NOT because of
      > the clouds, but because the whole city is becoming covered in spider
      > webs. With morbid humor, Mina asks about what time her life became a
      > bad horror movie starring Bill Shatner. [refers to the movie "Kingdom
      > of the Spiders"] Amy's mini-computer pinpoints the source of the
      > phenomenon as the big top of the Dead Moon Circus. All the Scouts -
      > Inners & Outers - gather together for an assault on the Dead Moon
      > Circus.
      > At the entrance to the web-covered big top, the Scouts meet the
      > Amazoness Quartet. Ceres, Vesta, and Juno attack the Scouts with their
      > energy balls, while Pallas uses voodoo magic to throw and stretch the
      > limbs of the Scouts.
      > Tuxedo Mask appears, and with a thrown rose knocks the voodoo doll out
      > of Pallas' hands. Suddenly, Tux collapses in pain. Sailor Moon rushes
      > to his side. Zirconia appears and ushers the Quartet back inside the
      > big top, saying the greatest event of the century is about to begin.
      > With the Scouts gathered around the stricken Tuxedo Mask, they rally
      > themselves to follow the Quartet into the big top.
      > Suddenly, Reenie's Luna Ball appears and creates a projection of the
      > winged unicorn for all to see. The unicorn warns the Scouts that they
      > shouldn't attack the Dead Moon Circus! Attack them now, and the Earth
      > is DOOMED!
      > TO BE CONTINUED...
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