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  • Stephane Dumas
    Oct 3, 2012
      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for
      reading, arigato

      St├ęphane Dumas

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      Date: 25 oct 1999, 03:00
      Subject: Episode 140 - Live Action Version
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      This episode, we find Reenie & Serena on the street trying to pull
      Darien in two different directions. Reenie wants Darien to take her
      shopping at Abercrombe & Fitch because she likes the song by LFO.
      Serena tells her that A&F probably doesn't have anything in her size,
      and besides, the song is stupid...

      Serena: Listen - "The Color Purple, Macaroni & Cheese, Ruby Red
      Slippers and a bunch of trees!" What kind of lyrics ARE these?!!

      Serena would rather Darien take her to see the movie, "Drive Me Crazy"
      with the theme song by "whats-her-name". [The theme song is by Britney
      Spears, who plays Mina in this series - YARK-YARK]

      That's when all three of them notice Mina, on the street, with a
      handsome man who isn't her usual boyfriend Ace [Ace Masters AKA The Ace
      of Hearts, the old paramore of Sailor V, who was picked up by the Sailor
      Scouts in London during the Sailor Moon, GlobeTrotter series]

      When all the girls, along with Luna, Artemis, & Diana, meet with Mina
      later, we learn that Mina and Ace stopped seeing eachother - so much
      time passed between the end of Sailor V's adventurings and their reunion
      during the GT series, that they could rekindle the mystery & romance
      they had years ago, and they simply parted as friends. The girls are
      shocked when they discover that Mina is currently seeing TWO men!
      They're both good, and she can't decide which one she likes better. We
      see the two men in flashback - One is named Montigre, who is trying to
      become a rock singer, and performs at The Live House, a local club. The
      other is an artist named Falcone, who wants her to pose for him -
      perhaps in the nude. The girls are flabbergasted, and Amy seems at a
      loss for words. Until finally, Amy steps up to Mina and gently takes
      her by the hands, meeting her eyes...

      Amy: Mina, let me just say that I count you as one of my dearest
      friends. We've fought along side eachother, we've defended eachother,
      we've even DIED for eachother! So let me just tell you, as one of your
      closest friends, who respects you more than I respect my own father, and
      who loves you more than I love my own life....Mina?....I think you're
      acting like a big slut.

      Serena, Raye, and Lita drop to the floor, laughing hysterically.

      Amy: I'm not saying that you ARE a big slut, I just think that you may
      be ACTING like a big slut - There's a difference, I hope.

      Reenie and her little guardian, Diana, have questions...

      Diana: What's a "slut"?

      Reenie: Yeah, what IS a "slut"?


      At the Dead Moon Circus, the two men named Montigre and Falcone enter
      the performers' lounge. Just then, Montigre de-transforms, revealing
      himself to be Tyger, and Falcone de-transforms to become Hawkeye. To
      see who the better soldier for the Dead Moon is, the two will compete to
      see who will snag the target selected by Zirconia - The target this time
      is Mina!

      In her dreamscape, Reenie asks Elios how someone could love two people
      at the same time. If there is one person for everyone, they can only
      really love that one person. Elios thinks that that question shows that
      Reenie is growing up to be a very level-headed person.

      Mina is all dressed up, and walking to where she's going to meet one of
      the guys she's dating, with Artemis following her. She keeps telling
      him not to worry - A girl who is named for the goddess of beauty & love
      can handle this situation.

      She discovers that BOTH Montigre AND Falcone are waiting for her at the
      rendezvous. She thinks she made the mistake of setting dates for both
      men at the same time. She stops and watches the two men from the cover
      of a row of bushes. Not only that, but Artemis is not the only one who
      followed her. The rest of the girls, including Reenie & Diana, are now
      watching along side Mina.

      Diana declares that since she couldn't get answers from HER parents,
      Luna & Artemis, about the situation Mina is in, Diana said that Michelle
      told her that the situation that Mina was in had a name that sounded
      like "may'naises Ottawa" - and that it was French for "joining of

      Mina: That's "Menage A Trois", and that's NOT what's going on! I have
      absolutely NO interest in getting into a Menage A Trois situation with
      those two.......tall......handsome......<drool>......virile...
      ..<pant>....well-endowed...[finally she shakes some sense into her
      head] I have no intention!

      Well, finally Mina decides to face the music and try to do right by both
      of her two dates, as the other girls watch from the safety of the
      bushes. Mina goes up to Montigre & Falcone and appologizes for leading
      them on. She declares that she loves them both and asks them to forgive
      her. Standing between them, she says that she will submit to whatever
      judgment they see fit.

      Suddenly, Montigre & Falcone transform back into Tyger & Hawkeye, and
      simultaneously restrain Mina...

      ONE - two walls appear on either side of Mina...

      TWO - clamps from the two walls each grasp an arm and a leg, leaving her
      spread-eagled in space...

      Mina: [panicing] Look, I like the kinky stuff as much as the next
      person, but...

      THREE! - Mina screams as her dream mirror is extracted, and she lolls
      unconscious. At first, Tyger & Hawkeye struggle over the dream mirror,
      but they are interrupted by the appearance of the Sailor Scouts.

      Tyger & Hawkeye summon two lemures, Tetter & Totter, two acrobats. They
      flip and bounce around, attacking the Scouts with wild kicks. But as
      the lemures have the Scouts on the ropes, Tyger & Hawkeye start arguing
      over the dream mirror.

      Just then, Mina begins to regain consciousness. Seeing that the Scouts
      are in trouble because of her, she becomes enraged, and with a Herculean
      effort, breaks out of her bonds and transforms. In a blind rage, she
      fires Crescent Beams at everybody, friend or foe alike. Sailor Moon &
      Teenie Moon do the Moon Gorgeous Meditation, and the lemures are
      destroyed. Tyger & Hawkeye retreat and Sailor Venus apologizes for
      acting like a fool for a love.

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