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  • Stephane Dumas
    Aug 2, 2012
      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for

      St├ęphane Dumas

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      Subject: Episode 140 - Live Action Version
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      The girls are watching an outdoor fashion show for clothing designer
      Harvey [played by either Oliver Platt, Nathan Lane, or Harvey Firestein
      - Nathan would be best, but Harvey would work for less money] The
      designer comes out onto the runway to take his bows to the cheering
      audience. The designer and the models go backstage, where Harvey has a
      comically neurotic fit.

      [NOTE - It is here we are introduced to the players in a potential
      unrelated spin-off series called, "Size Zero" - the comedic
      misadventures of a talented, effete, rather neurotic clothing designer.
      He is assisted by his chief cutter, a working-class Earth-mother type,
      whose level-headedness and common wisdom pulls his fat out of the fire
      on more than one occasion. The cast is completed by an assortment of
      anorexic, brain-dead, high fasion models and assorted hangers-on,
      including the requisite chain-smoking, aging ex-fashion model who shows
      up half in the bag, and spends theepisodeinsulting everybody. Here's
      an example of the humor found in this series...

      one of the characters maliciously asks a complex, philosophical question
      of one of the more dim-witted models, and she makes a rather odd face as
      she tries to wrap her tiny little brain around the question, to which
      the other character comments...

      "It's rather like watching a dog eat peanut butter!"

      Another example...

      "You idiot! It's 'binge', THEN 'purge'!"

      "I know, but I like to purge first, so I'm not so full when I start

      "Purge WHAT?! Aquafina and St. John's Wort?!"


      "You have to sympathize with Cathy-Lee. She tries so hard to get it
      right. At first, she makes sure that the sweaters are being made at a
      reputable shop, somewhere in New England, where it's clean and safe, and
      the workers are paid 10% over union standard - then she turns around for
      five minutes, and the whole lot is being sub-contracted out to Laos, for
      12 units for a penny, being made by 15-week old kittens chained to
      sewing machines, who are beaten 24 hours a day with iron staves!"

      Well, anyway...]

      In the performer's lounge of the Dead Moon Circus, Mako returns from
      shopping with packages of Harvey Original designs, when Tyger & Hawkeye
      muddle over the latest selection of targets - this time, it's a picture
      of clothing designer Harvey. Mako gets all excited, and starts changing
      her clothes behind a screen, telling Tyger & Hawkeye that she will use
      her charms to catch Harvey...

      Tyger: I hate to tell you this, but I think this target only likes

      Mako emerges from behind the changing screen, dressed as a gay male...

      Mako: [with a gay accent] What a coincidence, queen - so do I!

      Tyger actually has a start. "Mako, some days you actually frighten me!"

      "I'm glad!"

      In her dreamscape, Reenie shows Elios her memories of the fashion show,
      especially the wedding dress at the end. Elios asks her who will be the
      groom when she wears a wedding dress. She thinks for a while, and Elios
      says that she'll meet someone in the future.

      Harvey is having lunch in an outdoor cafe with his chief cutter,
      fretting over the upcoming Fall & Winter design seasons. That's when
      they are approached by Mako in her young gay male disguise. Harvey
      becomes excited by Mako's youthful yet epicene look, and wants "him" to
      model - but for WOMEN'S clothes!

      Later, back at the Dead Moon Circus, Mako gleefully announces, to Tyger
      & Hawkeye, her role modeling Harvey fashions, and being hailed as the
      next "RuPaul"...

      Mako: "I have just one thing to say! Shan-nay! Shan-tay!

      Tyger: Whoa! Hold it! Hold it!

      Mako: What is it?! What's wrong?!

      Tyger: What's wrong?! - what's RIGHT?! "A woman, pretending to be a
      man, pretending to be a woman?!!"

      Hawkeye: Ridiculous!

      Tyger: It's preposterous!

      Well, anyway - as she is being fitted for clothes in Harvey's studio,
      the disguised Mako turns out to be the high fashion model from HELL;
      Demanding, she manages to piss off everybody around her, and the whole
      design staff winds up quiting. She practially takes over the whole
      operation from the dismayed Harvey, who retreats from his studio

      After a very funny scene where Serena practially blows Darien's whole
      bank account on a shopping spree, they have a chance encounter with
      Harvey on the run from the insane Mako. Being a fan of Harvey's
      designs, Serena's discussion with Harvey helps him to realize that he
      must take control of his life, no matter what.

      Harvey returns to his studio to fire Mako. Mako transforms into her
      Dead Moon Circus costume and extracts Harvey's dream mirror.

      Sailor Moon & Teenie Moon arrive to confront Mako. She summons a
      trained seal lemure with a ball balancing on its nose. The lemure uses
      the ball to attack the Scouts. Tuxedo Mask arrives to help out, and the
      lemure is defeated by the Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Mako retreats.

      Sailor Moon and the others make sure Harvey is awake and alright before
      they leave. This inspires Harvey for his next fashion show - Sailor
      collars & Mini skirts! It's a big sucess!

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