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13359Fwd: Episode 138 - Live Action Version

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  • Stephane Dumas
    Jun 2, 2012
      I spotted this info on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, thanks for reading,

      St├ęphane Dumas

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      Subject: Episode 138 - Live Action Version
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      While walking by Darien's apartment house, Amy notices Darien exiting
      the building with an older woman and they're talking to eachother in a
      familiar fashion. Approaching the two, Amy interrupts them by reminding
      Darien that Serena loves him.

      Darien explains to Amy that the woman is Phyllis Krebbs, proprietor of
      Krebbs' Garage& Antique Car Museum. The conversation they had was
      about the recent mintainance of Darien's car. Amy is very embarrassed
      for a reason she won't say, but she does blurt out something about the
      relationship between Patricia Neal and George Peppard in the movie
      "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

      Later, at Krebbs' Garage, Amy is helping Phyllis working under the hood
      of a very old car. Three years before he died, Phyllis' husband Jerry,
      whose picture is in a place of honor in the garage, bought that car and
      was in the process of restoring it for the collection. Now Phyllis will
      complete that work out of devotion to her dead husband, and to prove
      that she can carry on the business for herself. Amy has agreed to help
      restore the engine, and is showing aptitude in the mechanical field.
      They feel that they will soon have the car running again.

      Neither of them is aware that they are being spyed upon from a distance
      by Zircon, the winged eyeball that belongs to Zirconia of the Dead Moon

      In the preformers' lounge of the Dead Moon Circus, Hawkeye declares that
      he will attempt another search of a dream mirror. He then produces a
      picture of Phyllis, taken by Zircon.

      Having heard about the situation in the garage along with the other
      girls, Reenie dreams of a conversation with Elios. She asks him if a
      person could have two dreams. He tells her that one day, she will have
      one dream for herself and one for the sake of another person - just like

      The next day, Hawkeye makes his approach on Phyllis by driving up to the
      garage in a sports car and posing as a customer for service. Either by
      chance or design, he comes up to Phyllis wearing a disguise that makes
      him look like her dead husband Jerry. Phyllis takes one look at him and

      In the hospital, Amy tells everyone that the doctor said she's suffering
      from exhaustion. Amy has a plan to help Phyllis as she recovers.

      As she recovers in the hospital, Phyllis is visited from time to time by
      the disguised Hawkeye. He claims that he too is a widower, and that he
      is looking for someone to fill the space left by his dead wife. On the
      day she is to be released from the hospital, he tells Phyllis that he
      would like her to close the garage and come away with him.

      Just then, Reenie comes up to Phyllis and tells her that all the girls
      have a surprise for her at the garage. Phyllis is checked out, and the
      disguised Hawkeye drives the two back to the garage.

      Phyllis sees all the girls working on the car, under the direction of
      Amy. Reenie says that fixing the car isn't just her dream anymore, it's
      everyone's. Phyllis is touched, and now has the strength to carry on.
      When Phyllis declines to go away with him, the disguised Hawkeye gets
      annoyed, and kidnaps her, throwing her into his sports car and speeding
      off. Alerted to the commotion, Amy, Serena and Reenie go out to see
      where they went, just as Darien drives up in his car.

      There is a wild car chase.

      [note that during a high speed car chase, the one thing you don't want
      to hear from your driver is "Hang on! I say this in an action movie

      After he stops the car, Hawkeye drops his disguise and extracts Phyllis'
      dream mirror.

      Amy, Serena and Reenie catch up to them and transform. Mercury tries
      her Shine Aqua Illusion, but Hawkeye blocks it with his fire eater
      ability. He summons the lemure Marilees, a trapeze artist. The lemure
      has the Scouts lifted high up onto trapezes. The girls are having
      trouble hanging on for dear life, as the lemure makes somersaulting
      attacks on them.

      Suddenly, Tuxedo Mask comes down on a trapeze and grabs Sailor Moon. He
      comments that Sailor Moon should start dieting again, until he notices
      that Sailor Mercury& Teenie Moon each have a hold of Sailor Moon's
      legs, as he swings them to safety. Sailor Moon& Teenie Moon transfrom
      to their Super forms and destroy the lemure with the Moon Gorgeous
      Meditation. Hawkeye retreats.

      Back at the garage, Amy and Phyllis try to test-start the restored
      engine as the others watch. The engine revs up, and suddenly flames
      shoot out of the carburetor! It seems they got the fuel mixture a bit

      In the antique car museum section of the garage, Serena is admiring the
      classic cars, along Alex& Michelle. Alex claims that she and Michelle
      had driven in several classic cars on occasion...

      Serena: Really?! Which ones?!

      Alex: Oh, let's see...The '55 T-bird,...the '57 Chevy,...the '66 Sting
      Ray,...the '67 Shelby Mustang....

      Serena: Oh! Do you two have a favorite?

      Alex: Hard to say...They're all good...

      Michelle: But if the two of us HAVE a favorite, we can certainly agree
      on a '69!

      Serena: Ah! What kind?!

      Michelle: Oh, when it comes to a '69, ANY kind is good!

      [Alex starts giving Michelle this odd look]

      Serena: Really?

      Michelle: [smiling, and giving Alex a very wicked look] Ooooooo, yeah!
      If fact, whenever Alex and me have an afternoon to ourselves, we like to
      get into a '69 and just....enjoy ourselves...for hooouuurrrsss! [Alex
      turns her back on the two girls, with a look on her face that seems to
      say, "Oh my God, it's Wednesday again!"] [Michelle turns back to
      Serena] You know, I don't know if I should be telling you this, but
      it's been Alex's fantasy to get you and HER in a '69!

      [Alex turns back, with her eyes bugging out]

      Serena: [innocently] Really?! Hey, I'm game! Sound's like fun! And
      afterwords, do you think we could eat at Long John Silver's!

      Michelle: Well, what a coincidence! It seems that whenever Alex and me
      spend hours in a '69, we usually end up with the taste of fish in our

      [Alex turns and covers her face, and looks like she's trying to keep
      from giggling]

      Serena: Really?!

      Michelle: Ooooh, yeah! There's nothing like eating out!

      Serena: Hey! Could the other girls come too?! We promise we'll be

      Michelle: Oh, don't worry! When it comes to having fun in a '69, you
      don't have to be "good", you just have to be "there"! [Michelle turns
      back to Alex, who's making odd sounds like she either is having a
      seizure or trying to keep from laughing] Now Alex, what do you say?
      Don't tell me the idea doesn't intrigue you? Think about it! Lita and
      Amy in a '69? Serena and Raye in a '69?

      Serena: And how about Reenie and Tara?!

      Michelle: [looks back to Serena with her brow furrowed] Mmmmmmm, don't
      you think Reenie is a little young?

      Serena: Oh, come on! She's not that young! And I know she'll enjoy
      herself, being in a '69, especially when it's with her best friend Tara!

      Michelle: Yeah, well, that goes without saying. But really, it's up to

      Serena: [goes up to Alex and touches her on the shoulder - Alex looks
      like she's about to lose it completely] Oh, come on! Be a sport! Now
      I'm sure Reenie would really hate it, and I'm sure Tara would hate it as
      well, if they missed out on the opportunity of getting in a '69 with

      Alex: [with a very strained voice, briskly walking away from them]
      Will you excuse me!

      [and as soon as Alex turns a corner, we hear her laughing hysterically]

      Serena: [looking rather confused] Ah, Michelle? Is there something
      about this car I should know about?

      [That's it! Michelle drops to the floor, laughing hysterically - Serena
      looks down at her with a very confused look on her face]

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