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Next "Sailor Moon" Musical will be Final for Current Cast Members

Article from CrunchyRoll http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/04/30-1/next-sailor-moon-musical-will-be-final-for-current-cast-members Here a short
Stephane Dumas
May 2

Sailor Uranus fanart

I saw this fanart of Sailor Uranus on Deviantart http://fav.me/d8nbj83 Thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas
Stephane Dumas
Apr 25

Neptune and Uranus cosplay photo

I spotted this cosplay photo of Neptune and Uranus on Deviantart http://fav.me/d8n42ar thanks for reading, arigato Stéphane Dumas
Stephane Dumas
Apr 1

Re: Sailor Moon Crystal with old school music

A Youtube user reposted some of the SM Crystal clips transformations with the old school music from Dic then Youtube user MoonieC posted.
Stephane Dumas
Mar 11

Sailor Moon Crystal Box Sets 3, 4, and 5 Out in Japan!

I spotted this info on the Moon-chase blog http://www.moon-chase.com/sailor-moon-crystal-box-sets-3-4-and-5-out-in-japan/ Thanks for reading, arigato.
Stephane Dumas
Mar 2

Sera Myu: Petite Étrangère Coming to DVD

I saw this news on Moon-chase blog http://www.moon-chase.com/sera-myu-petite-etrangere-coming-to-dvd/ "Coming January 28th (As of this article its now past) is
Stephane Dumas
Feb 12

Sailor Moon Merchandise & Media Presentation – January 2015 Editio

I spotted that info on Moon-Chase blog. http://www.moon-chase.com/sailor-moon-merchandise-media-presentation-january-2015-edition/ Thanks for reading, arigato!
Stephane Dumas
Feb 2

SM Crystal 2nd season trailer

I spotted on this French website, the trailer of the 2nd season of SM Crystal who'll cover Sailor Moon R
Stephane Dumas
Jan 2

Viz Media Releases Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus Voice Clips

I saw this news on Moon-Chase blog about Viz releasing voice clips of Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter.
Stephane Dumas
Dec 22, 2014

Fan Made Comedy Video Questions Usefulness of Tuxedo Mask

I spotted that fanfilm video parody on Moon Chase blog who question the usefulness of Tuxedo Mask.
Stephane Dumas
Dec 4, 2014

Outer Senshi theme live rendition

I saw this video on Youtube, where some fans did a live rendition of the Outer Senshi theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL3W9S3z0SY thanks for reading,
Stephane Dumas
Nov 30, 2014

Re: fanart of Haruka and Michiru

... That link is now broken, however it had been archived at the Internet Archive alias the Wayback Machine
Stephane Dumas
Nov 15, 2014

Sailor Venus Crystal, old school music

Moonie C. strikes again! This time she posted on Youtube a clip of Sailor Venus from SM Crystal with the Dic music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhMx89d4Kms
Stephane Dumas
Nov 2, 2014

Sailor Jupiter Crystal, old school music

Moonie C had posted on Youtube, clip of Sailor Jupiter from SM Crystal with the Dic music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1cbw43q0uc Thanks for reading,
Stephane Dumas
Oct 13, 2014

Sailor Mars Crystal, old school music

Moonie C. had posted on Youtube, clips of Sailor Mars from SM Crystal with the old school music style from the 1992 original Japanese BGM (background music)
Stephane Dumas
Oct 2, 2014
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