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SaharaSafaris Club: White Desert and Karawein Dunes

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  • Mohamed Mabrouk
    SSClub: White Desert and Karawein for Non 4x4ers and 4x4ers Event for SaharaSafaris · By Mohamed Mabrouk and Ahmed El-Wahsh April 12 at 7:00pm until April 15
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2012
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      SSClub: White Desert and Karawein for Non 4x4ers and 4x4ers
      Event for SaharaSafaris · By Mohamed Mabrouk and Ahmed El-Wahsh

      April 12 at 7:00pm until April 15 at 10:00pm

      White Desert camping and 4x4 trips near Farafra (Karawein dunes, etc.) could never be more fun and rich with nice people and info and when the temperature is not so cold. Mohamed Mabrouk will be the Leader for the Trip.

      for those who wishes to join with their own 4x4s, please go to the event: 
      for those who will join as non-4x4ers, please go tot he event:

      This 4x4ing trip will rent Bedouins comfortable Land Cruisers to take us while merging with Ahmed elWahsh already arranged 4x4ers to the same area to become one and benefit from:
      -SaharaSafaris Community of friendly and interesting people
      -Bedouins covering all camping needs of food and light, etc.(except your sleeping bag and maybe your tent)
      -Excellent scenic route for the family with lots of adventure
      -Benefit from clear sky for astronomy orientation with Mabrouk

      -arrive late on Thu night to sleep in lodge in Wa7at
      -have very early breakfast and leave early to desert
      -First Day 4x4ing: black desert, qaret eldoctor, Agabat Sa7rawy (one of the highlights), etc. Camping in Ghoroud Karawein
      -Second Day 4x4ing: Whiet desert, Ain elSerw, etc. Camping in West of the Road's White Desert.
      -Leaving desert to Oasis, re-fueling and leaving to Cairo

      NOTES FOR NON-4x4ers:
      -For those who have never camped before and need to buy a tent and sleeping bag (maybe other camping gear), please post your requests on SaharaSafaris Club and many will advice outlets suitable for your budget and needs. there's also a new 
      -Cost is approx EGP550 per seat in a 4x4 inclusive food and water, lodge, 4x4s, and Coaster. EGP200 downpayment will be paid a week before as per SMS.
      -This is a cooperative trip so Trips Guidelines apply:

      NOTES FOR 4x4ERS:
      -You'll be responsible for all your pasengers as their Leader and take care of their safety as well as their reporting in 4x4s at the right time as per Leader
      -You'll stick to SaharaSafaris guielines for 4x4ing: http://saharasafaris.org/how-to-do-desert-4x4ing

      For Reservations (for non-4x4ers):
      -Send email before end of Sunday 8/4/2012 (only if you're 100% confirming) with the following info:
      -Full Names, Your job, that you are bringing sleeping bag, mat and tent, your mobile number (for each name)
      -Confirmation will come personally on SMSs with the date to pay downpayment

      For Reservations (for 4x4ers):
      -Join Ahmed elWahsh event on:
      (same group, same meals and all). Estimated cost per person is 300 plus you pay for your gas for your 4x4.
      -Please confirm that you have read and acknolwedged our 4x4ing Safety Guidlines as on this link:

      Mohamed Mabrouk

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