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RSF: YouTube again accessible via Maroc Telecom

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  • Norwegian Support Committee for Western
    *Reporters Without Borders (RSF)* ** *30 May 2007 YouTube again accessible via Maroc Telecom* The video-sharing site YouTube is again accessible after being
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2007
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      Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
      30 May 2007

      YouTube again accessible via Maroc Telecom


      The video-sharing site YouTube is again accessible after being blocked since 25 May. Moroccans using the state-owned Maroc Telecom as their Internet Service Provider had been deprived of YouTube since last week, but not those using the privately-owned ISPs Wana and Meditel. It is unclear why YouTube was blocked. A Maroc Telecom spokesperson talked of a "technical problem" but videos parodying the monarchy or showing Sahrawi protesters may also have been the reason.

      29.05.07 - Maroc Telecom Internet server blocks access to YouTube

      Reporters Without Borders voiced concern today about the blocking of access to the video-sharing website YouTube by the Moroccan Internet server (ISP) Maroc Telecom since May 25.

      The ISP failed to respond to several calls made to it by the worldwide press freedom organisation, but a European journalist reported that the firm's press officer said it was due to a "technical problem."

      "We wonder how a 'technical problem' can affect only one website," the organisation said. "No official statement has supported this version. Blocking access to a site is illegal unless ordered by a court."

      Users of the smaller privately-owned ISPs Wana and Meditel are still able to access YouTube, which may have been blocked by Maroc Telecom after videos were posted on it of pro-independence Saharan demonstrations.

      Morocco has blocked access since last year to Google Earth et Livejournal and websites close to the Western Sahara independence movement Polisario were blocked in December 2005.
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      Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara

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