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2 articles from MAP: extolling the army's "supeme ideals" + Kuwaiti support for Moroccan claims

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  • Ronny Hansen
    The following short articles were published this week by the state-run Moroccan news agency, the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP). As you will see, both contain
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2001
      The following short articles were published this week by the state-run Moroccan news agency, the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP). As you will see, both contain references to "national unity" or "territorial intergrity", i.e. continued control of the Western Sahara. I find it particularly interesting to see Morocco's king M6 promise to further strengthen the army.
      Monday 14 May 2001:
      RABAT - The Moroccan people is celebrating this Monday, May 14, the 45th anniversary of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), whose 45 years of existence are marked by epics, mainly with regard to the defense of the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
      AAA On this occasion, King Mohammed VI, supreme chief and chief of the general staff of the Royal Armed forces, has addressed to the FAR an Order of the Day, recalling with pride the strides covered and achievements completed by the FAR since they were created on the morrow of Morocco’s independence, in 1956.
      AAA The Sovereign hailed the Moroccan army’s “faithfulness to supreme ideals,” “unfailing attachment to fundamental values,” and devotedness to the defense of the country’s sacred principles and institutions. He underlined the keen interest he has been granting to the FAR since his coming to power and recalled the measures made this year to improve the Moroccan forces’ training and consolidate their equipment and material as well as the moves initiated to improve their barracks, work conditions and salaries.
      Thursday 18 may 2001:
      RABAT - A delegation from the Kuwaiti Umma council (senate), led by chairman of the foreign affairs committee, Mohamed Jassem Sakr, renewed Kuwait’s backing to Morocco’s territorial unity.
      AAA The delegation members who started their visit to Morocco Monday said at a press briefing here Wednesday that Kuwait had repeatedly voiced this backing to Morocco’ territorial unity in various international forums, and especially within the international parliamentary union (IPU).
      AAA They said they conferred with several Moroccan officials and Mps on issues of mutual concern, such as the Palestinian cause, the situation in the Middle East and the situation in the Arab Maghreb.

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