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      From: Pacific Center for the Book Arts [mailto:roiboosh@...]
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      Subject: News from Pacific Center for the Book Arts



      Newsletter of the Pacific Center
      for the Book Arts

      Volume 17, Number 9

        June/July 2009

      M. Laird2

      9           View Luz Marina's Pictures of PCBA's Printers' Fair!

      The fair was a great success!  Thank you members for your participation.  Please take a look at Luz Marina's beautiful photos of the fair at My photostream
      Thank you Luz!


      Visit PCBA's Website



      PCBA Board Members

      John Sullivan: President John McBride: Treasurer Katherine Case: Social Events Chair, Colleen Stockman: Exhibitions Heidi Hess Debbie Kogan. Natalie Marsh: PCBA Administrator. PCBA contacts: general questions: info@... membership: membership@... exhibitions: exhibitions@... newsletter: etc@... journal: ampersand@... web site: webmaven@... President: John Sullivan, president@...

      The Ampersand relies on PCBA member contribution.

      Great Opportunity to review and keep new books about book arts:
      Occasionally Ampersand receives review copies of books, and I'm looking for people to review them. Reviewers would keep the book they reviewed.
      Currently I have "How to Make Books" by Esther Smith. If you're interested, email me at books@....
      Susan Angebranndt, Editor, Ampersand.


      Susan Angebrandt, our Ampersand designer and great editor, can help you turn an idea or project into an article for some of the 28 pages we publish each quarter. Please email article suggestions to her at susan@.... She can help you turn your thoughts into a piece that shares your discovery with the larger book arts community. We are especially looking for future projects to highlight in the "Connection."



      Bartalos bookVolunteer for PCBA!!

      We need  you to get involved!

      We rely on our dedicated volunteer members to make PCBA a thriving organization. PCBA provides great opportunities for involvement at your level of time availability and your interests! Really, we have 1-2 hour jobs to monthly commitments.  Please dedicate some of your time to help PCBA flourish as a member run organization. These are just a few opportunities to become involved:

      · Board or Committee Member
      · Newsletter Editor
      · Helping with Ampersand mailings
      · Ampersand: Write an article, review a book or exhibit, contribute a photo, interview a member about her/his work
      · Open your studio for a tour 
      · Offer a tour of your exhibition for PCBA members
      · Give a talk about your work (we provide treats and location!)
      We would love your help!  Please contact Natalie at roiboosh@... if you would like join us in growing our organization!

      (Photo Michael Bartalos, winner of the Johnston Award)

      PCBA has a new brochure!
      Melissa Kaup Augustine teaches a design class at the Academy of Art.  Six of her students formed a design team named Ox and each designed a brochure for PCBA.  It was a very tough decision, but of the 6 designs we chose Mario Sosa's brochure.  Congratulations Mario, we are lucky to have such a talented designer contribute his work to PCBA.  Thank you to everyone involved in Ox Design: Joe Azurin, Danielle Bloss, Waranya Ekman, Bryan Musk, Mario Sosa, and Dara Vann.


      Andie Thrams Summer Workshops! A thrams 3


      Andie Thrams will be teaching workshops this summer in Oregon and California. Her workshops at Focus on the Book Arts and at Green Heron are both full, but she will also be teaching these summer workshops:


      Sierra Field Journal: Summer Mountain Magic

      July 4-6

      Learn field techniques for capturing gesture, detail, pattern, color, and the complexity of plants where they grow on the pages of your field journal, at this delightful mountain field campus on the Yuba River.

      Offered by San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Campus, Yuba Pass, California. (650) 783-1814 



      Wild Yoga on the Rogue River

      August 19-23

      This float trip down the wild and scenic Rogue River in Oregon will combine daily yoga (with Dennis Eagan), comfortable camping and great food, with the joys of river travel. Andie will be along to do her own work, and happy to paint alongside anyone wishing to join in. Offered by ECHO Rivertrips. (800) 652-3246 



      Wild Yoga High Sierra Yoga Trek

      September 2-6

      Trek into Yosemite's backcountry, with yoga instructor, Dennis Eagan, and combine yoga with one of the primary meditations of Buddhism: walking. Andie will be along to do her own work, and happy paint alongside anyone wishing to join in. Offered by Balanced Rock Foundation. (530) 626-6353



      Autumn Flora

      September 12-13

      Explore botanical drawing and painting techniques on site in this gem of a native plant garden in the Berkeley hills.

      Offered by Tilden Regional Parks Botanic Garden. (510) 528-0526


      Image: Andie Thrams


      Polyglot: Expressive Media in Book Arts
      Gualala Arts Center: June 13 to July 5, 2009
      J Hoffman
      Reception: Saturday, June 13 from 5-7p.m.

      ***Many PCBA Members are involved in this exhibit!

      Polyglot: Expressive Media in Book Arts is an exhibition of more than 50 artists' books featuring works by artists using multiple media such as glass, fabrics, metals, clay and computer. These artists draw on past traditions, but also envision the future. Their books in this exhibition display a diversity of forms, techniques and material used to express the artists' interests ranging from story telling, aesthetics, technology and war.

      The participating artists are: Jody Alexander, Pati Bristow, Lark Burkhart, Ginger Burrell, Dorit Elisha, Hal & Jan Fogel, Suzan Friedland, Jackie Gardener, Diana Goldstein, Judith Hoffman, Wendy Jordan, Barbara Kelley, Debbie Kogen, Kumi Korf, Kent Manske, Blake More, Barbara Mortkowitz, Howard Munson, Penny Nii, Margaret Oldman, Priscilla Otani, David Peixoto, Jane Reichhold, Sara Waldron, Judith Serebrin, Tess Sinclair, Pat Smith, Linda Stinchfield, Rae Trujillo, Teresa Van Hatten-Granath, Peng-Peng Wang, Alice Wingwall, Nanette Wylde. Exhibition curators are Suzan Friedland and Penny Nii.

      Gualala Arts Center, famous for its Art in the Redwoods Festival, is located in Gualala, California, a few miles north of Sea Ranch. For more information, visit www.gualalaarts.org.
      Image: Judy Hoffman


      Liberte Ann MillerAnn Miller Exhibit
      THE FINE ART of drawing, painting, and letterform is exhibited in Ann Miller's local show of work spanning 40 years, running through June 3 at San Mateo Main Library and from June 3 to July 7, 2009 at San Mateo City Hall. Realistic studies influenced by world cultures include renderings of woven baskets, carved masks, clay vessels, still life, landscape, figure, and letterform art. New sumi brush stroke paintings on paper explore energetic expression of calligraphy in black and white.
      Ann is a designer, teacher, artist and calligrapher. Visit her M2 Design studio and gallery at:   
      181 Second Ave, Suite 450
      650-558-8270         calligraphy@...


      Clarion Street by Kelly Lee BarrettEXTRAS


      Another Room Book Arts now has a selection of artists' books at Mrs. Dalloway's Books, 2904 College Ave., Berkeley, CA,  open Monday - Sunday, www.mrsdalloways.com. 

      On May 9th, Charles Hobson gave the first in a series of talks by book artists at Mrs. Dalloway's, and the series will continue this September. 

      Also on sale at Mrs. Dalloway's is book art object  (published by the CODEX Foundation), one of the best resources for what's current internationally in the book arts, with 735 color images of work by artists, designers, and printers from all over the world, and with essays by artists and bookmakers from Canada, Mexico, England, and elsewhere. 


      Another Room Book Arts will soon be selling on-line.  Please go to www.anotherroombooks.com for updates and to join the newsletter.

      Image: Clarion Street by Kelly Lee Barrett

      New Book from esteemed PCBA member Alastair Johnston
      Alastair Johnston, former Ampersand editor, has a new book from Oak Knoll Press
       (edited by Alastair M. Johnston and Stephen O. Saxe)
      This is the first comprehensive study of nineteenth-century American type, including biographies & photos of the designers & samples of over 800 typefaces.
      There are pix you can lift on the Oak Knoll website.

      Jennifer Harwell Announces Harwellarts Gallery Anniversary Party

      Jennifer Harwell

      New from Terry McClain!

      Terry McClain's article on Okinawan papermaker, Kiyoshi Agena is in the summer 2009 issue of Hand Papermaking magazine. McClain interviewed him in the spring of 2008 as part of her AiCA-SF sabbatical.

      Janene Ford: Congratulations!
      Janene Ford of Stockton entered three altered books into the Senior Awareness Day Art Show in Lodi and took a first place for the book "City of Bones".   The judges were not quite sure what category it fit into, so they put it into three dimensional art.    This is a first showing of this book.  Janene now feels encouraged to enter her altered books into traditional art shows.   She was also approached to do a gallery show in 2011 with the altered books as well as her mixed media collage/paintings.  Altered books are not well known in Stockton - most people had never seen one before.



      Classes, Etc.

      Intaglio Plate Survey Class
      Saturday, June 13, 2009
      3-6 pm

      For photographers, fine artists, mark-makers: come check out intaglio!

      We'll cover basic pre-flight/Photoshop film positive preparation and then create film positives from an image setter as well as an ink jet printer.

      Then, we'll compare the strengths and weaknesses of three popular intaglio plate materials (KM-73, Dan Weldon Solar plate and ImagOn), including a cost benefit analysis between the different types and their performance. Finally, we'll try out new open-face vacuum frame exposing techniques.

      Introduction to Paste Papers and Simple Accordion Book Structure
      Saturday, June 20, 2009
      10 am to 5 pm
      $cost = standard SFCB Saturday class rate
      Materials fee = $15

      Paste papers are a fast way to whip up non-representational work onto paper. In the morning, we'll show you how to make simple paste papers using a range of acrylic pigments and paper colors.

      In the afternoon, we'll take the paste papers from the a.m. session and create simple accordion book structures for you to take home, further decorate and share!

      Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress Intensive Class
      THREE Saturday Sessions: July 11, 18 and 25, 2009
      10 am to 5 pm
      $cost = standard SFCB Saturday class rate x 3 (for multi-week sessions)
      Materials fee = $35

      Over three Saturday sessions, we will go into the job planning and printing basics for the Heidelberg Windmill letterpress. We'll include tips and tricks for make ready, inking secrets, and printing onto a wide variety of papers (including envelopes!). Participants will have multiple opportunities to set up and run this fantastic letterpress. Class size is limited to 6 people.
      To Register Contact: Lars K, Logos Graphics,lars@..., www.logosgraphics.net, 415-552-0817

      Monthly Thursday Workshops with Alisa Golden

      June 25. From Concept to Artist Book: Making Connections for a Working Model

      July 23. From Concept to Artist Book: Perfecting Construction

      August 6. Making Miniature Prints: Stencils and Carvings

      All classes are held from 10am - 12pm in the never mind the press studio in Albany, CA. $50 each. Materials provided. Minimum class size: 4. Maximum: 6.

      For more information, call Alisa at (510) 527-1767, or see www.neverbook.com.


      M. LairdFor those lucky enough to travel to or live to Italy or Hawaii:

      Book Arts Workshop in Florence, Italy with Cathy DeForest and Mary Laird
      at Santa Reparata International School of Art.

      The Book as Art: Creating Artist Books is being offered by The Dan Welden International Firenze 2009 Workshops from August 6-27, 2009. This three-week course is for beginning and advanced book artists. Participants will be encouraged to use multiple mediums to create their books such as: painting, printmaking, mixed media, photography, fabric arts and found objects. Concentrated studio time as well as leisure time in the nearby Tuscan countryside will be woven into the workshop. Tours of Florence, Siena and San Gimignano are included. In addition to creating multiple artist books, there is an optional four-day trip to the Printmaking Biennalle in Venice. As a finale to the course, students will be invited to exhibit art at the Santa Reparta Gallery. A three-week workshop in solarplate etching with Dan Welden, pioneer of the solar plate process, is also offered at the same time.

      For more information, contact Cathy DeForest at cathy@... or call 541-690-6976. Check out:www.gallerydeforest.com and Dan Welden describing the enticing workshops at Santa Reparata: "Dan Welden YouTube" orhttp://www.youtube.com/profile?user=davidschler

      Peter and Donna Thomas are showing one of their ukulele books (http://www.baymoon.com/%7Eukulelebooks/) in Hawaii in a show called ALPHABET SOUP: LITERACY, LANGUAGE & LEARNING
      February 13 - September 23, 2008
      Mission Houses Museum, Chamberlain Houses Galleries / 553 S. King St., Honolulu.
      Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm / Admission $6.00 / Ph. (808) 531-0480 ext. 704.
      Don't miss this family friendly exhibition about the development of a written Hawaiian alphabet. Presented in three "chapters," the exhibit explores: the history of the written Hawaiian alphabet and its use in print; an exploration of the variety of literature about, by and for Hawaii and finally; an alphabetical introduction to the museum's vast material culture collection in both English and Hawaiian. A treat for both families and bibliophiles, the exhibit features early printed Hawaiian works, a printing press, material culture objects and one-of-a-kind art books. The project is designed to engage public and private schools with meaningful and engaging curricula for teachers and students.


      Newsletter Opportunity and Deadline
      We would love to have the talent and energy of a PCBA Member to design the next etc. Newsletter.  It's fun and easy!  If you are interested contact Natalie at roiboosh@....  To include announcements in the August/September etc. send news of book arts events, publications, exhibits, classes,

      or items wanted/for sale to info@..., and we will post them for you.The deadline for including announcements in the next issue
      July 15th!

      (Photo by Kate Godfrey, book by Colleen Stockmann)




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        From: Pacific Center for the Book Arts [mailto:roiboosh@...]
        Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 10:37 AM
        To: v.latimer@...
        Subject: News from Pacific Center for the Book Arts



        Newsletter of the Pacific Center
        for the Book Arts

        Volume 17, Number 10

          August/September 2009

        Board Members:

        John Sullivan: President
        John McBride: Treasurer
        Colleen Stockmann: Events
        Katherine Case: Social Chair
        Susan Angebrandt: Editor
        Heidi Hess
        Debbie Kogan
        Natalie Marsh:Administrator

        We welcome new board members!

        Contact us at: info@...!

                    Liberte Ann Miller
        PCBA 2009-2010 membership renewal! September is PCBA's renewal month, right around the corner!  Mark your calendars for joining another great year with PCBA!
        Image and Book: Macy Chadwick, "Conversations"

        Check out our new Newsletter section: Opportunities for Artists!


        "A Vandercook Potluck"
        at the San Francisco Center for the Book
        September 23rd from 6pm on.

        Hosted by John McBride (of the American Printing History Association and PCBA Treasurer) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Vandercook Proofing Press, the key machine in the development of artists' books in the last 40 years.

        In the Bay Area, pioneers such as Jack Staffaucher (The Greenwood Press), Betsy Davids (Rebis Press), Frances Butler & Alastair Johnston (The Poltroon Press)  came to Vandercooks in the 1960s & early 1970s for various reasons with varying results --- as did many of us. Join us for an evening of printing & conversation. The Vandercooks will be running; refreshments served.
        All are welcome. Bring the work you've printed, in part or in whole on a Vandercook: multi-media welcome.
        For info, contact John McBride at (510) 527-1018 or johnmcbride94702@....
        Details & directions in the current SFCB catalog or on their website <sfcb.org>.
        Image: Ad from 1909


        Visit PCBA's Website



        Liberte Ann MillerPUBLICATION PARTY

        For William Loy's book (100 years in the making)
        with editor Alastair Johnston

        at San Francisco Center for the Book
        16th & DeHaro, Potrero Hill, San Francisco
        on Tuesday 18 August from 6 to 8 p.m.


        Member Book Releases and Book Release Events

        Terry Horrigan
        MANY YEARS AGO a package arrived from China wrapped for protective purposes in layers of oriental paper written upon in kanji, a writing system for Japanese that uses pictorial characters based largely on Ch
        Liberte Ann Millerinese ideograms. I was uncertain what the information on the crumpled pages meant but it was clear that it was 'waste paper' not intended for any use other than packing. The markings on the papers fascinated me. I could not read them but their beauty led me to flatten and keep them for years. I had a sense that someone from another time was whispering to me.
        In 2009 I decided to use the papers in collaboration with Ann Miller, a local calligrapher and designer whose work I admire and whose skills I have used in many past projects. She used Japanese sumi and a Chinese rooster feather brush to make marks on Arches paper. I collaged the Chinese/Japanese papers on top of her brush strokes and bound them into small booklets (7 1/8" x 9 1/2"), side-sewn. Each of the booklets is unique. The portfolios that hold the booklets were made by Cathy Miranker.

        Edition of 25

        Protean Press

        1190 Sacramento Street #4

        San Francisco, CA 94108-1946
        $155 + tax ($14.34) + shipping ($15.00)

        Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler New Book Release
        The mail mavens of Pod Post are pleased to announce the release of their new mail art book,
        Good Mail Day
        A primer for making eye-popping postal art
        By: Jennie Hinchcliff &
        Carolee Gilligan Wheeler
        In Good Mail Day, (Quarry Books, September 2009, $19.99, paperback) authors Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler; introduce mail art, a collaborative art form with a long and fascinating history populated by famous artists as well as everyday practitioners. The authors describe a Good Mail Day as a day when, instead of bills, catalogs, and advertisements, your postal carrier delivers artful, beautiful, personal mail from friends and acquaintances all over the world. Bring the party to your post box! In this unique primer you'll find information on:
          Mail art etiquette
          How to make a traveling mail art kit
            Creating decorated and illustrated envelopes
           Making faux postage and artistamps
           Refining your penmanship
           Finding pen pals
           Developing your postal personality
           How to start mail art projects
        ***Jennie Hinchcliff has been an active part of international mail circles and communities for over a decade, has curated San Francisco mail art shows, and produces the quarterly mail art magazine Red Letter Day. By day she teaches book arts and bookbinding at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Hinchcliff also teaches classes in mail art and faux postage at a variety of venues around the Bay Area.
        ***As a conservation technician, author Carolee Gilligan Wheeler repairs and houses books at Stanford University. She also teaches popular classes on bookbinding at the San Francisco Center for the Book.
        Book Release Party in October!
        Please join Carolee and Jennie for their book release party at the San Francisco Center for the Book on October 9, 2009, from 6-8 pm. Jennie and Carolee will be signing books and showing off examples of amazing mail art.

        Phil & Anna Morrison, Shoestring Press

        We've been working on a new book for awhile and are now into production. Somewhat different than any of our other books, this one is long on photos, short on words. It is, in fact, an old-fashioned Photo Album in Miniature: measuring 2 1/4" X 3". 
        Each mat-black page includes five to ten individual black & white or sepia snapshots. (No color photos!)  It includes the kind of nostalgia pictures everyone used to take of family, special occasions,
        vacation scenery, dogs, babies and cousins and the picture mix is different from Album to Album. Covers and slipcase are red leather over boards. Gold-embossed title on cover and slipcase. Leather-laced. The project has turned out to be more labor-intensive than anticipated. (Each photo has to be "thinned"-we slice off the back layer of paper )

        Album price is $85. This edition will most likely be limited to 100 copies. Phil & Anna Morrison, Shoestring Press.

        Never mind the new books from Alisa Golden

        In addition to the letterpress books Spotted One Day and What Becomes: there's a hat in it, a print-on-demand, do-it-yourself flip book Flipping for You is now available at http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/783355

        Two different books are contained in this larger book: Marley Flips for You (Marley is a cat) and Betsy Popping into Frame (friends at SFMOMA). You cut them out and sew or glue them together. $21.95 includes 3 copies of Marley and 2 copies of Betsy. See Alisa's letterpress printed and felted one-of-a-kind books at http://neverbook.com/news.htm


         Volunteer for PCBA!!Liberte Ann Miller

        We need  you to get involved!

        We rely on our dedicated volunteer members to make PCBA a thriving organization. PCBA provides great opportunities for involvement at your level of time availability and your interests! Really, we have 1-2 hour jobs to monthly commitments.  Please dedicate some of your time to help PCBA flourish as a member run organization. These are just a few opportunities to become involved:

        · Board or Committee Member
        · Newsletter Editor
        · Helping with Ampersand mailings
        · Ampersand: Write an article, review a book or exhibit, contribute a photo, interview a member about her/his work
        · Open your studio for a tour 
        · Offer a tour of your exhibition for PCBA members
        · Give a talk about your work (we provide treats and location!)
        We would love your help!  Please contact Natalie at roiboosh@... if you would like join us in growing our organization!

        (Photo Michael Bartalos, winner of the Johnston Award)


        Opportunities for Artists!

        6th Annual ROADWORKS: Steamroller Printing Street Fair!

        Dear Artists, Artisans, and Bookarts Enthusiasts,
        On behalf of the San Francisco Center for the Book, we would like to invite you to participate as a
        Little Linos Artist in the 6th Annual ROADWORKS: Steamroller Printing Street Fair!  Having achieved near mythic stature, this event attracts hundreds of attendees from all over the Bay Area and beyond. As a Little Linos Artist, you will get to carve your own one-foot-square linoleum printing plate and have it printed by a three-ton steamroller.  We'll print two copies of each Little Lino - one for you to keep, and one to be sold that day to benefit SFCB. If you have never carved linoleum before, you can sign up for a crash course in our Little Linos class, taught especially for the occasion by one of SFCB's expert printmakers! In addition to the printing, there will be great food, music, kids crafts, and vendor tables lining both sides of the block.

        The ROADWORKS: Steamroller Printing Street Fair will take place Saturday, September 19th from 12pm to 5pm on Rhode Island Street, between 16th and 17th Streets.  If you are interested in carving a Little Lino, please fill out the attached registration form and email or mail it to SFCB at roadworks@... or "Roadworks" c/o SFCB, 300 De Haro Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Registration is $10, which includes the cost of our linoleum, ink, and paper.  We are also accepting by phone at
        After you have confirmed registration, you can stop by SFCB to pick up your linoleum any time, and must drop off your completed carving by
        Thursday, September 17th.
        Please register for your Little Lino early, as space is limited!  You are welcome to contact us at roadworks@... with any further questions you may have.  We look forward to including you in this unique and fun event. 

        Katherine Case, Roadworks Event Coordinator, and
        Astrid Smith, Assistant Roadworks Event Coordinator

        Volunteer to Provide a Book Arts-Related Demonstration at the Book Arts Jam 2009 at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills on October 17, 2009!
        Educational (and fun) demonstrations and hands-on activities for all ages and all levels of book arts experience have been very popular at past Book Arts Jams.  Demonstrations usually last about 45 minutes, but they could be shorter or longer, depending on what you want to propose. We invite anyone who is part of the larger Bay Area book arts community to volunteer to offer a demonstration or presentation.   We will provide space for you to use and help you publicize your mini-workshop/demonstration.  We will arrange to match you with a demonstration "helper" who will help you set up and clean up and can assist during your demo.  You will provide tools and any materials needed for your demonstration.
        If you would like to propose a demonstration/make-and-take/mini-workshop, please contact Debbie Kogan at debbie_kogan@....  We will review proposals and develop a schedule of demonstrations/activities for the Book Arts Jam.
        Thanks so much!

        A Call to Donate Artist's Books For Cancer Benefit
        Alice Austin

        "Show and Bestow" - The Ruth Hughes Artists' Book Collection

         A call to donate an artist's book to a new collection at Oberlin College

        Also an exhibit at the Free Library of Philadelphia November 20 - December 30, 2009


        Cancer affects everyone. Recently my friend Ruth found out that her life will be cut short by cancer. Help celebrate life! Please donate a book in her honor to a collection I am assembling that will become a part of the Special Collection at Oberlin College. Your art work will be exhibited first in Philadelphia and then atOberlin College.


        Books due by November 13th to Alice Austin c/o The Library Company of Philadelphia, 1314 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

        Please include name, email and mailing address for recognition.

        Also, include a short description of your book.

        Questions? alice@...

        Resource Seminars for Artists!

        New York Foundation for the Arts<http://www.nyfa.org/> (NYFA) invites you to a Resource Seminar for Artists in the Bay Area. The seminar will cover NYFA's programs and services relevant to Bay Area-based artists and filmmakers and will take place in three different locations. Attendees will receive helpful tips for applying to grants, residencies and other opportunities.
        The New York Foundation for the Arts<http://www.nyfa.org/>' mission is to empower artists at critical stages in their creative lives.

        When: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 6:00pm
        Where: Pro Arts at Oakland Art Gallery<http://www.proartsgallery.org/index.html>
        150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
        Oakland, CA 94607
        Please register for this event here: http://nyfainsanfranciscoproarts.eventbrite.com/

        When: Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 6:00pm
        Where: SOMArts Cultural Center<http://blog.somarts.org/>
        934 Brannan Street
        San Francisco, CA 94103
        Please register for this event here: http://nyfainsanfranciscosomarts.eventbrite.com/

        When: Friday, August 21, 2009 at 5:30pm
        Where: Ninth Street Independent Film Center<http://www.ninthstreet.org/index.html>
        145 Ninth Street
        Suite 101
        San Francisco, CA 94103
        Please register for this event here: http://nyfainsanfrancisconinthstreet.eventbrite.com/

        What: Members of NYFA's staff will provide a 90-minute seminar, with a 30-minute Q&A afterward. Each of New York Foundation for the Arts' programs and services will be covered with an emphasis on NYFA Source, Fiscal Sponsorship, and the Immigrant Artists Project.
        NYFA Source: (nyfa.org/source<http://www.nyfa.org/source/content/search/search.aspx?SA=1>) NYFA Source is the most extensive national online directory of awards, services, and programs for artists.
        Fiscal Sponsorship: (http://www.nyfa.org/level2.asp?id=44&fid=1) Fiscal Sponsorship is a critical way for individual artists, artists' collaborative projects, and emerging arts organizations in all disciplines to apply for funding usually available only to organizations with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. The right fiscal sponsor will not only allow you to manage your project efficiently, but can actually help artists to raise more money and realize their artistic visions more fully.
        Immigrant Artists Project: (http://www.nyfa.org/level2.asp?id=145&fid=1) Through the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, the bi-monthly IAP Newsletter, and other programming, the Immigrant Artist Project seeks to expand the constituency it serves by nurturing and fostering a community of empowered artists with diverse educational, cultural, and creative backgrounds.

        More information on NYFA's Programs and Services available at nyfa.org<http://www.nyfa.org/>
        Questions? Please e-mail Amber Hawk Swanson, Officer, NYFA Source at ahawkswanson@....

        Amber Hawk Swanson
        Officer, NYFA Source
        New York Foundation for the Arts
        20 Jay Street, Ste 740
        Brooklyn, NY  11201
        ph: 212.366.6900 x 242
        fax: 212.366.1778


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