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Re: [SabreSailboat] America's Cup vs. Leaf Blowers

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  • Allison Lehman
    It was super exciting to see in person. Absolutely riveting. Best of all, around here, non-sailors are all talking about it. As for the dinghies, check out
    Message 1 of 13 , Sep 26, 2013
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      It was super exciting to see in person.  Absolutely riveting.  Best of all, around here, non-sailors are all talking about it.  As for the dinghies, check out the moth, it is a foiling monohull dinghy.


      On Sep 26, 2013, at 5:39 PM, Ira Baline <darwindad2@...> wrote:


      Very exciting and compelling! Unbelievable outcome with Oracle improving more than NZ for the last several races. Wonderful to not have to wait a half hour to see the next cross. Hard to fathom the speed, more like car racing at times than boat racing.

      How long will it be before more dinghys have foils? I raced in college and I would love to try that! Imagine a FLEET of boats going around a mark at, what 20 knots?!! Contact sport!

      NBC coverage of this made for TV racing was great if not a little repetitive while waiting for the next race. The graphics were great too and Ken Read and Gary Jobson were excellent. Both steeped in the sport but suitably amazed at the skill exhibited.

      I went in skeptical of using these cats but they have the potential to transform sailing events. The Cup is now more like Formula One racing! Can you imagine a pro circuit using maybe the 36 ft models? Harbor racing, easy viewing, impossible to ignore reasonable amount of time for those with limited spans of attention!

      What will the next Cup be like?


      On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 3:38 PM, Jim Starkey <jim@...> wrote:

      It is somewhat astonishing that we have been able to inspire a great
      deal more testosterone over leaf blowers than the America's Cup
      competition. Plus or minus small town democracy issues, leaf blowers
      are intrinsically boring. The America's Cup, for sailors at least,
      represents the continuation (or re-establishment) of civilization as we
      know it.

      Gentlemen and ladies, can you get beyond the problems of commercial leaf
      blowing to the earth shattering consequences of a long and
      near-honorable competition in mortal peril by Larry Ellison?

      I stated publicly that I intended to ignore this sorry spectacle of
      mutant manifestly unseaworthy boats and mercenary crews. But I failed
      due to a lack of moral character. But am I the only one on the planet
      that has been watching? If not, I have yet to find the other fellow.

      Has anyone else succumb? The match racing is spectacular to watch.

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