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Re: [SabreSailboat] Re: S30 MKI fixed ports replacement

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  • Matt Cragon
    Dick,   I purchased an 82 Sabre 34 this fall; hull #149 (only 11 boats earlier than yours).   It has the tempered glass windows as well.  I am in the
    Message 1 of 23 , Jan 21, 2013
      I purchased an 82 Sabre 34 this fall; hull #149 (only 11 boats earlier than yours).   It has the tempered glass windows as well.  I am in the process of re-bedding them.  There is a brand name etched into the glass: Tru-Temp.  If your boat has the same brand of glass, that would probably point to it being a factory option.
      The glass is in pretty good shape visually after all these years but the edges are a bit etched and I am worried about not getting a decent seal if I don't replace them.  So I am investigating new ones.  If they are not out of this world expensive, then it is worth the piece of mind.
      P.S.  I appreciated your site while I was in the process of purchasing my boat.  Thank you very much for putting it together.

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      When I purchased Early Light (a 1982 S-34 MKI Hull #160) in 2001 from her second owner she had tempered safety glass in the 4 large fixed parts.  I paid no attention to this as I thought all of the S-34 MKI boats were so equipped.  Judging from some of the posts here one might assume that safety glass was either an option offered by Sabre or one of the previous 2 owners of my boat had replaced the plastic lenses with safety glass.  Do you or any others on this forum know the answer?

      Dick Coerse
      "Early Light"
      1982 Sabre 34 MK I #160
      Solomons, MD

      sailor11767 wrote:
      I posted some info on custom made tempered glass lenses a while back at this link:
      Bottom line, 4 lenses for a '34 would be under $150 delivered. If I ever get my lights out of the boat, I'll be really tempted to go back with "never scratch, never cloud, never craze" tempered glass. They can even make them tinted.

      Also, Catalina Direct sells the rubber for our portlights:
      You can look around at other size boats for a kit that fits your boat best.



      --- In mailto:Sabresailboat%40yahoogroups.com, "Yuriy Matsegora" mailto:ymatsegora@... wrote:
      > Hello, guys.
      > I'm back for the advice for my "new" old boat.
      > What alternative do I have for fixed ports replacement for S30 MKI? I saw
      > Eric replaced his with Bomon ports on his "Spirit" a few years ago and I
      > was wondering if there are any other ports available these days?
      > PO had his yard replaced Lexan inserts in 2011. But what I see, they
      > replaced it with thinner panels, so they threw out the rubber gaskets (as
      > they didn't seal anymore) and bed it with silicone into the frame. Of course
      > now they are licking all over.
      > Please let me know if you know manufacturers that make fixed ports for my
      > boat.
      > Thank you.
      > Yuriy.
      > Sea Tulip, S30 MKI #21.

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