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Re: [SabreSailboat] Re: New boats just don't seem seaworthy

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  • john kalinowski
    Worse is ventilation. Everyone has long strips of tinted plexiglas with few if any portlights.   They have a string of deck ports, but they only work if you
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      Worse is ventilation.
      Everyone has long strips of tinted plexiglas with few if any portlights.
      They have a string of deck ports, but they only work if you are dead into the wind.
      And have zero options if it is raining outside.
      A trip to Annapolis in Oct with crowds aboard will show you want that boat will be like in August.
      The ventilation is just not there.
      I guess these floating condos expect shore power for the a/c.
      speaking of which, who is the brain surgeon who decided fixed ports in the lower hull is a good idea.
      What happens when the boat whacks something when heeled over?
      Or these giant cockpits?
      I was doing a delivery on a Benneteau 42 in a storm.
      Every time I caught a wave, it would go straight up because of that destroyer bow, right over the dodge and dump on me at the wheel.  The crew thought it was amusing.  Me?  Not so much.
      Ever drive a destroyer bow in a storm.  It tugs the bow left and right and is very tiriing to hold a course with.
      The there are the cheap fitments like hollow annodized aluminum rail fittings that will corrode out in 5 years.
      Or the benetteau/jenneau teak hand rails that are so thin that they would certainly snap if you were hanging on and the boat snaprolled in a storm at night.
      I could go on, but you get my drift.   In the drive to market something new and different, these designers are forgetting why the old way evolved over hundreds of years in the first place.
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      Who comes up with these designs? See the new Hunter series. Maybe not considered a real sailboat by many, but really?  Does it have to be ugly as well?  http://huntermarine.com/Models2011/33/33Index2011.html
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      I laughed for a full minute when I read this comment! There was a Buccaneer a few doors down when I was growing up, and I always thought they had an exclusive knack for "ugly."


      --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, Jim Starkey <jstarkey@...> wrote:
      > Are you sure it isn't a Buccaneer 36? It's hard to imagine that
      > somebody was able to design something that ugly starting from scratch..
      > See http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/6697
      > "Life is too short to own an ugly boat." -- Crocker Boat Yard motto.
      > On 9/29/2011 8:42 AM, Barry Dwyer wrote:
      > >
      > > I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that is one butt-ugly
      > > boat. The Clorox cliché quickly comes to mind.
      > >
      > > Barry
      > >
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      > >
      > > In my ancient Sabre, along both sides of the cabin headliner, I have
      > > long wooden strips with holes in them. They are really convenient for
      > > hanging stuff to dry, and sometimes I've been known to grab them for
      > > support in a seaway. I guess they are ugly, or I'm the only person who
      > > likes to dry wet gear, or something.
      > >
      > > I just got an email from Bavaria Yachts, billing themselves as the
      > > "world's most advacned yachts" and claiming to be Farr designed. Their
      > > 36, for instance:
      > > http://www.bavariayachts.com/sailing-yachts/cruiser/cruiser-yacht/11/36.aspx
      > > has not one single drying rack in the overhead. How does one dry wet
      > > foul weather gear?
      > >
      > > And, on a more serious note, how does one safely move around the cabin
      > > in a seaway without grab rails?
      > >
      > > Thanks, I'll keep my ancient Sabre!
      > >
      > > Harry
      > > Rantum Scoot
      > > '79 Sabre 34-I #063
      > > Mill Creek, Annapolis
      > >
      > >
      > --
      > Jim Starkey
      > Founder and CTO
      > NuoDB, Inc.

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