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RE: [SabreSailboat] Exciting news

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  • yaf001
    Richard, Hearty congrats Laddie! She s a beauty, absolutely! I know you feel the way we did 3 years ago when we closed on our S34 Mk II! Love the Targa layout!
    Message 1 of 35 , Mar 2, 2006



      Hearty congrats Laddie! She’s a beauty, absolutely! I know you feel the way we did 3 years ago when we closed on our S34 Mk II!

      Love the Targa layout!


      Now you need a Porsche Targa to go with her!



      S/V “Alphee” (44)

      S34 Mk II #282

      PS: I especially like the FEET at the base of the aft cabin cushions, Richard J




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      Just had our offer accepted on a beautiful Sabre 34 Targa!! Thanks to all who helped along the way. We're looking forward to a great summer on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence.


      If anyone is interested, HERE are some pics from my trip to Michigan to see her.


      Anyone want to buy a Sabre28?



      richard peirce

      CASITA | Sabre 28MKII Hull #469 | http://www.sabre28.com | http://www.casita.ca | THSC Toronto



    • Peter Tollini
      Since I was doing everything else on the bottom, I tried an experiment. I primed the prop (Martec folder) & shaft with Vinylux primer, gave them a few coats
      Message 35 of 35 , Jul 31 7:59 AM
        Since I was doing everything else on the bottom, I tried an experiment.  I primed the prop (Martec folder) & shaft with Vinylux primer, gave them a few coats of barrier coat, then sprayed with Trilux 33.  That' s the drill Interlux recommends.  It wasn't a big deal, since I was priming the keel and barrier coating the bottom at the time. I even got the Trilux as a leftover from someone else.
        I'll report later this season if it made a difference.
        Chesapeake & south sailors  -
        Protect your hands when cleaning the prop. Minor barnacle cuts can and do get infected. In warm brackish water a cousin to tuberculosis bacteria causes a particularly nasty infection.  I picked up a case in Florida and it took over a year to clear.
        On 7/31/06, John Kalinowski <sabre32sailor@...> wrote:

        A trick I tried with great success Saturday is to clean the prop and
        shaft with a 8x10 scotchbrite pad. Home Depot has these for $6 for
        10 in the cleaning dept. It is so large you can fold it over both
        sides of the blade and just pull outward so the prop does not try to

        All the crud comes off, and you don't get bounced around (I snorkel,
        so I am trying to stay in place). It takes off all the heaviest
        buildups faster that wet/dry sandpaper.

        It also is handy for getting into that nooks and crannies like behind
        the strut or between the rudder and keel skeg.

        And finally, it cleans up the bootstripe if some lowlife has dumped
        their holding tanks leaving a mess on your lower hull.. :<(

        Only complaint is they are 1" too short to fit a drywall sander
        attachement (universal joint with screw connector for a pole) which
        would make them the cat's meow for scrubbing the hull from a dock
        after adding 3" of styrofoam to the pole at the attachment point.

        This is the worst year I can remember for hull build up in New
        England. In 2 weeks the hulls are black with crud and this is only

        --- In Sabresailboat@yahoogroups.com, "Daniel Trainor"
        <daniel.trainor@...> wrote:
        > Or just dive down periodically and scape off with a knife.
        > Dan
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        > From: R. Coerse
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        > Subject: Re: [SabreSailboat] To Paint or Not To Paint Prop
        > I have had good luck with the procedure in the Interlux paint
        brochure. If you look at my website at:
        http://www.geocities.com/earlylight160/PropPaint.html you can see
        what my prop looked like after 7 months in the Chesapeake Bay. It is
        a process that will take a few days to complete due to the multiple
        coats required, bit I think it is worth the effort. Just make sure
        that you thin the Vinyl Lux Prime wash (err on the side of too thin
        rather than too thick) and make sure this coat is put on as thin as
        you can. If you put it on too thick the failure mode will be the
        Vinyl Lux Prime Wash loosing it's adhesion to the bronze running gear.
        > Dick Coerse
        > http://www.geocities.com/earlylight160/
        > "Early Light"
        > Sabre 34 MK I #160
        > Solomons, MD
        > Daniel Trainor wrote:
        > No good answer. Polish it as smooth and bright as you can and
        apply a good wax. And use your boat alot. You will still get
        barnicles but signifiantly less.
        > Dan, Sabre 32
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        > From: Grant Woodside
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        > Sent: 3/1/2006 4:22:12 PM
        > Subject: [SabreSailboat] To Paint or Not To Paint Prop
        > Some recommend painting the prop with grey spray on
        > zinc anti-fouling paint. The surveyor said don't do
        > it. If a spot of paint falls off, galvanic corrosion
        > may occur at that spot causing a pit in the prop.
        > What is your opinion?
        > Grant Woodside
        > Eliza D S32 #3 1984
        > Edgewater, MD
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