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Re: [SabreSailboat] single line reefing/ ANSWER

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  • jack horner
    I can t thank you enough for the list . I m not sure I ll do the lazy jack thing at the same time . What did you do to the overhead liner in the main cabin
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 23, 2007
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      I can't thank you enough for the list . I'm not sure I'll do the lazy jack thing at the same time .  What did you do to the overhead liner in the main cabin after you cut holes in it for your  backing plates etc ? Lee

      Carter Brey <cbrey@...> wrote:
      Jack (Lee),

      Yeah, I wish I had 2-speed ST's on my cabin top. I hate cranking and
      tailing simultaneously. Means I have to put down my drink.

      Okay, Garhauer part #'s and prices (which may have changed):

      Double rope clutches: Item # 11-12S, $85.18 each.
      Quad (2 over 2) deck organizers: Item # 30-DO-QB, $75.28 each (I also
      run halyards, vang, topping lift and retractable lazy jack lines through
      the organizers).
      Turning blocks (basically just single blocks with swivel shackles): Item
      # 25-13 US $18.63 each.
      Aluminum body luff blocks: Item # 25-13UAG, $16 each.
      Cheek blocks for boom: Item # 25-22SB, $22.20 each.
      Backing plates for clutches: $12 each.
      Backing plates for deck organizers: $10 each.

      This is all based on 3/8" and 5/16" Samson XLS lo-stretch polyester line
      for the halyards and reefing lines respectively.

      The lazy jacks, vang and topping lift terminate at cam cleats. For the
      vang and topping lift I used Ronstans with fairleads that let me cleat
      and uncleat without having to be on top of the damned things. For the
      small lazy jack lines (1/4" sta-set) I got a good closeout deal on some
      small Holt-Allen racing cam cleats, also with all-angle fairleads. So I
      don't have to put down that drink.

      Here is the design I used for the retractable lazy jacks:

      http://www.slowflig ht.net/upgrades/ lazyjacks_ how-to.html

      You can see mine in the Photos section on the Sabre website. The
      materials cost me around 80 bucks.

      To fill in the holes that were left over from moving all that hardware
      around the cabin top, I used matching gelcoat from MiniCraft. If you
      squint and wear really dark sunglasses, you'd never know...

      It's a lot of work, but I've seen what you can do, and you're the man.

      Best regards, and good luck,
      S28 Mk II #532 "Delphine"
      City Island, NY

      jack horner wrote:
      > Carter, that was my next question so you used all Garhauer stuff. If
      > you can remember what the model numbers were on the blocks the
      > clutches etc. I'm going to do the exact thing thank you for doing
      > this and making it easy for us to copy. Deck organigers too .
      > Last year at Annapolis show i pickedup a 2 speed winch Anderson for
      > the main halyard. 2 speeds makes it easier for moma to crank me up the
      > mast . Love my Anderson . thanks LEE

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